GameStop trade-in offer eases Wii to Wii U upgrade

Nintendo Insider writes:

If you’re after a Wii U, but have been waiting for the opportunity to trade-in your Wii to make it more affordable, then GameStop have you covered.

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PopRocks3591824d ago

Hope they offer a transfer between consoles like with the 3DS.

FullmetalAlchemist1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Wow $50 for my Wii? What a deal!

It seems GameStop knows nothing about equivalent exchange.

PopRocks3591823d ago

HA! I see what you did there. Bubble up for hilariousness.

Utalkin2me1823d ago

50 for the wii is a great deal...

ABizzel11823d ago

It was an Alchemist joke

_QQ_1823d ago

It actually is a good deal, i had trouble getting even a 40$ sale for mine so i ended up just givig it away...

Agent_00_Revan1823d ago

$50 is the special price? What the hell is it any other day?

3-4-51823d ago

THey only sell them for like $80

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RockmanII71823d ago

$50 is great, what do you expect for a system that is 7 years old and was already outdated when it released?

BeZdaBest1823d ago

not for me.. once i got my wiiu and transferred my stuff i hacked no dice..

Summons751823d ago

That sounds pretty decent if you want to just throw all your saves and virtual console games out the window.....

JuleyJules1823d ago

You can just do it the way my friends did - buy the Wii U first, transfer everything over to the Wii U and then bring the Wii in for your $50 towards a new game. Then you have everything like your saves, miis and vc games.