As A Sony Fan, I Love How The Xbox One Reveal Went

Gamers-Association editor Ridge Dermody talks about how delighted he was by the Xbox One reveal as a PlayStation Fan.

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Arai1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Five reasons to want a PS4:
- simple
- personalized
- immediate
- integrated
- social

But Xbox ain't ONE, #teamcerny

On-topic: nice opinion piece, I did enjoy certain parts of their reveal.
But in the end the whole thing isn't for me, it could be a big hit in the US though.

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xHeavYx1948d ago Show
yesmynameissumo1948d ago

Negative is so butthurt, it echoes when he farts.

darthv721948d ago

How ironic you left off the most important reason...


On topic, as a game fan I like the potential that both platforms have. I like the PS4 and the potential connectivity with the Vita will help breath new life into the sales of that portable.

I like xbox live and the increasing amount of content that looks to be available through that service appeals to me.

I have enjoyed the differences the PS3 and 360 offer and I am not changing my tune come the next gen. Both will offer differences that make each a unique addition to any gamers collection.

ssj271948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

most of the Xbox features are possible on the PS4.. maybe having a movie and a game running on the same screen is not? maybe it's.. to be honest I don't are since it will be flawless transition if I want to switch from Playing a PS4 game to Netflix and I could go back at any time and continue in a sec on the PS4.

now! PS4 has many features not possible on the XBOX1 and specially what's important the visuals are ahead..

GAIKA will give PS4 the most advanced, powerful network and that what I'm exited for.. lag free or less laggy experiences

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Sky_Walker1948d ago

As a PS gamer I am sadden by this.

Hopefully Sony does not get arrogant again and pull a PS3 launch on us.

Not saying that the PS3 was bad but Sony was really acting cocky like the were the king with comment like Next Gen does not start until we say so and get two jobs to afford one.

If MS does drop out of the industry I hope EA, Apple OR Google do not repleace them.

DeadlyFire1947d ago

You know Apple or Google will try. Why? Andriod console gaming has been given birth thanks to Kickstarter.

Who owns Andriod phones? Apple, and Google. So yes its likely they are thinking maybe one day to developing a console even if its based on cheap ARM tech. I don't think either would go beyond the Andriod console approach for awhile though if they tried.

Chuk51948d ago

That picture reminds me, if LBP comes to PS4, I'll be able to fully experience that franchise instead bits and pieces as xbox-only gamers.

xHeavYx1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

As a PS3 guy, I loved the Microsoft reveal.
I was waiting for MSFT to bring the coolest news, the best technology. Instead they showed that POS box with Kinect 2.0. They will charge a fee for used games (who gets the fee money?) Always online is pretty much confirmed. They also pissed off true hardcore fans (except a few who are still in denial) The Xbox One has less power than the PS4. Man, so many things Microsoft did wrong, but it will be fun to watch their console die

BlackTar1871948d ago

why? people and me included have been hoping on the hate train and rightfully so but we do not want Xbox to disappear and leave nothing but wii. The industry needs competition and it breads better product.

Also as a gamer yes they are dumb and are making horrible decisions but as a gamer we should want them to pull the head out of rear and produce some good games and - this anti consumer anti gamer stuff they have going on.

xHeavYx1948d ago

Sony doesn't need any competition to offer the best games and options

Horny1948d ago

Im all for competition but the shit microsoft is trying to push on the consumer has me hoping they dont succeed.
I dont want their practices to become the standard.
I dont want to pay extra for used games, I dont want to pay for Internet, I dont want casual games shoved down my throat, I dont want to have a daily check up were I have to be connected to the net, and I dont want my games locked to one system.

Ill have my hands full with ps4 and wiiu and I dont agree with the way ms does business and therefore will vote with my wallet.

MestreRothN4G1948d ago

I agree with Horny.

We can argue about the need of competitivity in the industry, but there's one thing we shouldn't even be discussing:

Microsoft has shown us that they need to disappear from the gaming market. Let them focus on their online home theater.

