Xbox One dashboard walkthrough gives an idea of what games to expect at E3

A full Xbox One dashboard walkthrough has been posted to give users an idea of what to expect once the Xbox One is booted up. The walkthrough might have also revealed some of the games we can expect to see at E3 next month.

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overlordror1823d ago

Oh man, a game from Rare that isn't the normal Kinect crap? I'll be excited if that turns out to be the case.

Shadonic1823d ago

kinect sports was fun :(

nukeitall1823d ago

Yeah, kinect sports was a highly rated game I enjoyed. I bought both season 1 and 2. We play it during family time all the time.

militant071823d ago

I liked Kinect sport for few hrs, But I'd take a non-Kinect game over it anytime like Banjo Kazooie which I enjoyed for ~30hrs.

DoomeDx1823d ago

RARE aint what they used to be :(

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1823d ago

lol they gave a good idea of what to expect on ps4!! FifA!!

Rearden1823d ago

Honestly, the only Xbox One game I'm looking forward to is the next Gears of War title.

konnerbllb1823d ago

so tired of gow. time to retire it

Eldyraen1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

I don't want it to be retired, just be benched for a while instead.

However if Epic can come up with another game that I will enjoy as much as I used to enjoy Gears--go ahead and retire it I say. It can always be brought back if the need arises though although a new IP just as strong or better would be preferable.

Captain Qwark 91823d ago

so dont buy it lol. not everyone is tired of it like you and want it to come out as often as possible. no need to retire it.

just like cod, keep them yearly. if you personally are exhausted, take a year or two off. thats what i did. i didnt play cod from MW3 on until just recently with black ops 2

urwifeminder1823d ago

Three games off the bat for me if this is accurate very nice.

SlapHappyJesus1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Would like to see more of what Remedy has going with Quantum Leap.
Would love it to appear on PC sometime down the road though. Don't see me owning a One any time soon.

HyperBear1823d ago

it's actually called Quantum Break.

Quantum Leap was a television series back in the 90's :D

SDF Repellent1823d ago

He was so concentrated on making sure he gets the most important point of his post "Don't see me owning a One any time soon" sentence correctly stated that the game name was just an afterthought. LOL

SlapHappyJesus1823d ago


Before you talk, how about you check my past posts over the months I've been on here. I am far from an blind xbox hater, and sure as hell no Sony fanboy.
Sorry I couldn't remember the name of the game. I type in "Remedy new game" and got "Quantum Leap", though that seems to have been them speaking of the system itself.
Stop trying to find blind hate where there is none. Sorry to tell you, the average gamer doesn't seem to be happy with the console at the moment. It's not just from those you see on this site.
Stop trying so hard.

Kinger89381823d ago

I think its too soon for another halo whatever happens

FlyingFoxy1823d ago

There's already loads of Halo's, it's as bad as COD now. Constantly milked, and both are not even that great imo.

I'd personally much rather get a PS4 even if it was just for Uncharted and a few other games, i am sick of rehashed console shooters/fighters etc.. They seriously need to bring older titles back like Streets of Rage and Desert Strike, no games like those anymore. Most games we see on consoles are what we can get on the PC and usually better, except for the few really good exclusive games.

LoveOfTheGame1823d ago

Can't tell if your trolling or just don't see how contradictory your statement is?

Halo is milked, yet you want your fifth helping of Uncharted? I think it's too soon for another Halo also but please look both ways before crossing the bridge you live under.

Hercules1891823d ago

the difference with halo is that theres loads of room for more games, they could make 10 more and they could all be different from each other because were fighting on different planets or different enemies and weapons

tuglu_pati1823d ago

@ LoveOfTheGame

shhhh! If Sony does it its ok!

IcicleTrepan1823d ago

At the reveal the Halo portion was for a TV series for Halo. That might be what is being shown here, not a game but the TV series.

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The story is too old to be commented.