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Submitted by ACFRADIO 994d ago | opinion piece

Playstation 4 VS XBOX One 1 – What You Will Hate About The New Consoles

"It is the sound of thunder before the storm for gamers. It is the sight of the titans leagues away before they come and reign with their wrath. The torches are being lit as we speak and before December 2013 hits. The gaming world is up for a big change. Playstation 4 and XBOX 1(one) are soon to collide. Some have already chosen sides and save their money to be the first in line to grasp their gaming weapons. Others have yet to choose (Like my self) with all the devastation that sony and microsoft have created trying to make the next innovation of consoles gaming." (Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

yesmynameissumo  +   995d ago | Well said
I hate almost everything I saw at the Microsoft reveal. Nothing got me hyped, rather, concerned. Sony's reveal showed me power, games, games and games. PS4's sharing/streaming capabilities will be awesome.
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The_Infected  +   994d ago

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teemo  +   992d ago
i only hate sony asia psn store lol~ JAP. GAME EVERYWHERE!!
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   995d ago
I was really digging the social features of PS4.When rumors of a share button started spreading i thought it was just going to be incredibly stupid but they proved me wrong.

Uploaded that live gameplay of KZ:Shadow fall to facebook with a push of a button.Took 3 seconds.That is pretty cool.

The Live streaming is pretty amazing too.Me and my buddies wil get a kick out of that, trash talking in lobby chat while i watch him get destroyed in BF4 (he sucks)

Can't wait until they go more in depth at E3.

Microsoft just sucked overall, in every aspect.Everything they showed minus the voice chat, i could do right now by plugging my laptop into my tv.
Rusty515  +   994d ago
I'm not a big fan on how you can connect your Facebook account to your ps4 though. I can't act like a badass on PSN anymore now that everyone can see my fatass.
Ozmoses  +   994d ago
You can connect PS3 to facebook.. But, probably not in the same way..

I want to share but I hope FB isn't the only site it shares on..
I will hate some things about both of them..

But I am getting ps4..
KillrateOmega  +   994d ago
There is a lot to hate about the Xbox One already and it as only shown to the world 4 days ago.

As much I hate to admit, I'm sure I'll find something about the PS4 that will annoy me, but I can't see there being much. It just looks so damn good right now :)
Majin-vegeta  +   994d ago
Thr amount of games Sony will give you:D??
silkrevolver  +   994d ago
Straight up:

This casual, living room entertainment crowd?
They aren't going to buy one of these near launch when it's going to be $400+

Early adoption is for fans and for the core, and they are migrating to Sony (if they weren't already there) in DROVES.
NameRemoved0017  +   994d ago
Nintendo already owns the family casual gamers and odds are that casual family already owns a Roku or an Apple TV making an xbox one useless.. Everyone thats serious about games will have to move the PS4/PC.
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DivineAssault  +   994d ago
Its not too early to make a decision.. Xbone screwed up to me & i know E3 wont change very much about.. Cant wait to find out more info on PS4
Ilovetheps4  +   994d ago
I won't be getting the Xbox One, so I won't say what I hate about that console. But the one thing that I dislike about the PS4 is no backward compatibility. Before you start bashing me about how the hardware is different, I understand that. I'm just saying, in an ideal world, I would have liked backwards compatibility. There are still plenty of PS3 games coming out after the PS4 launch, so it would have been nice to have been backward compatible.

The other thing I dislike is the focus on social gaming. I'm not a social person. I don't even use Facebook. I like to play single player games. The social gaming aspect isn't for me, but I can see why most people would like it.
Rageanitus  +   994d ago
The new wave of fanboys, and illogical thoughts
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Boody-Bandit  +   994d ago
What I hate about Sony and love about Microsoft.

I hate that Sony will have so many games my wallet will be empty most of the time.

I love that Microsoft implemented so many ludicrous restrictions that for the 1st time in a console generation I will be a one system owner.

