The Witness on PS4: Conversations with Creators

It’s been a few months since our last post on PlayStation.Blog, so I think it’s a nice time to let people know how the game is coming along.

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If you haven’t heard about The Witness, it is a game about exploration and puzzle-solving in an open world. Here’s our trailer: bgcolor="white"

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Xwow20081434d ago

This game will be a must buy for me :)

Arai1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

Very colorful game, held it's own ground at the PS Meeting.

Sometimes simplicity is the way to go, I'm interested in the game.

guitarded771434d ago

This was the stand out game of the presentation for me. I was impressed by Killzone, inFAMOUS and others, but The Witness was something different. I will download this on launch day if it's available.

OlgerO1434d ago

Absolutely, the game is more then 20 hours long, looks beautiful, and the gameplay looks very interesting. Im feelings very confident that going with PS4 is the right decision this generation

FamilyGuy1434d ago

I have no idea what this game is about.
So far it seems that it's a small, open-world game jam packed with puzzles. I just don't understand it's premise, what motivates you to play, is there a storyline, I don't see anything suggesting that there will be characters, what else do you do here besides solve a puzzle and move on to the next puzzle.

It's easily the most confusing title to come out at the PS4 conference to me. :/

GribbleGrunger1434d ago

I really enjoy watching these.

MonkeyNinja1434d ago

Me too.

Sony's doing an excellent job keeping hype of PS4 high.

Keep it up Sony!

SCW19821434d ago

Most anticipated Exclusive

1434d ago
GiantFriendlyCrab1434d ago

Jonathan Blow is saying this game will be 20 to 40 hours long

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