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Why Gamers Are Hating on the Xbox One

GotGame: When you watch Microsoft’s press conference, you get the feeling they’ve left gamers behind, or at least the gamers that want more than soldiers, cars, and sports. The Xbox One is clearly not a console made for gamers. And when there are only three real consoles out there… and one of them is not being marketed at gamers… (Xbox One)

Mr_Nuts  +   869d ago
My guess is because it's simple not for gamers. Well not targeted towards them anyway.
theBAWSE  +   869d ago
Yup hating coz you spend your hard earned £50 on a game to realise you don't even own it...... Just a license to play the game
Mr_Nuts  +   869d ago
I agree, it seems stuff like that is also the aftermath of problems with the new Xbox. At first you have the problems with the Xbox One it's self then when you work through those problems you realise another list of problems which are not just about the console but about the games you play and share with one another.

I have to admit with the way Microsoft have handled this, I keep picturing them digging a bigger hole for themselves. Now there biggest defence is "Wait for E3". I wouldn't be that bothered if they've never said that before but they have and E3 always disappoints. Can anyone really believe they have 15 exclusive games in development for the new Xbox but they couldn't show at 2 or 3 of them at the reveal, they have way too much to show at E3 when they have to sort the big mess they've gotten themselves into out during E3 aswell.
abzdine  +   869d ago
because they are gamers
Dlacy13g  +   869d ago
@Mr_Nuts... I agree, MS clearly botched the message or better put...they botched the response to the questions after the message.

I will point out they did actually show 2 new MS exclusives at the reveal ( 1 new and 1 sequel). Quantum Breaker to me is something I want to see more from as it feels fresh and I like Remedy a ton!
sengoku  +   869d ago
Come one lets be honest.

M$ wanted the one to be the next big thing.
they went bold spent a lot of effort in to what they presented at the show.
a gaming machine that has windows 8 kernel and smart tv functionality.
they are convinced that the specs are good enough to be competitive.

now they showed the world there vision and it has back fired simple.

if it would have been received as they hoped. they would have been bolstering there smart tv, 3 layer os even more so.
but it has failed miserably in the eyes of many gamers so they are now back tracking saying it was always about games, while it is definitely not as its very clear from the reveal.

dont be fooled do you really think they went on that stage and gave that show by mistake??

every second of that reveal was meticulously planed months in advanced every word was carefully scripted. the 100 times the word TV was uttered was on purpose.

now the back peddling and refocusing has begun.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   869d ago
I believe it is for gamers. but they made a huge mistake by not presenting it that way. We'll have to see at E3.

Wow MS stumbled out of the gate with XB1.

Edit: @Captain Qwark Precisely, my final judgment for XB1 will be at E3 where they stated the software is present.
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edonus   869d ago | Spam
Godmars290  +   869d ago
It hasn't shown its for gamers because no games have been shown for it - yet.

Though what has been shown in regards to games and gaming is as wanted as a kick to the balls. So of course gamers are pissed.
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darthv72  +   869d ago
its understandable hate but...
its also unwarranted at this time. Not all of the information has been released. The amount of support from gaming and non gaming companies, price, more explanation about restrictions and so forth.

Its premature hate that is flowing and from that initial information it is understandable. But we need to slow down, take a step back in order to absorb the information we have while also understanding there is much more we dont know.

I would like to ask a question to all the PC gamers out there. It has been some time since i really bought a PC game. the last one for me was half life 2 (yeah, i know) and as i recall, there was an activation process where it needed to validate my copy through steam.

So i ask, is there still a process where PC games use a license key or some type of validation process in order for them to work?

Console games never had that but we know that console games were approaching the same level as PC games. Maybe that was the intention with the hardware getting closer and closer to PC level. So it always seemed to be in the back of peoples minds that there may eventually come a day when console games would have the same requirements imposed on them like Pc games.

I am not a Pc gamer in the same vein as those who are way more dedicated so I dont know how its done on that side. I do know there are ways around these restrictions by using keygens and cracks but that is more on the side of circumventing the security of the game by those who wish to pirate or play it outside of the initial design. im not saying all who play this way are pirates but it certainly doesnt present the situation in a different light.

so back to the question of are PC games set up like this?
ape007  +   869d ago
why the hell do u assume XBOX ONE is not for gamers after one event? still we havn't seen games, features etc.....

i guess sony fanboys dream of it being for non gamers but guess what, E3 is comin soon
syphon32  +   869d ago
and Ps4 is going to deliver over x1
ape007  +   869d ago
what magic lens do u have, i want one
dragonyght  +   869d ago
not so much as hate but disappointment, well mostly. they were expecting a games console announcement instead it was and announcement about voice and motion remote control for their TV... -_- anyone would be piss
Captain Qwark 9  +   869d ago
no, those who dont listen are pissed. those of us who comprehend "this is about the hardware and features, E3 will be about the games".....were waiting patiently to see what comes next. then ill judge the system
MasterCornholio  +   869d ago
I heeded the warnings but I wasn't expecting so little. That's why I'm pissed I actually thought they would have at least one gameplay demo but they didn't.

