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Will E3 Make or Break The Xbox One

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece that asks if it is already make or break time for the Xbox One. They cite the pending E3 conference as a key time for Microsoft to undo some of the negative trending of the system and build some momentum. (Xbox One)

dedicatedtogamers  +   866d ago
Unless E3 un-announces everything that was shown, no, the damage is already done.

I know people are saying "wait for E3" but the context for videogames has already been defined, and it is not what I want. They could announce a new Mass Effect, but guess what? It will be online-required, no-used-game Mass Effect. They could announce Halo 5, but guess what? It will be online-required, no-used-game Halo.

The games don't matter at this point. Microsoft has declared loud and clear: "games are on the backburner".
MariaHelFutura  +   866d ago
"wait for the reveal" just turned into "wait for E3", which probably turn it "wait for ______". The conference was embarrassing, the business approach is garbage, the consoles specs are worse than the PS4, Call Of Duty looked the same, the first thing they talked about is TV and looks like they lied while demoing the OS. I didn't realise E3 was now the place where miracles happen.
MikeMyers  +   866d ago
I unlike many here, will wait for E3. People on the Internet are always acting like the sky is falling. So many people can't keep their emotions in check. Way too much drama. We keep hearing people claim they don't have games even though they said time and again they will show us at E3.

Why is everyone always so eager to declare a winner and a loser every year? If after E3 they prove they are not interested in pushing gaming then I'll join the others calling doom for them.

I will also wait until we find out all the details about the PS4. Sony was also clumsy when talking about used games. Adam Sessler had a video chat on Google about the Xbox One and said they too weren't very clear. There is no confirmation whatsoever that games on the PS3 will act exactly the same on the PS4.

Now back to the Xox One and lack of games. Microsoft has been investing in game studios. They are spending 1 billion dollars and have said there will be 15 exclusives, 8 of which are new ip's. if they are crap call them on it then, not now. How come nobody is saying anything positive about the new game by Remedy? Ignored or they didn't show much or it should have been Alan Wake 2. We keep crying for new ip's and when we get them we still whine. Typical Internet attitude.
Captain Qwark 9  +   866d ago
1. yes E3 will make or break them for the core gamer. I keep saying wait for E3 and thats what im doing. i enjoy all the features shown off and so long as i can see a commitment to games as well, im very happy, im not opposed to a 50/50 split for multimedia and gaming. my time is limited anyway so 2-3 quality games a year from ms first party will be enough for me

2. @dedicated: if you think that PS4 wont have a similar policy on used games, your delisional. times are changing and they are finding ways to crack down on used sales and piracy. like it or not, that is the future and sony wont be your white knight, in fact they have done what ms should have done from the start and just stayed silent on the issue the whole time

3. mike myers, well said.

ive been defending the X1 a lot these last two days because i think its sweet despite a few drawbacks but even i will stop defending them if they dont have a very strong E3 targeted mostly at the "core" or "hardcore" or w/e you want to call yourself gamers
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Hydrolex  +   866d ago


This is a terrorist attack against TVs
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   866d ago
Are you insane? E3 is about games. Games are what make or break a system.

I love how everyone has already forgotten that the big bad Cell filled PS3 so much more powerful than every other console.. love how it's forgotten that the power didn't make a difference.
MariaHelFutura  +   866d ago
The PS3 is more powerful than the Xbox 360, it's not really a debate. The PS3 is also harder to develop for than the Xbox 360, which is also not a debate.
Thefreeman012  +   866d ago
The damage is already done? Is this a hurtful relationship you can't go back too? No... If they backtrack and make it more appealing to gamers people will forgive xbox one and throw money at it.... That's just how it works
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grayfoxx881  +   866d ago
Exactly. You beat me to it.

E3 will change nothing for Microsoft unless they drop all the restrictions for Xbox One that include used games, the HDD, online requirements, and Kinect.

