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Xbox One’s Used Game Fee to Cost as Much as a Full Retail Release?

As the dust settles on Microsoft’s Xbox One Reveal Event – to mixed reactions, more details have emerged on its controversial plan to place a fee on gamers if they want to play used games on their new Xbox One console. (Xbox One)

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snake_eater  +   575d ago
So let's say i go to gamestop and buy COD: Ghosts used for 30 bucks. I get home, insert the disc, install and then i have to pay another 60 bucks for the game?
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nrvalleytime  +   575d ago
I don't think that's how it will work - when you purchase it from Gamestop, they'll have worked out a compromise with Microsoft that means part of the purchase price will be split. You'll pay once, and that payment will be divided between creator and distributor.

Check out this article for an idea of how it might work - http://penny-arcade.com/rep...
Godmars290  +   575d ago
And if that were true Gamestop would have cut game publishers some of their revenue and the used game market would be less of an issue than it is.

Note I said *less* of an issue. They'd still be fighting over percentages.

I want to say MS isn't so stupid as to charge full retail, but then once upon a time I honestly thought that the current headache was only fanboy rumor.
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theBAWSE  +   575d ago
Yep Phil Harrison llet this little bit of information slip out to CVG site earlier

We now know why EVERY single game is linked to an account it's so you can't lend games

That's the reason why it's always online... To check game licenses.. Wana start a game offline? FORGET IT

They were planning on charging full price to 'lend' a game to a friend... Price could change who gives a f**k it's still a piss take

We have finally cut through all the bullshit ms have spouted to finally understand the greed of Microsoft and how gaming works on Xbox one

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Hellsvacancy  +   575d ago
Im pretty sure the hacking community will fix the new Xbox a day after its release
CompadrePanchito  +   575d ago
Obviously it's just business for Microsoft getting the max earnings as they can. Expect a lot of pissed of gamers though
DEEBO  +   575d ago
The plot thicken's.i work at gamestop,and used games is how we make our $.MS is bold for doing this.with all the support gamestop gave them when the 360 launch.wow!
swishersweets20031  +   575d ago
i dont feel they are trying to kill the used game market, but control it.

if you think about it there is no point in buying a physical copy of a xboxone game. you install it, input the code and its locked to your account. you then never need to put the disc back in. So in my point of view it be no different than buying a digital release from their store.

So how do you trade in your digi copy pretty much? well they kinda gave wind you would trade it back into their own system for whatever value amounts they create and i would assume based on the retail prices out there. But i doubt they will give you a good deal im sure they will pull gamestops type of policy of giving you 50cents for something then turn around sell it for 30. So for them its all pure profit.

So with this kind of policy for them to "help stop piracy" and to gain the profits they dont see from the second hand market i feel it will hurt the people who lend games, and rent games. Only way to make it better would be to allow temporary codes given out to people to use the game for a typical renting amount of time or lending time you could say to avoid the "pay a full retail price fee" type deal.

In all it sounds like to me they want control of the used market, and some slick money grubbing suit decided his pockets were not full enough because he wants everyone to basically buy their games and codes that come with it, and no one is allowed to play their games for free even if it is rented or lent. You either buy the game outright or nothing at all.

i know its too early to judge but its just my opinion.
Godmars290  +   575d ago
From the interview sounds like they might be aiming to strong arm out middlemen like Gamestop. That you'd be selling/buying games directly from MS.
urwifeminder  +   575d ago
Maybe you can lend it to a friend say for $5 single player for three days $10 for multi combined relocks back to owner, hire from a friend ms get a cut total unlock for 2nd hand may depend on date or popularity im starting my own rumours works for everyone else.
Peanuts110  +   575d ago
At this point I'm more likely to buy a PS4 at launch than a Xbox1. The Xbox1 is sounding more like an Edsel of consoles. It won't run unless you put a lot of money into it. I plan to sit back an watch the MS launch of Xbox1 and see how it does for a couple of years. Odds are I'm getting a PS4 at launch. Sony is showing a lot of class. They are on the side of the gamers. Microsoft is being really despicable. They should of done the reveal wearing hooded masks. LoL
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jimbobbeers  +   575d ago
...and still Sony remain silent. Funny, you'd think if Sony wasn't going to have the exact same policy they'd be busting a gut to tell the world how they don't have a "fee"... But still... Silence.

All but confirms it. You'd be a fool to think otherwise.
Peanuts110  +   575d ago
I understand where your coming from. I know both consoles wants to maximize their profits. I just plan to go with the fairer of the two companies. Watching how XBL evolved and seeing where they are going may not be the direction I'm going to choose. Sony seems more promising to me at this time. You know how things can change from now to then. I'm enjoying all this banter for now. I just hope when it comes time to pull out the wallet that all gamers get the console of their dreams.
If they are going to get super restrictive on second hand games. It just means that gamers are going to be more selective on their purchases. It's only going to hurt second rate games. (I'll just wait for them to end up in the $20 bin.) The corporate suits are forgetting one thing, it's only a toy. The more they control it, the less people want to #deal with it.
Broburger  +   574d ago
If that's true then I'll just stick to PC gaming.

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