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5 Features of the New Xbox That Are About to Ruin Everything

Microsoft announced their new Xbox console (the Xbox One) on Tuesday, which boasts amazing new technology that will make your entire entertainment experience significantly worse.
I'm not talking about specific games here, because they didn't really mention them. The presentation was an hour long, and the first shot of actual gameplay came 57 minutes in -- it was a brief glimpse of Call of Duty: Ghosts ... (Call of Duty: Ghosts, Xbox One)

Cam977  +   481d ago
Unless you want Bill Gates jacking his surgically-enlarged, grease-covered toothpick over your family on his 99" ULTRA HD LCD display in his Californian office then DON'T TOUCH THE ONE.
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OlgerO  +   481d ago
How can a great guy like bill gates that gies all of his money away to make the world a better place bring something so evil on the market.
PSVita  +   481d ago
He's kids are forbidden form using non-MS (APPLE) products. I find that disturbing.
VitaOwner  +   481d ago
Damn, can't even loan a game to a friend without there being fees involved. No thanks Microsoft.
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forum67  +   481d ago
Nor any console. Get a PC. Features of both consoles (excluding gaming) already exist on PC.
josephayal  +   481d ago
It has a dog
I'm really excited for this
Prcko  +   481d ago
Call of Duty has a dog now,so epic
PSVita  +   481d ago
*Collar Duty
Software_Lover  +   481d ago
So let me get this straight..........

He says, "you may not" be able to loan a game. We dont know yet. Do we need the feature, hell no, but we dont have a definite yes/no as of yet. Should have not been included.

You can watch tv/switch apps with the controller, just saying.

#1 is kind of reaching.
Jek_Porkins  +   481d ago
You beat me to it, we aren't sure about the game thing, and you can fully use the controller with everything on Xbox One.

Just seems like a typical piece that we've been seeing recycled over and over the last few days.
sway_z  +   481d ago
MS could somehow redeem themselves @E3...but alas, it would be like waiting for the day world poverty has been completely eradicated.

I used to own an Xbox 360 until a few months ago...but I sold it because I got tired of the 'Just wait til E3' promises.

I actually wanted MS to deliver something that would make even me a believer....but instead they offer me this :/

But yet I find remorse, yes...I feel remorseful about everything negative I opinionated about the Wii U.

Please forgive me Nintendo fans.

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Thank You :)
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Tetsujin  +   481d ago
5. This alone is a deal breaker for me; I hate the idea I can't test games before buying them from friends if it's the only method at the time (Internet down, etc)

4. What if my Internet is down longer than a couple of days? What if Microsoft gets some type of service issue where it's down for extended time frames?

3. Doesn't appeal to me one bit; to some it's a nice feature because it's new (to some, to others it's the same tech found in other devices), to others it's wasted tech that could have gone towards gaming.

2. I'm assuming at the moment Defiance is proving to be a decent show according to the public (I actually like both the show and the game), so now Microsoft "had" to announce a Halo tv series with S.S. involved; WOW for those who care - I don't.

1. This is another one of those "why?" moments during the presentation; I'm going to assume there's some sort of privacy setting and/or report for inappropriate behavior, as well as a selling factor for people who have to resort to online to get their "fix."
brianunfried  +   481d ago
What's the point of selling discs if there's a mandatory install? Should just make it download only. Must be Microsofts way of changing to digital distribution and hoping we won't notice. I don't mind digital distribution on my iPad because most games only cost $5 more or less. But if I'm spending $60+ I want a physical copy with no restrictions.
Software_Lover  +   481d ago
Maybe because they realize not everyone can download a 30+gb game? It's easier to buy the disc and install it.

Does it make complete sense........... probably not.
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Neo-Axl  +   481d ago
You know what nobody thinks about, Imagine you work at Microsoft, your one of the tech guys or somebody that helps develop a lot of important crap for the Xbox One, you're friends with pretty much everyone you work with, and after work you would like to wind down play some games, but you don't have much cash at the moment.. so you can't play any new games that are on offer, you can't phone a friend or go to your neighbor to borrow a game anymore, or let your children borrow your games or borrow your kids games.

I find it hard to believe everyone working at Microsoft is going with it all, it's against everything that gaming has made fun, stress free, and by right ours. You'll buy an Xbox ONE yet it doesn't really belong to you does it?

Fuck that, Fuck that BIG time!
saggysack79  +   481d ago
sorry im pissing my self right now at the thought of millions of people waving there arms around at the same time smacking an ass, shouting at the tv and then only to find out your freind just watched you beat one off, so funny,sorry im no fanboy but ps4 all the way.

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