I'm sure we may see some awesome Xbox One exclusives at E3, but they won't make me forget how anti-consumer the system is.
Garethvk  +   866d ago
Thank you. I have debated this one quiet a bit the last few days. Like many I was not thrilled with what I saw at the reveal and while PC and PS 3 are the platforms we use the most often, my wife and I love the Dance Central series and I like playing Halo and Gears with my Nephews online. That being said for me, COD was the most interesting part of the reveal and I can play that on other platforms. They announced the June 10th meetings weeks ago and we will be there to cover it, but I kept asking myself, what can they do to turn things around. The main thing I kept coming back to was full disclosure, solid exclusives and actual gameplay footage from the system that blows people away.

Sony is offering hands on time with many PS 4 games at the show as I have had not only them but third part developers offer to show off their pending games and if what we hear is true Sony may have the edge in system power, abilities and titles at launch.
NYC_Gamer  +   866d ago
I'm just waiting for MS to make clear their stance on used software..I like Xb1 features but won't support any console that locks content to user profiles..I wouldn't mind being able to be on skype while playing games or watching my Fios channels on Xb1 with party chat along with other features in the background.
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izumo_lee  +   866d ago
All these Xbox supporters keep saying wait for E3 that is when the good stuff happens. Do you know what? Sony has an E3 showing as well if people have forgotten & they have the last word since their presentation is the final one.

Microsoft has a lot to prove at E3 & yes their show will have a HUGE impact on the minds of the ones that really support a system & that is the gamer. After the debacle of their reveal if Microsoft doesn't come out guns blazing & wow the people with those promised 15 titles the backlash will be even bigger than what it is now.

Microsoft keeps saying they are gonna own the living room. Guess what without the gamer/people there is no living room. Sony made it clear in their reveal that the gamer/people is what makes the living room not the other way around.

Also since Microsoft already showed the box the anticipation on what it looks like is mute. For Sony they haven't shown the box yet which gives people the anticipation on what it will be like. The surprise factor is still in Sony's court cause of that.
ape007  +   866d ago
hope they show a lot games on E3, i love the xbox 360 more than ps3 this gen (and ps2 most past gen) the ps4 showing was waaaay better with all honesty, so yeah show games ms

from the looks of it, ps4 might be my main console next gen, i hope ms deliver
JoeReno  +   866d ago
If the past 3 years of MS showings at E3 have showed me anything, it would be to not expect too much.
Nocando  +   865d ago
Where are these Xbox supporters you speak of? Because I have only seen a few.
Garethvk  +   866d ago
While there is still time to schedule meetings I find it interesting how this is working. Normally Microsoft and Sony have their events on Monday before E3 opens. Nintendo normally does the Nokia Theater Tuesday morning which allows the media time to get things online and ready as you have to chill until E3 opens at Noon for the first day.

Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft all have very big booths and generally do drop ins and select interviews and meetings.

As of now, Microsoft is just doing the event on the 10th, but Sony has had their Online PC division who handle Planetside 2, DC Online, etc offer meetings that include the PS 4 as well as other developers who have said we will show you our pending PS 4 titles. I have not had one developer say we will show you our new Xbox One games. Yes, I know things like COD, Destiny, etc will be Xbox one games, but you get where I am going. Nobody as of yet has announced seeing their Xbox One games.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   866d ago
If the used game issue with the new Xbox is true I won't be buying one full stop. It could have the best exclusives ever revealed at E3 but I wont be supporting a console that does that.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Sony don't do it.
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MariaHelFutura  +   866d ago
The president of Sony said "We won't block used games" a month or two ago.
FlyingFoxy  +   866d ago
Nintendo and Sony will be seeing sales increases rather sharply then, the good thing about Nintendo.. even though they have underspecced their machines lately, they don't screw over their gamers. Too bad a lot of 3rd parties avoid them.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   866d ago
I can remember reading something about that.
People keep saying it hasn't been finalised though and it could still happen. I don't know what to believe really. I really hope it doesn't happen.
I don't think they will follow Microsoft down that path after the reaction they have had by fans and the stock market.
Manic2014  +   865d ago
Even MS have said They Wont Block Used Games its just the Speculation of having Used game fee which is going on for the PS4 also, not just the Xbox One.
Wikkid666  +   866d ago
One will support used games.
Garethvk  +   866d ago
Yes as long as you pay Microsoft more money. So pay for system, pay for a game, pay for online features and access. Buy a used game? Pay a license fee.
MariaHelFutura  +   866d ago
It blocks them, then supports them..... if you "support" Microsoft. PS4 just supports them, big difference.
MasterCornholio  +   866d ago
Microsoft will fine you for buying used games.

