Will the Xbox One and PS4 bring in more gamers?

Both Sony and Microsoft are throwing around specs regarding teraflops and polygons and lens flares and megahertz and blah blah blah, but where does the next generation of hardcore gamers come from when kids are getting used to smartphone and tablet games that are basically good enough?

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aceitman1763d ago

I think that sony will get some more gamers that wanted a high end pc but cant afford to buy one , and it will get back the sony gamers they lost to ms, and get a good amount of ms gamers .

Gr811763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

The answer is no. Just getting dissatisfied customers from another camp doesn't mean you're getting more gamers.

I don't think Either Console will bring in more gamers. Neither will Wii U btw.

abzdine1763d ago

just give me those PS4 games announced so far and i'll be busy for months!

NateCole1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

There are new gamers born and growing up everyday.

Anthotis1763d ago

I can see a lot of mindless hipsters buying the Xbox One simply because they like multimedia devices, whereas they wouldn't be fussed if it was a games console like the PS4.

The only other people buying it will be those who have a religious devotion to Xbox. People who refuse to accept that their beloved console is a piece of shit, and will buy it for the reason alone, regardless of whether they have a decent internet connection or not.

NextGen24Gamer1763d ago

If the consoles came out today. Yes Ps4 would sell better to Gamers! But it doesn't. 6 months to go and alot more games to show from both companies. Way to early to judge.

Let's revist this discussion after E3! I have a feeling xbox gamers will be happier as Games will be shown & played!

Don't be so short sighted people! I believe that this next generation will be a lot like the last one. Both consoles will sell very good and gamers will play the games they want to play!

Sony doesn't have the bluray advantage anymore and to the every day consumer the numbers on the box look the same. 8 gigs of ram, 8 processors, blah blah blah...It will come down to Games & Extra Features!

Get your popcorn out!

Why o why1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

No 1 year head start either. It is all about games, price, marketing and word of mouth. One will probably have more games to show than the other....ill make you right on its best to wait for e3 though, but some of the loyalist 360 gamers are heading towards the sony camp... tell them to care about not knowing about 8 vs 8 bla blah and all of the aforementioned factors

NextGen24Gamer1763d ago

no one is headed over to sony camp from the xbox camp. That's just silly. First of all launch is 6 months away. If a one hour hardware reveal turns people to another camp, then E3 and game announcements will bring those same people back! If you own an xbox you probably love

Call of Duty
Mass Effect
Gears of War

That's a lot of gamers that will most likely want to continue to play those blockbuster franchises and with their friends on XBOX LIVE! Call of Duty will either look the same on both or look better on the xbox one. But even more important than that, the die hards will want the new stuff FIRST!!!!

The fans who love those games, and want more from those franchises, will stay with the xbox. All the added features is icing on the cake! When you go to your friends house and you see all the cool things the xbox one can do that the ps4 can't...We will see how that turns out! LOL...

I just don't get peoples logic. It's really not that complicated.

All xbox gamers want is the games they want to play and a better gaming experience than they had with the xbox 360...Easy!

Anon19741763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Depends on the price points. The Wii taught that lesson quickly enough.

On a side note, I find it funny that so many predict PC gaming is going to pick up. It's like they haven't been paying attention the past decade. PC piracy is hitting roughly 90% and developers simply aren't making games for PC like they used to. That's not going to change. I'm not saying there isn't anything to play on the PC, don't get me wrong, but for your average consumer/gamer, there's no way they're suddenly going to start wandering down the isles of their local computer store to build their own gaming PC's en masse.

Console gaming has the visibility, the price, the convenience, the developer support and the games. While PC game spending is rising, a lot of that has to do with the rise of social games, and it's still little more than a quarter of the industry overall.

I'm not dismissing PC gaming, I'm simply looking at the facts. I'm really surprised that so many seem to be concluding that PC gaming is the future somehow. It was the future 20 years ago when the experience was substantially better than console games and it had multiplayer all to itself. That's not the case today and while console gaming has evolved, PC gaming's hangups have remained consistent this entire time.

Supermax1763d ago

I think everyone that owns a ps3 and a 360 will in the next 3 years will buy the next gen variant,I'm gettin both,and I don't count Nintendo out of the equation.

B1663r1763d ago

The XBox One has real potential to kill off the console market here in North America...

I'm starting to wonder if that was the plan all along...

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1763d ago

Sony may see a rise in the amount of gamers playing on their console but the overall numbers for consoles will fall due to people either going to PC gaming or even going to mobile gaming (if they're casuals).

ApolloTheBoss1763d ago

When it comes to Xbox One, if you're talking about the typical jock who only plays Call of Duty and Madden then yeah.

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