Mirror’s Edge 2 in development for Xbox One? Amazon thinks so.

"Check out this link from Amazon Germany - placeholder aside, this can't be a mistake, right?"

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aviator1891076d ago

I really want to see me 2 and I hope ea shows it off or announces it at e3.

crxss1076d ago

ME2 best be on next gen... Or else...

Relientk771076d ago

Mirrors Edge was underrated and overlooked by many, but it was pretty good. Hope a sequel is coming.

OlgerO1076d ago

Nooo, I want to play this game on PS4

GrownUpGamer1076d ago TrollingShow
Snookies121076d ago (Edited 1076d ago )

I doubt it would be exclusive, if they really are doing another one.

LOGICWINS1076d ago

Right. Mirror's Edge is a niche game. EA would want to maximize its consumer base.

from the beach1076d ago

I remember a bit of talk about this ages ago..

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