Why Microsoft didn’t show off any enticing games at the Xbox One event

"The Xbox One event was a little disappointing, especially after hearing that the next-generation console will not have backwards compatibility (i.e. it won’t support Xbox 360 games). As we saw at the event, the Xbox One is severely lacking in exclusive titles. There may be a reason for this, though."

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Loki861799d ago

They said ahead of time this was about the hardware and features.

negative1799d ago

most of the morons on this site (and life in general) can't seem to piece this together.

Not surprised really....

sway_z1799d ago


That's a bit rich...calling people morons with a name like yours?

.....Actually, I guess it makes sense when you think about it.

NatureOfLogic1799d ago

Is anyone else getting their n4g submissions blocked? I seem to be the only one.

MariaHelFutura1799d ago

No. Only morons would unveil a gaming console and show no games.

Skips1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )


Pretty much, they call out Sony for not showing the console when they failed to show the most important part that ACTUALLY SELLS THE CONSOLE.


KwietStorm1799d ago

Even though after the event they even said they probably should have shown more gaming?

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BiggCMan1799d ago

Well they should have "featured" games!

ceedubya91799d ago

Well, their reasoning was that by focusing on the media and entertainment features on Tuesday, they were able to keep that out of the E3 event. Since this was the portion that people normally hate during E3, the idea was that it would be better to have E3 primarily focus on games without all the bloat that gamers never cared for.

Unfortunately, gamers are still some of main people that tune in for a console reveal. It was a lose/lose for them, but at least they can potentially make a big splash at E3.

dedicatedtogamers1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Am I the only one thinking the obvious answer: they didn't show off games because they didn't really have games? Kotaku (lol, I know) ran a rumor a few weeks ago that Xbox One development was 6 months behind. Maybe they were right.

They actually said "it's about the hardware" at first. But it wasn't really about the hardware (or features), either.

It was about partnerships, TV, sports, and exclusive DLC. We still don't know very much about the specs, and they were incredibly vague about the details on the hardware itself.

Keep waiting until E3. Please be excited.

rainslacker1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

It's very possible given that the games they did show were documentaries, pre-rendered footage, or in EA's case unfinished games in the works(wire-frames....really).

Tessellation and wire-frames are cool and all if your into development stuff, or remotely interested in how games work, but if that's all you show of your work, then it's a problem.

Edit:It's worth pointing out that if that is the case, I'm not sure how much 3 weeks is going to change anything. If they weren't ready 2 days ago, 3 weeks is only going to be enough time to make some more pre-rendered footage or trailers. Event demos are usually finalized well ahead of time to hopefully prevent problems during the announcement.

MariaHelFutura1799d ago

No. The answer would be..because it wasn't a priority.

sway_z1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Games are a secondary feature for MS with Xbox One...what manufacturer has a complete and ready to demo console, but no games?

It's so abundantly clear MS focused more on the KINECT TV REMOTE STUFF than real time games.

We know more about switching channels and skyping on X1 than we do about the actual hardware specs?

E3 will be the nail in X1's coffin if they flop on the games.

More excuses ...Soon....very soon!

LightningMokey1799d ago

Us "Morons" are mad because Microsoft obviously gave up on the gamers. Their "Features" had nothing to do with the games, there was no inovation (Except the Stupid pulse triggers WTF? Oh and completely screwing over their GAMING FANS!) and everything to do with being an advanced VOICE ACTIVATED CABLE REMOTE!

Now go hump Micro's Soft some more.

hakesterman1799d ago

They would of been far ahead if they would of just showed the Hardware and showed some premium games and left the other stuff for later down the road. People by consoles for games first and everything else second. Too bad they can't get a mulligan for this!

wantonGamer1799d ago

If it was about hardware and features then how come we know more about the hardware and features of the PS4 than we know of the Xbox One ?

Please tell me I'm dying to know ?

Looks like they even failed doing what you claim they set out to do.

BlmThug1799d ago

It's not the games that dissapointed me, infact I think they'll do well in that department. It's the console itself that dissapointed me, with the Kinect crap and whatnot

Simon_Brezhnev1799d ago

The last 3 E3s they didnt really focus on games so if you fall for them its your own fault.

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Arai1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

They might have a problem with E3 now as well it seems.
As Apple will have a conference at 10AM June 10th (same time as Microsoft's conference).

Apple tends to get a lot of press attention, which most likely will affect the coverage for MS's conference.

Eldyraen1799d ago

As I and the majority of true game enthusiasts could care less about Apple as a viable gaming platform I doubt that. I don't mind phone/tablet games but they are a substitute when the other isn't available not a replacement.

The only thing Apple might get is more "consumer" journalists divided between the two and supposedly E3 is all about the games this time...

hakesterman1799d ago

There is nothing Apple makes that will compete with Xboxone, so it doesn't matter!

ziggurcat1799d ago

because they said they were saving all of that for E3 well before the reveal date.

people shouldn't be dumping on them too much for not showing games since they said they weren't.

Roccetarius1799d ago

Microsoft had no balance in their Xbox reveal. They left the press and consumers with more questions than ever.

They delayed the event, but they were still not ready to answer anything.

Eldyraen1799d ago

It was more of a PR failure than anything--most of the backlash came after the reveal during interviews.

I can't say I loved the reveal but some of it was interesting and IF E3 can prove that the "One" (still stupid name no matter what... I almost hate to drop Xbox when I say that) can do games as well as they showed the entertainment hub side of be console I will be happy.

I wish I hadn't had to wait though but hopefully MS won't have to cater so much to corporate partners this time. I know its a big business but still... As you said if they had balanced a bit better for games (other than inevitable EA/Activision titles) it would had been better received no matter how you look at it.

Software_Lover1799d ago

But they should've showed off one f'n game running in real time. Hell, I would've been happy with Madden at this point. Just one game.

IcicleTrepan1799d ago

From what I understand, much of the Forza footage was in-game footage and not a pre rendered trailer. I'm sure we'll see much more at E3, they have to or they're screwed.

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