What does the Xbox One mean for Wii U?

You would have thought that with such a powerful console (seemingly at least), it would be easy to impress people. Yet Microsoft still managed to screw up their reveal, instead leaving punters entirely confused about what the future holds. This is a Nintendo website of course and the first question on Nintendo fans' minds is: 'what does this mean for me?'

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Gr811825d ago

Wii U might not be as bad as first thought.

MasterCornholio1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Especially since theres something much much worse coming out.

Seriously the amount of anti-consumerism behind the XBONER is astounding especially with the way that they are handling used games and the whole scandal with having to connect once every 24 hours.

GiggMan1825d ago

Got to admit that I chuckled. It's funny how things change around here from time to time. Last week it's WiiU is doomed. This week it's Xbox is doomed. I'm sure next week something else will be on the chopping block. The fact of the matter is everyone will be okay.

It's still hilarious to read all the creativity in these comments though. :-)

SandWitch1825d ago

Xbone showed that Wii U isn't as bad as many people though

MilkMan1825d ago

Nothing. WiiU is pretty safe.

1upgamer991825d ago

The Xbox One, means nothing, nothing at all to Wii U. Wii U is for people who want to play games, and does allot of the same stuff they showed smartphones/tablets doing on, oh wait for it, the GAMEPAD...yeah its a GAMEPAD.

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The story is too old to be commented.