Motorola RAZR i
wantonGamer  +   869d ago
Oh man that's such a lie you're telling yourself right now, why would you do that ?

You're gonna sit there and tell me you expected the conference to be like this and you would have been genuinely surprised if it was a little bit more focused on games and gamers ? Just because it was presenting the hardware and features ?

How was Sony's conference any less about the hardware and features than Microsofts ? Sure, they didn't show the actual box but I know more about what it is and what it's capable of than the XB1.
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tuglu_pati  +   869d ago
@ wantonGamer

I can tell you that i was expecting the conference to be like it was, specially since they said before the conference, it was about the hardware and features and I as a gamer I like the features MS is bringing to the table. But i was a bit disappointed with the specs. I though it was gonna be a bit more powerful.
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admiralvic  +   869d ago
"no, those who dont listen are pissed. those of us who comprehend "this is about the hardware and features, E3 will be about the games"."

While this may or may not be the case, it would just go to show how stupid M$ actually is. Don't believe me? Look at the results...

- The conference killed a lot of peoples hype and interest in the overall system, so now it will take even more to win people over.
- The new direction shows a lot of people are angry and magically Sony stock goes up. Even a complete idiot should know you made an error when your competitor goes up in value after your big announcement.
- M$ IS and WILL BE getting a lot of negative press, which leaves "true" fans like yourself grasping at straws. Like E3 might have some big games, but if it doesn't, what will you be saying? And if that doesn't pan out, what will be next?
- So many aspects of the actual console are a turn off, that they have nothing to put over the wound, which in turn is making them look bad. Right now I know I can't use my Xbox games, XBLA games, Current controllers, Must buy and have my Kinect connected to my system, but all of this is okay because things in theory might be better and I can play CoD Ghost with EARLY DLC.

You can say whatever you want, but this was a bad business move. Even if you "understand" what they were going for, it won't be enough to outweigh everything going against them right now.
S2Killinit  +   869d ago
god I feel like my tongue is gonna grow hair from repeating myself. Its not that they Wont have games. No body is saying that. Its that they are moving away from core gaming. Their report card has shown this for the past four years with the 360 now. Their focus is what you saw at the 'reveal', they have put more into this all in one functionality than into gaming capability. That is why it has 3 OS systems, requiring an enormous chunk of the RAM leaving the rest for gaming purposes. They will reveal a lot of games at E3, there is no doubt about that. In fact I'm willing to guarantee that they will have One awesome 'must have' game (kind of like Gear of War was to the 360) but once they saturate the hardcore gamer market, they will once again (just as with the 360) move away from core gamers and focus on the casual (think kinect games) and moms. At that point the hardcore gamer who bought into the xbox doesn't know that he/she is missing out they will be busy with what they have and the new applications and what not. So to reiterate, its not that we don't know that they told us in advance, the reveal was not about games, it just that "why was the reveal of a game console NOT about games?" Do you see what I mean?
Why o why  +   869d ago
Mate, you're dizzy. A game console manufacturer decides to dedicate the opening and most of its 1 hour conference on tv tv tv media control with a sprinkle of pre rendered game footage. It indicates to some of us that ms is targeting a different audience. Its almost like ms cant be bothered to hide the fact their shifting anymore because they know people will defend them. Look around you captain. Some of the most ardent 360 fans are pissed right now. Your reveal should reveal your stance.

Those rumours about ms being 6 months behind may actually be true. Why else would they have absolutely nothing to show gameplaywise.

Those who have questioned ms have been told to wait for the next this or that for a few years now. When all the negative speculation a circulating, we were told to wait until the reveal...now its e3. I can't see many others being too forgiving if ms don't bring the thunder come e3, and not the smoke and mirror type of thunder either. Games, games, more games.

Lets hope the ratio of the 15 exclusives is in favour of the segment most annoyed by ms's actions over the past few years and subsequent reveal.

