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How A Tech Giant Proposes To Charge You For Having Friends

By Joe Patrice

If you enjoy streaming movies at home through Netflix or Amazon Prime (or whatever other service you use), get ready to start paying more, because there’s a new technology just dropped off at the patent office that promises to keep you from enjoying movies with a few friends.

If you’re wondering why anyone would let this technology into their home, rest assured thousands will. Even you might, unwittingly.

And who’s to blame for this patent? Wait for it after the jump…

Oh what the hell, it’s totally Microsoft… (Culture, Industry, Microsoft, Xbox One)

zeal0us  +   413d ago
I'm guess if I were to put something over that camera the darn console will hit me with a message blocking me from streaming netflix, hulu or etc.
M-M  +   413d ago
It would probably say something like "Kinect sensor blocked, please make sure the Kinect can see a clear view of the room and try again".
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urwifeminder  +   413d ago
Real friends in this day and age how 90s social network keeps them at bay for me.
Loki86  +   413d ago
Companies trademark stupid crap all the time, I wouldn't read into this.
Neo-Axl  +   413d ago
1. Don't give them your money.
2. Spread the word.
negative  +   413d ago

stop you're making my sides hurt
Neo-Axl  +   413d ago
Sky-net of reality. Microsoft!
whoyouwit04  +   413d ago
I will say this, if Microsoft does do this; I will not purchase an xbox one. with that said, you sony fans shouldn't be jumping all over this, when you are thinking sony wont block used games even though they have it patent. Bottom line, if you are giving Sony the benefit of doubt; you should also give it to Microsoft.
SOULJER  +   413d ago
Any more bad news from this revel. serious
ziggurcat  +   413d ago
i was wondering about that since it was rumoured before the reveal.

another reason to not buy this system, frankly.

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