Military Gamers Cannot use the XBox One in the Field

In an interview with Aaron Greenburg on GamerTag Radio the question was posed about the XBox One on a Navy Ship where the typical sailor does not have internet access.

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PAUL-AWOL-1610d ago

Being a retired Coastie Sailor of many years on the water we need things to do to keep our minds off of family and friends while you're underway. Entertainment is all we have, so this sucks for those who are into XBOX, my suggestion is to switch over to Sony and rally with me to get Socom back,, had to throw this in there in end. LOL.

elhebbo161609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

We all want socom back...

kingmushroom1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Socom would be a killer launch title along with this commercials and also to make people aware of cross game chat.

urgentfury1610d ago

LOL Paul, I am a Navy Veteran and we averaged about 17 days at sea, well there is no internet in the ocean blue... I know I would not use a system if I cannot play it at sea.

Nice to get the Socom in there too ;)

USMC_POLICE1609d ago

I agree with you Paul and fury on socom. I miss that game. And yes soldiers do play games. Games kept us sane!

InMyOpinion1609d ago

"Games kept us sane!"

That doesn't sound all too comforting to hear. :/

contradictory1609d ago

pshh....atleast you are able to play games while in military...

in where i live we have mandatory military training for all guys that turn 18
and they don't allow any free time thats for sure...

well, when i say mandatory let's just say it's not too hard to fuck the system...
i know i did bwahhahahhaa..

KillrateOmega1610d ago

Well of course they can! They can strap a bunch of them together to create body armor!

But in all seriousness, they really are screwing the fine men and women in the military - at least the ones who are gamer - with this.

I'm not in the military myself, but I imagine that it'd be frustrating to not be able to utilize the console that you paid for simply because you're been disconnected from the internet for more than 24 hours.

SexyGamerDude1609d ago

Hey, I know the perfect ad for Nintendo or Sony. Have a bunch of military gamers playing their games and then at the bottom it will say "We support the troops".

FullMetalTech1609d ago

I agree will paul and urgent fury. They need to bring back Socom to its roots. MS keep adding more and more nails to the coffin.

Gh05t1609d ago

Seriously? We are worried about taking this entertainment into the field.

As a Marine usually when I was in the "field" we didn't have electricity. When I was deployed some of the people had a X360 with them but guess what many people didn't and amazingly they made it through just fine.

Seriously what the hell, man up your in the Military!

"We don't promise you a rose garden." -Famous Marine recruitment poster

SexyGamerDude1609d ago

Not everybody in the military is out in the field getting shot at and some of the them have a little free time where they like to have fun. I have a friend in the Corp and he tells me about how every now and then he like to play a little Xbox. It doesn't affect his job in anyway. What's the problem with that?

Gh05t1609d ago

You are clearly misunderstanding the point.

They are in the military, which spends atrocious amounts of money trying to provide entertainment for Military personnel in forward positions. If you have some down time and have access to a game console that's great.

My point is don't complain when you don't or if you cant. That is not a priority at any point in time while in a forward position.

I would love to be the one that some Marine comes up to and complains about how he/she cant play their Xbox in the field.

Maybe its different for other services but even if that's how you felt you wouldn't say a word. The reason you wouldn't say a word is because its not a valid need or priority. It is entertainment and that has its time and place but there are other forms of entertainment (No one promised you could play xbox).

That is not your job, your duty, or your mission.

Not to mention it takes up so much room anyways I was lucky I got my Nintendo DSi to Iraq and back.

Anyways you will hear no sympathy from me. Video games are one of many types of entertainment so sorry you don't get the one you want, but again its the MILITARY not a TEAPARTY.

Gh05t1609d ago

Good catch! I am sure there are many more.

InTheLab1609d ago

And what about when you're on a MEU and traveling from one point to another or training at a base?

If this is how our boys decide to spend their downtime, they should be allowed to do so without pay walls or drm.

urgentfury1609d ago

Think you are missing the point of the article... the point is the fact that those that do want to game in their off time, when they are off duty and deployed...

The will not be able to with the new XBox. But you seem to be critical to how your fellow marines choose to spend their spare time entertaining themselves is not the topic here.

MaverickStar71609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

I agree people were missing the point. It quickly turned into an argument about what military personnel should be doing with their free time. The sailors on ship was merely an example that points to the larger issue that all Xbox One gamers will have to deal with. This this is going to require some type internet connection regularly. While they may sugarcoat it and dance around the question...this is about DRM and trying to kill the used game market.

Semper Fi

hazelamy1609d ago

Gho5t, you seem to have got the wrong end of the stick here.
you know, these people aren't complaining about the military.
i'm sure they're proud to serve.

the issue they have is with ms and the x1, not with whatever branch of the armed forces they joined.

different people have different ways to relax after what i imagine is a very stressful job.
if they buy an xbox to unwind when they're off duty, they expect to be able to use it.

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