Rumor: Halo 3 to get Lockout remake

First off, remember this story is strictly in the realm of rumors and loose talk. But with the latest Bungie news update came a hint that we would see more classic remakes coming soon. And a further hint was given when a poster on posted a scan of a magazine cover and promptly had his post deleted. Whether or not the above concept art is actually that for a Lockout-remake map in Halo 3 isn't clear, and this is in no way a confirmation of anything.

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BlackIceJoe3860d ago

That would be pretty cool. I hope this is true.

Breakfast3860d ago

Sidewinder, now this :)

Now just Midship

toughNAME3859d ago


Damnation..or hang 'em high. Or maybe Ivory Tower

Breakfast3859d ago

WHAT! You dont like midship! Thats the funnest map for slayer.

Toronto Maple Leafs?

ambientFLIER3859d ago

Midship is probably my favorite. It was an absolute sticky grenade fest in H2.

princejb1343860d ago

no one cares bout halo 3 as much no more except for a specific few
cod4 owns halo 2.5(halo 3)

Breakfast3860d ago

maybe on this site...not in the real world though

GETPWNT3859d ago


And while they're at it, bring back Hand 'em High and Sidewinder. THOSE are three maps worth the M$ points.

ambientFLIER3859d ago

Amount of people that cared about Halo over last 24 hours on live: 912,810

Amount of informative posts in your N4G career: 0

Z F1GHT3RS3859d ago

the maps will go free next tuesday.
the heroic map pack

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Covenant3859d ago

PLEASE let this be true...Lockout was far and away my favorite H2 map. Now, if they could also remake Midships...

Hartt913859d ago

I hope its true, I want the real lockout, not some spiritual sucessor(Guardian)

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The story is too old to be commented.