Forget what you know, next-gen consoles change everything

It's a generation that has lasted longer than any other before it, albeit for generally good reasons. And perhaps most impressive is that though their PC gaming counterparts have long since passed them by, these aging consoles are still able to render great-looking games.

So while the sun begins to set on what will go down as a pivotal generation for video games, we look ahead to see what owning a console will be like for the foreseeable future.

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thechosenone1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

I'm sick of people telling me what I want and the things that I need. Piss off! I bought a gaming console for a specific purpose and that was TO PLAY GAMES. Not to watch TV, or check sports stats or browse the web or Skype, that's what my iPad is for! Stop trying to shove this load of horse crap down my throat and telling me it's what I asked for because I didn't.

iistuii1793d ago

Don't tell me, your phone just makes calls...

rainslacker1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Here's how people should view this whole article

In reference to 2nd hand games
"think for a second and appreciate how long this novelty has lasted"
End Quote

"Novelty" Ownership is a novelty. Stew on that for a minute. It's a novelty that companies have for over 30 years allowed us to sell and trade our property.

One of the underlying principles of how consumers receive and manage their games property is a "novelty". I guess we should just thank those companies for their unbound generosity for all this time.

He concludes by saying this:
"And if there's one thing we've learned with how vocal the gaming community can be, it's that these companies are becoming very receptive to what we want"
End Quote

If that were the case, MS wouldn't be getting so much hate right now. Nothing about their stance on 2nd hand, or somewhat always-on is even remotely close to what anyone has asked for besides the publishers and corporate business types. In fact, this vocal community has very loudly said that WE DO NOT WANT THIS AT ALL!!!

This last line completely negates his very first sentence
"For the better part of a decade the video game landscape remained mostly unchanged, complacent in a sea of sequels, motion controls, and downloadable content."
End Quote

As far as I've seen for the better part of the last decade, the vocal gaming community has been speaking out against all of those things, but very few people that can affect change are doing any listening.

DivineAssault 1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

I refuse to have a camera (always on) listening or watching everything in my living room.. I dont want to pay a fee if i buy a used game or borrow one.. I dont want to sit & intall every damn game i get instead of jumping right in.. MS is doing all those things so im ok.. Keep your entertainment box... Im perfectly fine pressing the channel buttons on my remote rather than talking or moving around

iistuii1793d ago

I honestly don't care about console wars, I play pc mostly. But do you honestly believe that it will only be the Xbox that you'll need a pass to play a used game. I think both the new consoles will do it. Sony themselves have said its going to speak about it at a later date.

DivineAssault 1793d ago

i understand your point but sony wont push all 3 of those issues on at once.. U cant force complete change on the gaming world.. Its like a chick & has to ease itself in there

Nodoze1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

What I am surprised nobody is talking about is that fact that Cable and Satellite are old school. They are being replaced/fired/ripped out of many homes. Most of the people I speak with consume all content online (Netflix, Hulu etc). While there is still a customer base that is subscribed, many are cutting the cord. A trend that will only continue in the coming years. So in essence MS has jumped into a pool with a shrinking customer base.

Additionally there is nothing that the Xbone offers that the box from the cable company does not already provide. In fact it is MISSING features.

The Xbone is NOT a DVR
The Xbone is NOT a tuner

Sooo you now need to rent your Cable DVR, AND pay for your Xbone (plus live subscription)...just to change channels with your arms and voice.