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GameStop expects PS4 and Xbox One to launch at lower prices than PS3 and 360

XMNR: GameStop looked ahead to the launches of the PS4 and Xbox One during an earnings call on Thursday and it may be good news for those early adopters. (PS4, Xbox One)

NYC_Gamer  +   614d ago
I'm expecting $399
nrvalleytime  +   614d ago
If you buy both, you get a cable box and a PS4 for under 800 dollars. Not bad.
Testfire  +   614d ago
But you still need to keep your old cable box so your new cable box can work, so dont get rid of it just yet.
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memots  +   614d ago
So that way you can say , Kinect ps4 and it will switch the input for you... No need for remote .. MIND BLOWN
darthv72  +   614d ago
at most but if they are both $399 would be even better.

This years E3, I think that will be the hot topic. MS goes first but will they announce their price first?

If they do, it gives sony the chance to counter with a cheaper price (like they did with sega and the saturn years ago).

If MS holds off, and sony announces theirs, then it gives MS a chance to counter. Should be interesting to see where they both end up..price wise.

Will sony include the camera with every ps4? Seeing as the controller supports it i would guess, yes. But if they make it optional then it gives them more room on the price.

We know Ms is including it in every unit and while that may make the price not as flexible, it does provide a guaranteed level of developer support because they know each unit sold will have one.

Like how every ps3 has the hdd and devs knew that and supported it unlike the 360 and the option of the hdd.
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Brazz  +   614d ago
@Memots > this make me thinks, can kinect imput my ps4? what happen if i have X1 and ps4 and i say "Kinect imput/go/play/wathever PS4"?? lol
abzdine  +   614d ago
399$ or even 350$ for PS4 and it's gonna sell like hot cakes, i'm telling you!
DoomeDx  +   614d ago
Same here. 399. Im willing to pay a little higher. But not more then 500. Im a student :(
True_Samurai  +   614d ago
I agree with you on that I'm a student at University of South Alabama. I would love to get X1 for the least between $400-$500 dollars
fermcr  +   614d ago
At this moment (if i purchase a next gen console) more interested in PS4, if it's lower then 350€. If higher, then I'll wait.

If i don't like the features (still to many unknowns) of the PS4 and X1... then PC only gamer for me.
Newmanator  +   614d ago
I'm thinking it will be hard for Microsoft to sell the xbox one console with the kinect sensor with the controller for a profit (assuming it is less than the $360 release price).

I bought the PS3 day 1 for $599.99, it's still working well many years later - worth the money. BUT I would like to see it at a lower launch price to get the largest consumer base possible.
DaThreats  +   614d ago
Lower than PS3 at $599 yes, lower than $299 of the 360 core edition, no!
Queasy  +   614d ago
I'm thinking GameStop is probably not considering the 360 Core Edition in their comments.
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mrmarx  +   614d ago
probably between 400-500 dollars. more in the range of 429-479
mrmarx  +   614d ago
things are different today than in 2005 and 2006 you now have to compete with tablets and cellphones today so they cant price the consoles be too much more than the price of a good 10 inch tablet.. tablets aren't for my gaming needs but they do well for a lot of people and also do more than what a cellphone or a console can do they also are cheaper to buy games for than consoles.
Hands Up For Games  +   614d ago
They expect the Xbox One to retail at less than £279.99 in the UK - Not a fucking hope in Hell!

They expect a PS4 to retail at less than £425 in the UK - Quite possibly.

It all depends on who wants to take a hit on the profit line, if either of them do and to be honest, I can see both retailing at close to £400 at launch. UK prices.
-GametimeUK-  +   614d ago
I was thinking this, so I started saving early. Putting away a cheeky £10 here and £20 there has left me with £200 up to now. It is basically money that I am not I'm not really missing. It will make it seem like less of a blow to my wallet.
extermin8or  +   614d ago
Probably looking at about £350 to really screw the Wii U over I think and ensure it's not got a chance of making any comebacks in the near future that might be a nuisance to them...
strigoi814  +   614d ago
Lower lunch maybe 499
PigPen  +   614d ago
Since when did the console makers take orders from GameStop?
nrvalleytime  +   614d ago
You're missing the point of the article completely. They're working on a business model for a seamless transition, as Gamestop controls the majority of used games and their input is valuable as the companies look forward.

