Nintendo Announces E3 Nintendo Direct

Hello. We already announced we will have another #NintendoDirectNA at E3, but now we can share the date/time: 6/11 at 7 am PT.

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ape0071798d ago

im so excited, nintendo games = GOLD

abzdine1798d ago

yes! i still dont understand why they're not holding a press conference :/

jakmckratos1798d ago

@abzdine 2 reasons-it'd be cheaper to do a probably cost oodles of cash to hold the stage at E3 and for what I'm sure is a fraction of what they'd pay for that stage appearance they can have a conference that is more availible to everyone that isnt really about E3 which leads to reason 2 which is that MS and PS both have new consoles they're showing off...Nintendo did this already and it is a faltering system with less impressive features and graphics. These new consoles would eclipse them at the show

Nintendo is HOPEFULLY going to focus on their games. Everyone knows there is a new SMash Bros, Mariokart and 3D mario coming to the Wii U and there is much speculation about an HD Zelda as well..hopefully some Star Fox, Metroid and Kid Icarus will get up in dat too. Nintendo has awesome franchises but they're showing them in a new way in the coming weeks.

N4g_null1797d ago

This lets them per record the prestation and then keep working on the games so the games come out sooner.

nrvalleytime1798d ago

You know what - this is actually brilliant on Nintendo's part. They don't have to fight for a major conference window, and they'll continue to deliver their news in a manner already established for their consumers.

So long as the news is worthwhile, kudos to you Nintendo. Now please announce a new Metroid/EarthBound/Zelda/Star Fox. Just a thought.

Xof1798d ago

You're missing the point.

The problem with Nintendo abandoning E3 has nothing to do with Nintendo consumers. It has to do with people who are -not- Nintendo consumers.

nrvalleytime1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

No one's missing the point.

People already know about Nintendo, and the chances of gaining a new customer based on an E3 event - where Nintendo has always struggled - is very slim. In this manner, they control their message, deliver on their own time, and attract a global audience. It's still a major presentation, but under their own terms and without the potential theatrical, bombastic, and useless trappings a major reveal would otherwise necessitate.

To be clear - they haven't abandoned E3. They'll be there with a large presence. It's just now more about their own vision rather than a manufactured demonstration.

_QQ_1798d ago

I think the best buy demos is the best way to get non e3 watchers to learn about nintendo.

Relientk771798d ago

Let's see what they bring to E3. Ready to see that new Smash Bros.

Trago13371798d ago

Retro's new game, bayonetta 2 gameplay, smash bros reveal.........

I usually don't say this, but MY BODY IS READY.

Majin-vegeta1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

No it's not :P

Oh yes :D.

Trago13371798d ago

You've been waiting a long time to use that gif haven't you? Lol

BullyMangler1798d ago

ha haa me to. im also ready to say something i never say " fuG me " ha haa this gon be SUPEr

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The story is too old to be commented.