Do we need competition? Ok, good discussion.
Do we need Microsoft as the competitor? FFS! Go home, the One, you're drunk.

threefootwang1948d ago

@ xHeavYx

Fully agreed, I was a hardcore Xbox 360 fan, but after their latest "gaming" console, MS can lick my threefoot--you get the idea lol. Glad I bought a PS3 on boxing day and borrowed all of their exclusives, this holiday, Sony can gladly take my money! PS4 ftw!

@ MestreRothN4G

On a completely random note, I loved how you started your response. "I agree with Horny." Sounds wrong in so many ways yet so hilarious lmao

BlmThug1948d ago

To those that want MS to drop out, competition breeds excellence. Monopolies are the worst thing for industries because it means companies can extort consumers with little ramifications. I will be buying a PS4 day one btw, I already have mine pre-ordered and I will buy a X1 down the line so I am no fanboy of any console.

DeadlyFire1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

It won't die. They have Halo to breathe life into it. Its the only reason I bought an Xbox really was to play Halo from time to time online. This time I will likely wait for some price drops from Microsoft before I consider buying it. Now that Bungie is a multiplatform developer. PS4 first. WiiU 2nd. Maybe XBone or A PC upgrade 3rd.

Competition must exist. Now that Microsoft claims they are bringing exclusives maybe we can see some Sony studios go head to head with some Microsoft studios with their games.

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xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1948d ago

hmm, Sackboy isn't too enthusiastic about the One (is it safe to call it that? o_o)... Sackboy has created alot more impressive stuff in his sleep.

scruffy_bear1948d ago

I hope you all remember how Sony treated gamers when they were top of the class last time, I just don't want to see a repeat of that arrogance

DragonKnight1948d ago

Yeah, they treated gamers extremely well. The PS3 may have launched at a high price, but that was really its only problem. People invented other problems based on what MS were doing with the 360 that people viewed as "standards" even though MS were the only ones doing it and not for very long.

But what did you get with a $600 PS3? 4 USB slots, card reader slots, Full PS1 and PS2 backwards compatibility. Basically the best version of the PS3 was available at its launch. Yeah, Sony treated gamers just terribly. /s

Brazz1948d ago

Ps3 was nice for user, but Sony was arrogant no doubt... because of the crazy price ($600) and the hard to use hardware for developers Ps3 suffered at the early day... Xbox 360 have more games, better price, better network and the only problem was the RLOD, but MS accepted responsability and worked whit a very good warranty...
Early days 360 > PS3, no doubt about this...

But now ps3 have better games, same level of network service for free and good price. this put sony back in the top of the market.

OlgerO1948d ago

At the start of the PS3 there were some real douchebags in charge at sony. THis has in my opinion chaged drastically by now and playstation is now my favorite brand in the world

MikeMyers1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

They did treat gamers terribly in the beginning, because there were hardly any games. The ones people wanted got delayed time after time. It took until MGS4 came out before people started to get excited about its game library. Until then they also had a online infrastructure that was a work in progress and PS3 owners were treated to worse ports than a cheaper and older console because of their insistence on having something different and once again made life difficult more than they had to for game developers. Now people are giving Sony so much credit for listening to game developers and making a system that's really easy for them when they could have done that back then.

"But what did you get with a $600 PS3? 4 USB slots, card reader slots, Full PS1 and PS2 backwards compatibility. Basically the best version of the PS3 was available at its launch. Yeah, Sony treated gamers just terribly."

But who asked for all of that if it was going to cost $600? The PS2 had backwards compatibility too but they didn't have a surcharge for it. In fact the system launched at $300, just like the first Playstation. It was also because of stiffer competition that forced Sony's hand to drop the arrogance and lower the price.

Gimmemorebubblez1948d ago

They put state of the art tech in the Ps3. Built foundries from the ground up and started Sony World Wide Studios. If Sony were arogant they would have made us pay for online and not takes 180-270$ losses on each unit sold.

Enemy1948d ago

Photorealistic Sackboys on PS4 are going to creep me out.

Blastoise1948d ago

As a Sony fan I was still disappointed.

I was sat down, got the reveal on the big screen listening to that cheesy rock music at the start...had a bit of the "E3" vibe. I was totally down for it thinking MS might actually bring the big guns and show some epic games. How wrong I was

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