@S2killinit...agreed. It's almost like some feel ms showing a ton of games at e3, like they should be doing anyway, will erase their practices from our memories. They're shifting but they will show games and thats what excites gamers
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denawayne  +   869d ago
@admiralvic - this is the best thing I've read so far. This is coming from an Xbox fan. All the things you listed are either true or a good observation. I'm sick and tired of all the negative comments about used games and always on stuff. For all we know, Sony will do those things, too. And nothing is set in stone. But for the things you listed, Sony defintely has the edge right now.
Captain Qwark 9  +   869d ago
its actually exactly what i expected excpet one thing, i thought maybe they would have a trailer wheel with glimpses at a few of the names of the games they will be showing. that said, i only expected a couple cg trailers of games and thats what i got. the rest was exactly what i thought just less detail than i would have liked. i would have liked to see how the new achievement systems works, i wanted to know if any features were being added to the live experience and what they were, and a few more little things. i expected them to touch more on the used games/always online policies but at the same time, they detailed that a little more in interviews after plus its prob still to early and not finalized.

the conference was what i expected nothing more. i enjoyed what i saw, i like the tv integration, the more i can do with just one box in just one community space the better, im a big fan of live and 360 and X1 looks to continue that. I was disappointed about the BC and arcade games not transferring but the reality is, i keep all my systems anyway so i can still play that stuff and realistically speaking, i barely used the BC on my 360 to my old xbox when that had it so chances are ill be moving on anyway and 3 months after it i prob wont even go back anyway. ultimately though as much as i enjoyed these features, software support will determine which i get first so i need to wait until E3 before passing judgement. comparing the two at the moment and removing games from the equation until E3, My money is on X1 because i liked all its extras more than the ps4 extras which in all fairness to them, i still dont know much about because they didnt show it much ( psn plus however i do love and hope ms does something to compete but i wont hold my breathe )

in fact after that last sentence, ill hold all comparisons until each shows most of their hands. im not going to get a medal or anything for siding with either one so once i know most of everything about each, ill make my decision then. i have months to decide, no reason to blow my wad prematurely on either
rainslacker  +   869d ago
Dude...this argument is stupid. So what if MS said E3 will be about games, and this presentation about hardware/features. I don't remember them saying that(even though I guess they did, must of missed it). I was going in expecting to see what they were going to BRING TO GAMING on a freakin' GAMING CONSOLE, you know...like Sony did. I didn't get that. I would have given them the benefit of the doubt, because Sony had 2 hours, and MS had one. It's reasonable.

If it was about the hardware, why was the hardware barely discussed?

If it was about the features, why did the features have nothing to do with gaming?

In the mean time afterwards all this anti-consumer stuff has surfaced, and your just telling us to wait and see what they have to offer in the gaming department? Here's something for you. We don't care because of the anti-consumer BS, and obvious change in focus of the Xbox brand. For many, myself included, no amount of games is going to change that.

If this was just about the focus of the conference, then I could agree with you, but that's just not the case, and it didn't even take 2 hours after the conference before it got to this point.

Clinging onto the intentions of the different conferences argument is weak because it is a moot point to many of us now, because we have bigger concerns than if MS just had a bad press conference.
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alb1899  +   869d ago
it will be like ten times more powerful than the 360 and with 300thousand servers will have the best on line play experience so is pretty nice change from my 360.....i dont buy used games because i have no time to buy more than 4 games in a year so there isn't fear in me, besides it helps developers have more money and motivation for new games.
Responding Mr nuts: who cares If I have money.......I'm just saying that I don't care about used games. And I choose the games I want so why will developers bent me over......if you want to play a game......buy it, is not simple?
If another console give you the choice of buy used games and is your thing then buy it, it is just about choice.
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Mr_Nuts  +   869d ago
I'm sorry but what I basically got from your comment is

***** I'm rich and I also enjoy being bent over and screwed by developers, but that's ok because they'll have more money for their "paychecks", I mean "new games" *****
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kneon  +   869d ago
I don't buy used games nor do I sell them so it wouldn't affect me much either. But in no way can I condone their actions. They have made their console so inconvenient to use that I can't see why any sane person would buy it. You can't even lend a game to someone without jumping through hoops.
tuglu_pati  +   869d ago
@ Mr_Nuts

go get a job and stop been a little baby.
rainslacker  +   869d ago
It's about choice...which ironically MS isn't really giving you in the way they're handling their own system. If choice is so important to you, why do you like your choices being restricted?
creized1  +   869d ago
Because we wanted a game console and we got a mediabox
nikrel  +   869d ago
We got a DRM box.

JeffGUNZ  +   869d ago
I disagree respectfully. I will hold judgement till
E3. If I don't see any good games, then I will let down. Look at cellphones and how they progressed over the years. We buy them to call and text but now you can do everything you need with one device. The key is whether or not they are going push out some solid games or not.
S2Killinit  +   869d ago
please refer to my comment about if you want to know why this is different.
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SexyGamerDude  +   869d ago
Because the XboxOne is hating on gamers. It wants to nickel and dime and put restrictions on us. You might as well have a MS exec mug you in the street, won't be any different.
GodGinrai  +   869d ago
We are disappointed because they deliberatley chose to do this. To us. The people that have supported and help grow their business this last decade. They OWE US a gaming machine, for fuck sake!

