GameSpot reviews Naruto: Ninja Destiny

Naruto: Ninja Destiny is a shadow clone of a shadow clone, namely, the Naruto: Clash of Ninja fighting games. Whereas those console fighters were a little better than average, Ninja Destiny offers considerably less. For $30, you get a game as bare and skinny as the sexy jutsu. If you're a young Naruto fan you'll probably eat it up, but anyone else will find this game way too shallow to take seriously.

The Good
* Teleporting is kinda cool
* It's challenging on the difficult setting
* There are characters to unlock.

The Bad
* The combat is mindless
* Weak storytelling, yet tons of spoilers
* You can beat regular difficulty matches without looking
* Can only play a friend who was also unfortunate enough to buy a copy.

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FunkyBunch3919d ago

You have to wonder if the game is actually that bad, or if they just didn't pay GameSpot enough money to give it a high score.

(I know, it's a Naruto game, and it more than likely sucks)

Farsendor13919d ago

im a huge fan of anime but when it comes to anime games ill pass.