Nintendo holding Pokemon X/Y presentation at E3, is 1.5 hours long

Nintendo won't be holding a typical press conference at this year's E3, but the company has scheduled a number of different events for the show.

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Neonridr1246d ago

1.5 hours just for Pokemon? That's awesome. I wonder if it will reveal more information than just about X/Y. Perhaps a Wii U Pokemon reveal?

kirbyu1246d ago


Pokemon Snap 2
A Pokemon FPS
A new Pokemon Stadium-like game
Pokemon X/Y details
Pokemon X/Y anime details
Something unexpected

_QQ_1246d ago

A pokemon first person shooter? Dreaming a bit too big don't you think?

kingdomtrigger1246d ago

Nah, penguin! Its the truth man! the next halo!

linkenski1245d ago

Imagine if someone made a Conker's Bad Fur Day style game with pokemons. An FPS with setpieces and Pokemon being antropomorphic jerks banging and killing each other. Immature and awesome!

Dj7FairyTail1246d ago

you're expectation too high lower that shit

kirbyu1246d ago

I guess everyone's thinking I expect a Pokemon fps because I said "Something unexpected" at the end. I should've said "Something else unexpected".

animegamingnerd1246d ago

isn't 1.5 hours means 90 minutes then holy sh!t that is longer then nintendo's last year E3 press conference

DA_SHREDDER1246d ago

People think Nintendo is out of the next gen race when they haven't even scratched the surface on what they are gonna offer with the WiiU.

krontaar1246d ago

So hyped. Pokemon is never at E3.

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