Xbox fanboy or gamer? - why I'm happy with the Xbox One

With so much negativity surrounding the Xbox One, at least one person isn't moaning about the console's extra features.

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NYC_Gamer1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

I like the features of Xb1 and hope MS kills that locking software to users name/used fee idea

elhebbo161665d ago

I do, not because I want an x1 but because more competition is better for all gamers. mircrosoft gotta step it up at E3 and get rid of there BS used game fee idea. I doubt it though...

4Sh0w1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Get rid of the used game fee and the X1 will be just fine.

d0nT wOrrY1665d ago

Nope it won't. Unless MS get back to focus on making a real gaming console.

rainslacker1664d ago

I have nothing against the features. Not terribly interested in them, but they are cool enough I guess. The games I'm willing to give them the wait and see till E3.

Only thing turning me off the system is the used game restrictions and partial-on set up.

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thechosenone1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Most people are forgetting that if you have an old cable/Sat box many of the new features that you saw simply won't work on the Xbone. You'll still need to use your remote to do many of the things that you saw in the Xbone demo. You should give a call you to your TV provider and see if the Xbone is compat with their tech.

wishingW3L1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

and constantly using the Xbox for TV and gaming means way higher chance of failure. On top of it, 3GB of the total 8GB's wasted on features you might never even use?

Hands Up For Games1665d ago

Its all about games.

What games to you want to play the sequels too: Halo, Gears and Fable etc or LBP, Uncharted and Killzone etc?

Its that simple.

People might try to belittle your preference or choice but at the end of the day it doesn't matter. As long as you get fun and enjoyment out of it, who cares?

RaidensRising1665d ago

This might be true but the fact remains that people like to moan about optional features they dont use.

NameRemoved00171665d ago

PS4: Better exclusives, hardware, PSN is free, no ads, no kinect, focused on games.

Brazz1665d ago

the problem is not "they don't use", the problem is "they can't use outside of USA"! Asia/South America/Majority of EU/Africa/Oceania! The world is a market too MS!

shinrock1665d ago

True. Because there's nothing worse then having options.

True_Samurai1665d ago

You sir are a true gamer. I thank you for your wisdom

Roper3161665d ago

it's not that simple. I want more as a gamer then just a handful or recycled games with prettier graphics. Just look at the end of this gen to see what you will get next gen. Sony is still releasing new IPs for the PS3. When was the last new core IP that MS invested in or created? While MS may show some new games at E3 for when the system first comes out but to that I say BFD imho. Look at the original Xbox dropped like a hot potato as soon as the 360 released. Then look at the last 3 years or so of the 360. What have they done for their core audience? Basically nothing but throw them aside to go after the casual market.

Now with the new console on the horizon I see the same scenario playing out this gen for MS. They will put out a few games the first couple years and then basically move on to their real focus which is not gaming if you can't tell.

isarai1665d ago

It's not really that simple with the fact that xbox 1 is requiring Kinect and internet to function not to mention the required install which wouldn't be a problem if they would let you upgrade your HDD from their below average 500gb HDD which pretty much limits you gaming to around 10 games unless you want to constantly juggle between installing and uninstalling games. If you have a reliable and fast internet connection, don't mind using Kinect for non gamin functions, and don't plan on having a very large game library then yeah i guess it would be simple, but otherwise it seems to be more a chore and restriction than anything else.

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Cam9771665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

The XBOX one in my honest opinion is a very bad console. Why? It locks the players from too much and has lost its focus.

The Meerkat1665d ago

It's as if it were designed by APPLE

BabyTownFrolics1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

i want to be open minded about this. I really do. I enjoyed the last few years with both my 360 and ps3. At this point the ps4 is a no brainer for me, as a console gamer not having a ps4 feels wrong.

now as far as the xbox1, i'm not so sure. You see most of my friends game on the 360. My personal social gaming experience is richer on the 360. If those friends go with the xbox1 then that would be my biggest draw towards the console.

so that's the deal for me personally:

ps4 = rich gaming experiences
xbox1 = where my friends are

I am lucky enough to be able to afford both, but i can see how if one had to choose one over the other then on a purely gaming level the PS4 seems to be the better option.

GodGinrai1665d ago

"ps4 = rich gaming experiences
xbox1 = where my friends are"

Pretty much sums up my situation. Im pretty sure MS will probably outsell sony and nintendo, because to be honest they have the general mindshare of the public in their pocket.Most people are happy to just play the latest COD,FIFA,madden and having some kind of all in one box may appeal to em.

I watched the presentation in disbelief and disapointment...but my brother and one of my friends who I was watching it with were lapping it up. The used thing dont bother me as I got no problem buying games anyways. Most of my friends aint even gamers, and I honestly cant remember the last time I borrowed a game.

So I will be buying the X1 to play COD etc. with friends ...but im buying a PS4 for me. Im gonna try and turn them though. I dont want to play destiny on the weaker console!

Brazz1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

you live in USA right?

GamerGT1665d ago

I thoroughly like Sony. I've enjoyed their games. However, I'll still play some Halo on Microsoft's Xboxes. But that's about it. I challenge Microsoft to put out some exclusives with imagination so I can have the best of both worlds. No Kinect for me though. It just won't be my style for now.

Darrius Cole1665d ago

No, your friends are on Xbox 360. No one is on Xbox 1, or PS4 yet. I suspect that unless most of your friends will end up migrating over the PS4 as well. Unless they are so well off that money is no object.

I have (or rather had one until it was stolen) a PS3 and a Xbox 360. I did most of my gaming on PS3 though. (360 games were Bayonetta, Splinter Cell Conviction, Halo 4). So most of my friends are on PS3. I was going to get both consoles again this generation. But now it's a no-brainer. Unless we get vital new information, I'm getting a PS4 only.

Even if I got an Xbox One, I wouldn't buy any games for it. The notion that I would buy a game and not be able to sell it to whomever I want, I find repulsive. Likewise the notion of a video game console that will not play a game without the internet, I find repulsive. The notion that I would buy a game that I can't sell or give away and will eventually expire when Microsoft shuts down the servers, when for the same price I could instead get a disc-based game that is freely transferable, and lasts forever, I find kind of stupid.

So if I get an Xbox 1(the second Xbox 1, I already have the first Xbox 1) it will be because Microsoft revealed a must have TV feature that was not possible on 360, or PS3 or PS4.

I am really shocked and amazed that Microsoft would take a risk like this.

Saints941665d ago

As a Xbox player and a small PS3 I can say I'm frustrated by this "entertainment system". I probably going to switch into PS4 but I'll wait until E3 and check up on some other things to make a decision.

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