They betrayed us, as gamers.
Theyellowflash30  +   869d ago
It doesn't play used games! You have to pay full price to unlock the game on your console, it its used. This is anti consumer. I will not purchase a system that does that bullshit
objdadon  +   869d ago
Because Microsoft has turned into an even more evil Apple!
GreenRanger  +   869d ago
I will not play Xbox One on a train.
I will not in the rain.
Not with a fox.
Not in a box.
Not with a mouse.
Not in a house.
I will not play it here or there.
I will not play it anywhere.
I do not like the Xbox One...
claudionmc  +   869d ago
Stop smoking crack
Captain Qwark 9  +   869d ago
this is just funny even if i dont agree lol nice poem. i give you a bubble!
MJ23007  +   869d ago
its about M$ screwing its fanbase with used games fees.
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urwifeminder  +   869d ago
No hate from me just looking forward to it personally it will have to fight to get me off new rig though shes a beauty say hi baby yeah that's nice bring on Xbox1 fun.
HyperBear  +   869d ago
I was actually quite surprised about the reaction from the gaming media press that were in attendance. Jeff Gerstmann from GiantBomb, Adam Sessler from Rev3, even that Stephen guy from Kotaku....They seemed fairly impressed with what was shown simply because they knew what Microsoft's reveal was going to be about and knew that at E3, the Xbox One would be primarily focused on games, instead of all the TV/Kinect/Motion integration like they focused on at the reveal.

I think that we as gamers who frequently visit this site and various other gaming sites, and who play console/pc games on a constant basis were hating on Xbox One primarily because it did not appeal to us as "core" gamers and the reveal was a disappointment in that aspect.

I'm still holding off judgement until after their E3 Conference, and they better come out guns blazin'
isarai  +   869d ago
Not really, i'm just hating the fact that they are completely scamming everyone in plain sight, and now it seems quite a few people are trying to turn a blind eye to the fact. they are forcing kinect on you, it requires an internet connection, and it locks games to a single profile. think your kids or family member are going to enjoy the games you just bought? think again, unless you pay the fee for each profile on that xbox you're going to be the only one able to play it unless you allow everyone to use your profile.
HyperBear  +   869d ago
Yeah, that's true as well. Although most of the stuff that we are complaining about (Always Online-Constant Connection required, used game fee, etc.) those have to be officially confirmed yet.

But you did bring up the mandatory Kinect and games locked to one profile, which I forgot to mention, is also another way to alienate your "core" install base. But just in general, Xbox probably did a great job showcasing it to family's and people interested in a connected experience, but did a horrible job of representing Xbox as a platform for gamers and game developers (except for EA Sports :/).
denawayne  +   869d ago
Not true at all. This is the kind of BS that is rampant on this site. Maybe if you actually read articles instead of just comments, you would know that any and every profile has access to any game loaded on that system.
S2Killinit  +   869d ago
you will not OWN the games you pay for. You can take it to your friends house if you want, but he will not be able to play it unless if he pays for a game that you already bought, or he signs in as you. When you buy a game, it is not your property. You are paying for the permission to use it. Its like buying land, but you only get to use the land, you will not be able to sell it. (unless of course the buyer is willing to pay twice, once to you, and once to the actual owner of the land, in this case Microsoft)
sir_fortesque  +   869d ago
It has a bunch of features that I don't care for, but aren't optional, which will no doubt boost the price. I have no interest in talking to my xbox or waving my arms around like a stupid asshole. Bad Microsoft, Bad! Go home!
isarai  +   869d ago
Because it restricts the hell out of you while forcing other things on you. they say "no you can't share your game but you HAVE to have the internet for the system to work and you HAVE to use the kinect, you don't have a choice in the matter"
denawayne  +   869d ago
I will wait till E3 before I decide which system to buy. I'm not going to let a hardware revealing press conference decide for me. Yes, the conference was poor. If everybody on here is correct about how MS will handle DRM, then I will definitely consider other methods of gaming. But here's the thing, MS has not clearly defined what their plans are and neither has Sony. For all we know, MS, Sony, and all the developers are in cahoots over all this DRM stuff. Am I hoping for this? Hell frickin no. I'm just being realistic and understand that business is business and in the end these companies have a bottom line. I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be in a world shock come E3. There are a lot of people on here calling me crazy and delusional for having these thoughts which is fine. I'm just keeping an open mind cause anything can happen.
wantedboys  +   869d ago
i have a question if my account was hacked or my xbox one is broken and i forget my password i need a new account so all of my games will be gone too?!!!
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younglj01  +   869d ago
Why the Xbox One is hating on Gamers?

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