The Xbox One Reveal Results In Pure Disaster – A PR Nightmare

An eGamer journalist discusses what he believes the biggest problems of the Xbox One reveal are: the PR nightmare that ensued, and Microsoft's bad decisions.

*Warning: video includes vulgar language.

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Software_Lover1797d ago

We all agree, but how many of these articles/blogs do we need approved?

General Shrooms1797d ago

Not everyone agrees.

The only thing I don't like so far, is their DRM policy with physical store bought games.

Mono-san1797d ago

What about the need to have Kinect plugged in at all times? Or that you have to connect the console every 24 hours to the net in order for it to work. Or how about this:

If people don't voice their concerns, many won't get what's so wrong about the direction they're going with the Xbox One.

Elit3Nick1797d ago

All these rumors seem to be based on fabricated facts, microsoft said on their twitter page that there is NO fee to install an already owned game, can we please all wait until the official statements please.

hellvaguy1796d ago


I wasn't happy with several things in the X1 reveal, but come on man, there's no need to tell blantant lies. No where in your link or in any ms announcement does it ever say that Kinect has to be plugged in at all times.

Tody_ZA1796d ago

It has been said many times =) Here are three separate sources confirming that Kinect must be plugged in and on at all times, as the Xbox One requires it to function:

Source 1)

Source 2)

Source 3)

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Tody_ZA1797d ago

I do apologise if it seems like repetition, but you must remember every site out there will have things to say in response to an event as big as this, and so will all the gamers as well. There'll always be many articles about it, each with their own piece to say :)

Like this feature focuses more on the PR mess that came after the event rather than the actual event itself.

chrismichaels041797d ago

As many as it takes for Microsoft to listen to what the people are saying.

SpinalRemains1796d ago

Just stop.

I clearly remember a giant crab article every 3 hrs for months!

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, we see who has thin skin.

A next gen disasterous reveal is huge news and should be discussed and mocked. To support such a reveal is to invite more of them.

Software_Lover1796d ago

WTF are you talking about? On the other foot?

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ape0071797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

i think people are overreacting, sony fanboys are acting like tweens on the net, 30+ year old guys, acting all like it's doom and gloom for xbox one, yes the EVENT was a let down, sony's ps4 event was 10 times better but this is not the whole picture , wait until E3 darlings, it's soon, don't let out all your emotion yet, save it and celebrate when the console truly sucks

NatureOfLogic1797d ago

Yeah, lets wait until E3. Lets listen to what the Xbots have been saying for the last 4-5 years.


ape0071797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

im afraid you eat your own words

4>1? that sounds so emo\gayish thing to say at this point , it's still too early man, man up and have some dignity

Elit3Nick1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

@KingElixir Thanks for proving his point ;)

sway_z1797d ago


You're 100% right...MS have kept Xbox 360 owners waiting since 2010 for quality 1st party titles. you can see, they're a patient and forgiving bunch, in spite of MS' repeat offending.

If peeps in relationships were as loyal, there would be zero infidelity.


MariaHelFutura1797d ago

"wait for the reveal" has just transformed into "wait for E3".

Tody_ZA1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I also don't agree with the "wait for E3" approach, because Microsoft has already said that they're still months away from launching the console and they have not yet finalised these policies.

So it's highly doubtful that they will have "finalised" these policies in the next two weeks. We won't be hearing about used games and the 24 hour authentication for online and all the rest. If they had the answers they'd give them now, otherwise they're just shooting themselves in the foot.

Let's be honest. The people watching the Xbox Reveal event are: gaming journalists, hardcore gamers, gamers from all over the world, and I think a small minority would be the casuals.

Yet it felt like the event in no way catered for most of that crowd.

I don't mind if they want to show off all their social and Xbox One Kinect features. That's fine. But they have to have a balance. And gaming was put to as bare a minimum as possible. I mean, even the games that were shown, most weren't even in-game footage, and not even tech demos, but in-house developer tech demos.

There was zero balance, and the gaming crowd was alienated.

Worst of all though is the PR nightmare that followed. You can't get a single straight answer from Microsoft, five different exces say five different things. If they don't have the answers, or Microsoft hasn't finalised its policies, why not just give "no comment?" Why cause such a disaster?

After Sony's conference, when they were asked about used games and always-on, Sony said straight up that the console can be totally offline, and it won't block used games. There was no dodging or dancing around or messing about.

LeCreuset1797d ago

Just as "wait for E3" will become "wait until launch."

Mikeyy1797d ago

Then after "wait for Launch" it will be "Wait for Respawn Entertainment"

ickysweat771797d ago

What you fail to understand is that it is not about fanboyism, it's about making our voices heard so that maybe enough complaining and negative press makes Microsoft change their minds about the DRM and used games and other things we as gamers do not like. Throughout the past few years, many a company has tried to charge or add policies that resulted in customer backlash. This backlash has led to the company rethinking their position in favor of the customer. It doesn't always work, but those who sit back and take whatever is given without complaint will find companies will screw you out of as much money as they can get away with. So people like you, who just take whatever is given to them with open arms, are the problem. No company will alienate all of their customers, and this is the way we get to use our power to keep gaming consumer-friendly. There is nothing worse than people who support a company no matter what, and do not keep these companies honest. Instead, your undivided support allows these companies to dictate and enact policies that are anti-consumer.

Why o why1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I cant believe you said that ape. Should I really direct you to pissed off known 360 preferrers. You really think its just sony fansboys .....smh...youve obviously not been reading enough comments. Ms has had the platform to dismiss and dispell most of the negative rumours, forget the lack of gameplay footage or over-focus on tv tv, but rumours plaguing the xbox one. They chose not to..why wait until e3. This blogger makes some good points. Ms have brought this on themselves. Sony isnt out of the woods yet either, as there are still some unanswered questions that need addressing, just far less than ms have.


the fact that you say something like "4>1" sounds "emo and gayish" shows that youre probably not too mature. emo? who has even said the word emo since 2007?
and nobody totally thinks the ps4 is going to rape the 360 based on the reveal. OBVIOUSLY xbox one and ps4 both have games to showcase over e3. it doesnt change the fact that they took their most important unavailing to date and used up their time to talk about extremely dated and nonsensical voice commands.
youre acting like nobody here knows they have games to show off.

the anger and discouragement in the new xbox brand stems from a difference in each companies focus. sonys main focus was video games. MS's main focus was...well, it was what it was.

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GuruStarr781797d ago

I think Sony and MS are really forgetting what we as the buyers want... one of those things is backwards compatibility... sure, it's great it'll play these shiny, new games... but it really is a letdown that I can't play my 360 and PS3 games on the new consoles.... I've got to keep them and try to stack them on top of each other like a dirty pawn shop..

ape0071797d ago

agreed and awesome picture btw

MariaHelFutura1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

The president of Sony said "We won't block used games" a month or two ago.

Highlife1797d ago

Well I will keep my ps3 and put it in my bedroom while the ps4 will be in the family room. Not sure why you have to stack them? Live in a box??

sway_z1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )


Awww poor you and your 1st world problems...there, there...



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Blankolf1797d ago

I had a PS1, PS2 and XBOX 360, I think I am going to return home... PS 4 Gamers and XBOX One Fistpump in console form, basicly sumarizes things...

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