I May Have Misjudged Freedom Wars

Toshi N of Kotaku writes " My good friend Martin has a saying whenever we talk about upcoming movies: "Trailers lie." Rarely will what we see in a trailer accurately encapsulate what the actual finished movie or game will be like. A trailer is designed specifically to garner interest, and not necessarily to truthfully describe what it's selling. And yet, even knowing this, very often we find ourselves passing judgment on something based solely on the few minutes of less-than-one percent of a completed product. "

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jujubee881793d ago

At least, I really really hope not!

Gamesgbkiller1793d ago

I hope too.

There is English subtitle so maybe.

izumo_lee1793d ago

This is a game by Japan Studio & for the most part their games do get localized. From Ico, to Shadow, to Gravity Rush, heck even something like Tokyo Jungle got released.

So there is a very good chance this game will be localized for the english speaking market.

Now for the article. Judging a game by the trailer is an ignorant thing to assume. A trailer for a game sets the mood on which the game will be about. It is about generating excitement or intrigue based on how well the trailer is put together.

To jump to conclusions proves that the author of this piece either doesn't care for the game (since it is Japanese) or is in the wrong profession or clearly has no idea about the pedigree that Japan Studio has in game development. If they did they would guess that this game is going to be unique cause that is what Japan Studio is about.

For me this game looks baller. The trailer had me hyped even though i had no idea what it was going to be. Now that more info has surfaced the game sounds pretty cool concept wise.

jc485731793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

but Kotaku is BS. My only reaction to the trailer was just "WTH?" I simply had no idea what it was about despite the fact that I've played plenty of games considered by most as cliche. I could try guessing right? nah, I simply watched the trailer over and over again just because....I liked the way it was done and then there was that music in the background. You see, I don't like jumping into conclusions because IMO that's a little disrespectful and ignorant.

r211793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

i have no idea what the article is exactly about (not giving a click) BUT i guess the author had posted an article saying the game looked boring or such but now with the new pieces of info, he's more interested now and he's apologizing for it.

Now he looks even dumber. Pre judging a game without all the facts is a dumb move. Wait a Kotaku move.

GameCents1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Every Vita exclusive gets so much attention and hype because they aren't that many. This hype is then met with sobering disappointment when it releases.
Looking at this game, I fear it will suffer the same fate.

Snookies121793d ago

Just saying, Gravity Rush and Persona 4 Golden were Vita exclusives that certainly lived up to the hype. Sure P4 was a port, but it had a lot of exclusive new content and was in HD.

izumo_lee1793d ago

To be honest i believe Vita games way too often get unfairly judged cause of the quality it has compared to consoles rather than compared to other handhelds.

Games like Golden Abyss, Assassins Creed, Wipeout, Need for Speed in every single review are critically compared to their console counterpart. Too often the games get unfairly judged cause it doesn't meet expectations of their console equals.

Games like these we have rarely seen of this caliber on a handheld & when we do get them journalist treat them as it has been done before. To me that is just plain ignorant & gamers/journalist too often do not see how good we have it on the Vita & take it for granted.

Kingthrash3601793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

this guy^^^ totally right. ive said this repeatedly, I mean look at mlb the show 13....the constantly compared it to the ps3 version instead of the vita's mlb the show 12. just so many examples and its a sin.
while the 3ds gets a pass on not bashing the 3ds but how many sports games does it have? how many fps? no body complains tho, why? because the 3ds sells more. gamers complain and say the vita doesn't have many games but hows that true? for a year old system its put out more games than the 3ds in its first year ....last holiday season we seen NFS,AC,P4,COD,Little kings story, LBP, SfxT, sine mora,jet set radio,psasbr, RO,legolotr,VLR,silent hill,spyhunter,reto city rampage,sunflowers, l came out September-november...three month's not including ps1 or psp games......that said what came out for 3ds that holiday season? aftee you add that up ask yourself why does the 3ds get a pass...look at this years vita holiday line up and look at the 3ds's. and then add ps4 games to vitas list....THEN add ps+.....then consider the fact that E3 has even more unannounced wow smh

go vita!

tubers1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

The problem too lies with Sony's marketing and pricing.

"Console Quality"

Why would the average prospective buyer not take this in more literally?

"Console Pricing"

-Heck even more expensive with the proprietary cards.

Sony definitely has to do more and rethink strategies for the system.

The system is THE Uncanny Valley of Console/Games.. above typical mobile games today but too near the home consoles for "comfort".

Hicken1793d ago

Really, dude?

Can somebody please explain to me how this guy gets away with this crap in EVERY Sony article?

sherimae24131793d ago

cmon guys, its simple, he's just dissapointed that freedom wars is vita exclusive! many even say this is a ps4 launch title.... ^_^

let them whine, let them complain, i want to see them their usual "port begging complaints" they will continue to this to every vita game exclusives...

sorry guys but for me the worst "vita haters" are not ms or ninty fanboys...
but sony fanboys themselves! sony fans who ONLY play on consoles!
their are the ones who "port beg" to every exclusive vita games!
its the sad truth T_T