Preview: Lost Planet 3: Will A Stronger Story Make A Better Game? | DualShockers

Masoud House of DualShockers writes:

"I’ve been waiting to get my hands on Lost Planet 3 for some time now, having played the second installment enough times to wonder if my love/hate relationship with the game was ever healthy. So when I got a chance to sit down with Capcom recently and try out an early level in Spark Unlimited’s Lost Planet 3, I was ecstatic to see where the third title’s development had taken the series. I’m not quite sure what to make of the changes since I only sampled a small taste, but I can say this for certain: the story is miles ahead of its predecessor, something that may make Lost Planet 3 far easier to connect to."

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Chapter111761d ago

Spark Unlimited is responsible for Legendary the Box and Turning Point Fall of Liberty, two of the worst games this gen. This game is going to bomb just as hard as those two.