Xbox One: Rare "has never been happier as a studio", Microsoft praises "European creativity"

OXM UK: "It's all sunshine and smiles at Banjo Kazooie and Viva Pinata developer Rare Ltd, according to Microsoft Game Studios VP Phil Spencer, in what I sincerely hope is a reference to that historic franchise reboot the developer has planned for E3."

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NYC_Gamer1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Phil Harrison is the best person to whip MS game development into shape

dirigiblebill1798d ago

He's got a certain charm. Can't seem to make his mind up about Xbox One and pre-owned, though...

Yi-Long1798d ago

... they haven't made a decent game in years, yet they still have a job(!)

Captain Qwark 91798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )


you sire are mistaken. just because they havent made a game you like doesnt mean they havent made a good game. the new banjo was freaking awesome and crazy original. i spent hours building sweet things to tackle challenges better

kinect sports is also one of the few decent games that use kinect

kameo was a solid game

both viva pinata games were also original and quite fun if you gave them a chance

perfect dark wasnt that great imo but the rest are solid to great. you've prob never even tried them your just going with the masses who assume because they are different they are bad. for people who complain about lack of originality and new ips, you sure are a bunch of hypocrites

rare may not be pumping out the best games of its career and no doubt they peaked back on n64 but they are still a good dev

Alos881798d ago

Captain Quark 9, we don't just want another "good" dev.
We want Rare. Years ago, they earned that name with exceptional titles. Now, they're just another face in the crowd, pumping out soulless kinect crud and relying on past glories.

Captain Qwark 91798d ago


how are they relying on past glories??? kameo was a new ip, viva was a new ip, kinect sports is a new ip ( and just because we arent the biggest fans of kinect doesnt mean it doesnt need a decent game, in fact thats what all the people on here b*tch about most of the time is that it doesnt. now your complaining a good dev is making games for it ) and they completely flipped how banjo was played. in fact much of the bad press banjo got was because it didnt play like their previous titles lol

are their games as good as the past, no they arent. but at least they are more original, their older most popular games were rip off/clones of nintendo games with new characters and equaly quality gameplay. dk64/banjo=mario 64, dk country=reskinned super mario world.

granted they had goldeneye which was revolutionary at its time but much like halo 1 and bungie, revolutionizing a genre on a platform doesnt happen often. expecting that every time is unrealistic.

i like new rare, i like old rare. my only wish is that ms let them make more games original and sequels

Alos881798d ago

You know,I was going to write a long rant, but you are honestly being fairly reasonable, so I suggest we just agree to disagree on this one. I'm still reeling from the colossal disappointment that I felt the Xbox conference was, so I'm hardly impartial right now, so you're hardly going to get a decent debate out of me regardless.

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elhebbo161798d ago

I dont think people understood the joke...

NameRemoved00171798d ago

Most of the people who worked for Rare that made their best games now work for Crytek. Rare can't do anything nowadays besides make crappy kinect games.

FlyingFoxy1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Crysis is actually rather mediocre, and look how bad the games run even on high end hardware when they come out. It's flashy graphics with not much optimization.

Dj7FairyTail1797d ago

because they dont work for Nintendo. Some do since Donkey Kong Country Returns is a reboot for Donkey Kong rare games.

RTheRebel1798d ago

If I see one [email protected]##$g Kinect Game at E3, no purchase.
And out of those 15 New IP's they better be good.

NameRemoved00171798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

All the new exclusives will be kinect games and like Forza 5 lol.

Dlacy13g1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

@RTheRebel... Really? You already know there will be Kinect games at E3. You are a fool if you don't think that is happening. Seems like you are just here to state the in you are a Sony fan and probably buying a PS4. Thanks for stating the obvious about the 15 titles needing to be good. Here I thought all of us were hoping the 15 games would be mediocre and subpar.

Jek_Porkins1798d ago

Nice! Happy to see some positive things come out here. Rare made four or five of my Xbox 360 favorites this generation, Kameo, Viva Pinata 1 & 2, Perfect Dark Zero and Banjo Kazooie Nutes&Bolts!

Hopefully they do a full platform version of Banjo for the Xbox One, or a new Killer Instinct!

Jek_Porkins1798d ago

Yea, it was a launch date game on the Xbox 360, I spent massive amounts of time in the multiplayer. I was pretty evenly split between Perfect Dark Zero and COD2 when the 360 launched back in 2005.

McScroggz1798d ago

I know what Perfect Dark Zero is, I bought a launch 360 as well. But it's one of your favorite 360 games this generation? We have different tastes ^_^

Jek_Porkins1798d ago

Are you surprised that people have different gaming tastes? Viva Pinata is a top 5 title for me this generation. I like all kinds of games, doesn't matter if they are controller based, motion based, or anything else. I like to game, have fun and I leave the drama for the young'uns to worry about.

McScroggz1798d ago

Ummmm, I didn't say anything about Viva Pinata. Trust me, I like all kinds of games too, I just thought Perfect Dark Zero being one of your favorite 360 games this generation was...interesting. And probably hyperbolic.

Jek_Porkins1798d ago

Nope, it'd be in my top 15 for sure, I still have my Limited Edition copy of it, I managed to get 100% of the Achievements as well, which is rare for me, but happened naturally with me just playing the online modes and beating the single player.

Gravity_DoGG1798d ago

i loved the GOOD old banjo kazooie games. but Microsoft seriously cant get there shit together...

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