Secondly, this information was divulged during a conference call with investors. This is a projection, and not related to Microsoft or Sony.
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yesmynameissumo  +   614d ago
Cool, I'm ready for the PS4. I already have a TV receiver.
SexyGamerDude  +   614d ago
GameStop is clueless. They also think MS doesn't want to hurt the sale of used games.
extermin8or  +   614d ago
So do GAME apparently- they clearly do, whatever Microsoft may have tired to back track-why else would they have this fee system....
SDF Repellent  +   614d ago
At this point, MS needs to bite the bullet and sell their system at lest $50 cheaper in order to have any hope of defeating Sony. The PS4 just have everything in its favor at this point from hardware superiority, "game comes first" mentality to having legion of their diehard fans excited to xbox fans like myself that are switching over to PS4, thanks to MS doing all the work for Sony with their miss-steps and blunders from 2 days ago. That is before Sony even reveal the console and its full lineups and plans.
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extermin8or  +   614d ago
$50 probably wont be enough and assuming both give price and dates at E3- Sony's conference is after Microsofts so Sony may have the upper hand here- if they wait till gamescom-Microsoft are usually 1st aswell....
Jaqen_Hghar  +   614d ago
Is MS going to Gamescom this year? Last year a man doesn't recall them being there. Also Sony attends TGS every year while MS was absent at least last year and probably not interested in Japan.
extermin8or  +   614d ago
yeah MS are apparently going, Sony go every year, they must be at TGS too I'd have expected them to be anyway...
Jek_Porkins  +   614d ago
Not sure about the PS4, but I'm confident the Xbox One will launch for $299.
yesmynameissumo  +   614d ago
There's no way Xbox One will be $300.

EDIT: @Queasy You're right. I keep forgetting MS with subsidize the console for a 2yr XBL commitment.
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Queasy  +   614d ago
Possible if it is subsidized with Xbox LIVE subscription.
SDF Repellent  +   614d ago

There is no freaking way the Xbox One is going to be at $299 or even $399, for that matter simply because it has Kinect built-in. I see it coming in @ $449 at the cheapest. The Wii U is $349 for heaven sake. I expect both the PS4 and Xbox Next to be around $449-$499 tbh.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   614d ago
And WiiU isn't making a profit like Wii did. A man agrees that they would have to be at least $400 based on that (not counting contract ones).
Jek_Porkins  +   614d ago
If you look at the new Kinect, it's just a camera, there are no motorized parts whatsoever, which is what brought the cost up on the original Kinect.

Microsoft wants this in everyone's home yes? The specs were right on with what the leaked documents suggested they would be. Those same documents that Microsoft admitted were theirs, stated a price point of $299. Microsoft co-developed the chip themselves, 8 gigs of DDR3 is like $40 retail for me, not for Microsoft. Most of the parts in the console are 2-4 years old already.

I think people are going to be surprised, and lets not forget that Microsoft will definitely be willing to take losses to get that thing in people's homes.
jetlian  +   614d ago
kinect doesn't cost even 50 bucks to make. The new one isn't that much of an upgrade! The system shouldn't be over 400, 300 is where it should be.

The tech should have cost 400 in 2010 when it was top of the line. Wii u cost so much because of the tablet
Brazz  +   614d ago
Nintendo is the weaker of the big 3 when it comes to producing hardware costs...
I can say that for sure, a hardware that cost Nintendo $350 will cost $300 for sony and, problably, the same can be said for MS.
X1 - ps4 will not be above 500, I dare say they will be at the 400 line in their basic packs.
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GodGinrai  +   614d ago
Im gonna buy one of em at christmas and the other a few months after. Which one comes first depends on how E3 goes.
Brazz  +   614d ago
On topic >
I can see:
MS: 1 pack.
$400-450 for the complete Xbox and 1 game.

Sony: 2 packs -
1º) basic ps4, no games, no camera. 400$.
2º) complete pack, camera and 1 game included,$500.
Vip3r  +   614d ago
Zavvi in the UK has the Xbox One at £399 for pre order. Way too much even if the XBOne wasn't a joke.
jay2  +   614d ago
Ps4 will be cheaper than ps3 Xbox one and 360 I'd say yeah about the same.
Darrius Cole  +   614d ago
If GamesStop helps Microsoft sell the Xbox1, Jr, then they are the dumbest company in the world. Microsoft is trying to force you out of business, genius. Why would you help them?

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