Motorola RAZR i
Wikkid666  +   866d ago
They are just working on how to release the activation code. Which would remove it from your account/console and give you the ability to buy/sell the games.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   866d ago
i think E3 will allow ms to take a few steps back, reassess the situation, and come out swinging harder than they originally thought they would have had to. though the reveal was a disaster among epic proportions, i think MS will play a lot more on the safer side and focus on games and appealing to the hardcore crowd. with the right amount of focus, MS could possibly at least maintain the american market fresh off E3.

the one thing they cannot run away from is the used game limitation. in my eyes, all sony or nintendo really have to do to BURY ms would be to bring up the fact that MS blocks the use of used games. if they spent enough time focusing on the fact that their consoles are all DRM free, and can be played offline all the time, there really should be nothing stopping them.
Supermax  +   866d ago
I think both companies are going to start moving away from the used game market eather that or compete with it,Sony is gonna wait till they sell a certin number of units then let you know about gettin rid of used games.and yes Sony did say they won't black games but did not say what developers will do.
from the beach  +   866d ago
In the short term it's very important, but it's not make or break in the context of an entire console generation.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   866d ago
the only thing im truly scared of is the american market. though were not nearly as bad as japan in terms of brand loyalty, i feel like a lot of americans would buy x1 just because the 360 has spent the last 5 years being everyones favorite call of duty machine. being the biggest and most consumer heavy market out there, we americans need to evaluate which console would fit our needs best before making a purchase. you shouldnt buy an xbox just because "you want xbox"
Munky  +   866d ago
The NFL agreement alone with sell the XB1 in NA.
Garethvk  +   865d ago
I think they will be shocked on this as with Direct Ticket and the much better and much more affordable Red Zone this is what fans will want. We got Red Zone when we moved from Seattle to AZ to open our second office. I am still a Sehawks Season Ticket Holder and being able to watch all the vital action and drives and get tons of other sports stations for only 9.00 a month was a deal.
Munky  +   866d ago
The 15 games better be damn amazing, every single one of them. What they show needs to melt faces for MS to dig themselves out of the hole they are in. But to be honest, knowing what we know, and barring any major hardware upgrades (to late for that anyway), I don't see how the games will stand out from the PC and PS4 games to be shown. With that being said, I will remain positive and hope that they really do dedicate the full presentation to show 15 awesome games.
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ziggurcat  +   866d ago
they'll definitely show games, but i doubt that their policies on used games, etc... will change.

i mean... EA didn't just drop their online passes for no reason. it's quite evident as to the reason why, and if MS changes their mind they kind of renege on the deal they've already signed.
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gedden7  +   866d ago
You see people have to calm down...

X1 will have good games and is a good system...

You will just have to pay out your ass to fully enjoy it.
X1 doesn't block used games you just have to pay up to
$15 - $60 more to play them. No biggie.

Xbox Live will GO UP because of all of the new servers and other apps (NFL partnership and others)

I don't care if kinect is faster, I don't want one why are they forcing it on me (us) that adds $50 - $100 more to the final price.

As a gamer I WANT GAMES!!!! I want my system to focus on games!!! All of the functions should be GAME related.

This system will cost $499 and up for mostly BS stuff that my dvr or tv remote does...

MS just want to make something that gonna compete with Mac products (Ipads and Iphones)

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