Final Fantasy XIV Collector's Edition for PS3 Announced

Playstation 3 Final Fantasy fans can finally stop holding their breath. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will release with the Collector’s Edition this August 27.

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Omegabalmung1662d ago

Alright!!! Releases on my birthday :)

ScubbaSteve1662d ago

It's somewhat amusing that they're advertising a head start for the pre-order when people have already got multiple max level characters. A Disc with all the old cut scenes would be a nice thing to have tho.

GamerGT1662d ago

I hope I can find the time to enjoy this. As I rarely touch it on my laptop. Currently playing Rage. Can't wait until I'm done with it already.

ScubbaSteve1662d ago

You're lucky, I have a high end gaming desktop and rage is unplayable for some reason. I can't even get past the main menu because it's so choppy.

GamerGT1657d ago

Oh, I play Rage on the PS3 on super duper hard mode. As long as you maintain plenty of ammo for every weapon it's pretty easy. Just a choppy built game. I do get some intense dreams after playing it though. Lol.

PirateThom1662d ago

I have had this pre-ordered on Amazon since 30 Oct 2011. The price is £7.81

ScubbaSteve1662d ago

It's kinda a shame it's taken so long. By the time this comes out it will almost be time to switch platforms. I wonder what the PC prices will be tho because from what I recall the old disks should still technically work for the game and were dirt cheap.

Lovable1662d ago

gonna drop by EB games tomorrow to pre order this bad boy.

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