So thank you MS. Because of your greed I will be able to afford all of those PS4 games.
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MASTER_RAIDEN  +   994d ago
what i hated about mcrosofts reveal was just about everything aside from the controller, which i thought looked a little worse than the 360 controller, but still looks pretty sweet, nonetheless. the consoles looks i liked quite a bit too, aside from its size. yeah, its really big, but i think it has a great look for entertainment centers. few things i especially disliked was the lack of detail on power and how this supposed usage of cloud will just magically make games better than the console can. i feel like if this was actually possible, MS would have spent a lot more time on it. MS's vagueness in general was extremely off-putting. aside from the fact that i liked the way the console looked, the rest of the show was an extreme disappointment.

the one thing i do not like about the ps4 so far is the controller. i think the looks could definitely use a bit of work. and the fact that they didnt really take any chances to beef it up is a bit discouraging. the dualshock3 is a near perfect controller, but it definitely needs to be a little beefy-er. im about 5'8, with a max 10.5 sized shoe. my hands are on the medium to smaller sized male hands. sometimes though, even my hands cramp up a bit when using the DS3 after an extended period of time. i would have liked to see sony have a little more of a clean, contemporary design with their controller as well. but, at the end of the day, the controller is still a dualshock. so long as i get that superb dpad, WIDE buttons ive come to know and love, i trust sony with the execution of the next dualshock completely. aside from my small gripes with the controller, i have to say that everything else during the ps4 reveal was stellar. I know im in the minority when i say this, but i actually loved the fact that sony didnt show the console at the reveal. not showing the console definitely keeps the hype alive until E3. what i would have much rather seeen from sony is exactly what they delivered--GAMES. I think microsoft made a huge mistake in unvailing their convention in an exact opposite manner to sony. with the PS4, everyone saw some amazing games, and because of that theyre hyped and EXCITED to see what the console looks like. with the xbone however, people saw the console itself and are WORRIED by the fact that game footage hasnt actually surfaced yet. huge difference.

the worst thing about microsofts press conference was don mattrick's ugly gopher face. his stupid facial expression changes mid sentence, middle-management level hype and annoying annunciation just makes me want to flip over my damn computer. man..that guy seriously just pisses me off.
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RiPPn  +   994d ago
My thoughts:

Microsoft: Hated their arrogance. Didn't like anything they showed, will not use it, was a waste of time. Liked the controller. On the fence about the console design.

Sony: About the only thing I disliked was the puppet show. Really liked that they are refocused on gaming and indies. Liked the controller. Didn't care that they didn't show the console. Liked the games they showed, I'm a sucker for their cartoony games like Ratchet, Sly and Jak, so Knack looked great to me.

Really excited for E3, can't wait to see how Microsoft spins all the negative, and what games they are going to use to sucker this console in to peoples homes. Can't wait to get tons more info on the PS4 and what they have coming for the Vita. And Looking forward to what surprises Nintendo has that will convince me to buy a Wii U, and looking forward to future games for the 3DS.
urwifeminder  +   994d ago
I am loving pc so much but xbox will still be my go to console I don't know anything about ps4 so cant comment but fans seem happy so that's good.
MRMagoo123  +   993d ago
level 360  +   994d ago
One thing I do hate with both systems and it's not entirely their fault but more driven by us ( the consumers ) and mostly by progress is that everythings' become rather complex with all the gaming/non-gaming features, set-ups, sign-ins and such.

During PS1, Sega days it was simply loading a game disc or cartridge and straightforward to playing games.
Albie360  +   994d ago
I do not hate anything about the PS4. Cannot say the same a out Xbox one.
mochachino  +   993d ago

Pay to play multiplayer
Worse graphics/running games
Corporate controlled Camera that's always on in my house (there goes fapping in the living room)
Said camera required for system to even work
No headset in every box
non-gaming focus
best non-gaming features likely benefit USA only
Unable to lend games to family/friends without them paying
Required internet connection to use system
Subscription service offers no free games, discounts or anything more than providing access to already free/paid for services.
Lack of track pad

OS is likely far less visually appealing judging by the current Playstation Store's drab and gloomy design
Lack of rumbling triggers
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mclovin98  +   993d ago
I will be getting the Xbox one for exclusives and experience I already have a boss 12000$ computer for gaming so I don't really want a ps4 for graphics when my PC crushes it. just want to tell everybody both consoles are low end gaming systems so I suggest Xbox one for experience and if you want power you can build a 600$ PC that will run circles around both combined.
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MRMagoo123  +   993d ago
lmfao you are a douche huh if that is what you really think.

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