Xbox Reveal Recapped in Rhyme

By now you've heard all the details of Microsoft's Xbox One reveal . . . but have you heard them in the style of a rhyming children's book? Thanks to the abundance of time the folks at NJoystic have on their hands, now you can!

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isyourhouseonfire1702d ago

That was pretty cool. XBOX ONE inspires all.

psyxon1702d ago

That was more entertaining than the actual conference.

FamilyGuy1701d ago

agreed, a nice recap as well so you wouldn't even need to watch it after reading this.

ginsunuva1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

It's a good thing "TV" kinda rhymes with "Call of Duty", otherwise it would be impossible to write a rhyme for that conference.

fardan851702d ago

Pretty great.
If someone asks me about the bright side of XB1 reveal I will answer with "We got some good laughters with some rhyme"