Xbox One in Japan Remains Uncertain

"Will the next Xbox be sold in Japan?" is a frequently asked question given the 360's enormous failure in the East -- and it's something Microsoft is still sorting out.

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aceitman1795d ago

no,no,no it barely sold a million units and xbox one is just a turn off period the box itself is huge .

ltachiUchiha1795d ago

As bad as a million sounds, the 360 did alot better then the original xbox. I just dont see how they will fair any better with all the restrictions they have with the xbox one unless they dismiss them at e3.

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MikeMyers1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

It still won't sell but the Xbox will have something far more important, Japanese developer support just like the Xbox 360 did. The original Xbox paled in comparison.

xDHAV0K24x1795d ago

for a reason...the george foreman edition ps3 was fugly and ppl bought it

darthv721795d ago

I mean, i remember the original xbox did better in JP than the 360. One of the possible reasons the 360 did poorly was how MS stopped the support of the xbox so sudden.

the culture for JP is one of honor and to them, they felt dishonored when Ms stopped the xbox and then expected them to buy the 360. Now, the 360 has been available much longer than the xbox but there could still be that bad taste that the JP gamers didnt want to have happen again.

Ms will need to be as committed (perhaps more) to turning things around for the 3rd time. No guarantees but they obviously have seen an increased commitment by MS in JP to keep the 360 relevant in spite of poor sales. That might just be something they look at when the xb1 comes out.

to them they may actually think...Ms screwed us over the 1st time and they tried really hard the 2nd so maybe the 3rd will be better and we will give them some support. It takes time to win back people who feel betrayed.

That is just my perception of things and does not reflect what others see it as.

Qrphe1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

>One of the possible reasons the 360 did poorly was how MS stopped the support of the xbox so sudden

MS dropped support BECAUSE the 360 did poorly; the Japanese didn't want it in the first place, not the other way around.

I doubt the X1 will catch on in Japan. The Japanese aren't big on sharing or playing games as a family or in parties to begin with.

SexyGamerDude1795d ago

Japanese consumers aren't going to buy a X1. Most of the famous Japanese devs provide for Sony exclusively and that where the consumers will follow.

rainslacker1795d ago

MS dropped support because their deal with NVidia fell through. They couldn't make the consoles anymore, so they had no choice. It's why they rushed the 360 to market. Ideally they wanted to release the 360 a year later, but for the most part it did work out for them going early.

Dj7FairyTail1795d ago

Xbox 360 sold 1.6m units in Japan.

Anon19741795d ago

I hadn't even considered that the XBox One might not see a release in Japan.

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Sandmano1795d ago

The response in the West was not so good so Japan is out of the quwstion.

ltachiUchiha1795d ago

I just dont see how it will work out for them because the 360 was actually a more reasonable choice to grab one at the time microsoft was pushing to get more japanese gamers to buy the 360 & the way I look at it, if most of the gamers here in the united states are disappointed with xbox one then I dont see how they will stand a chance there unless they really go all out and try an cater to japan but they 1st gotta get rid of all the negative things us gamers here in the US are disappointed about before they can even try in japan.

xDHAV0K24x1795d ago

that's true. screw it. I say don't cater to them since they obviously don't care but it's not likely. I guess some $ is better than no $ =/

Sandmano1795d ago

Yes it seems like they dont care about Japan I mean all the features were obviously not targeted at Japan.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1795d ago

Actually I've read a few Japanese responses and a lot of the comments were a lot less harsh. Most of the comments were them not being too sure about the console and that they were waiting to see what other games would be revealed for it before they made a decision to buy it or not.

DragonKnight1795d ago

The Xbox One is probably the most American console to ever exist. Everything about it screams American to the point where one could easily conclude that Microsoft don't even care about the rest of the world. The central focus is Sports and TV, the biggest pastimes in the U.S.

Xbox One shouldn't even bother with Japan.

SonyPS41795d ago

You're right about that. The XOne MIGHT have a market but that's in America. PS4 and Wii U for worldwide.

MikeMyers1795d ago

Microsoft will be announcing more details in the future about Europe and Asia. Europe will be where they have to really try harder, Japan will never embrace the Xbox unless it becomes a very dominant player like Apple and the portable music device. Japan still supported Sony MP3 players more than any other country until Apple finally got too much marketshare to ignore.

Brazz1795d ago

Can't agree more whit you, can i give you 2 bubbles? no... than take 1.

ghostrider321795d ago

It would be pointless. Everyone knows in Japan if it's not Playstation or Nintendo, zero fcks will be given.

TuxedoMoon1795d ago

I don't think the Xbox and 360 did "well" in Japan. The first xbox was laughed at because it was huge and the 360 was a faulty system when it first came out. The few Japanese exclusives the 360 barely made its way to the ps3 (still waiting on a few other games). I don't think the Xboxone will catch on in Japan. The box is huge and the Kinect won't work in their homes. The ps4 is a lot easier to develop for, so developers can make games for it with no excuses (cause before the ps3's cell thing made making games hard).

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