How Ghost Games hopes to put itself on the map with Need for Speed Rivals

Polygon writes:

'Need for Speed Rivals is the next installment in EA's prolific racing series — a series that every gamer is certainly familiar with. Less familiar is the team that is actually making Rivals: Ghost Games, an EA-owned developer based out of Gothenburg, Sweden.'

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redbc11181851d ago

I hope this will be a decent arcade racer.
Looks promising. Graphics look great!

Retroman1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

yes, it do look promising, graphic hot like criterions Hotpursuit but!!! will it be another clone of Burnout like mostwanted and hotpursuit was. also if you seen the short video. the cars are DRIFTING so im seriously hoping this not a rival of drifting masters through out the game that would be boring as hell fast and another disappointment. no more open world arcade bring back close circuit and hotpursuit 2 style racing

metalgod881851d ago

I think I've had enough Need For Speeds for one lifetime. Maybe it's time to move on EA....

Tatsuya 1851d ago

Need PS4 game footage or GTFO

MilkMan1851d ago

Not interested in open world arcade racers.
Just make another Split Second and Blur and stop fooling around, will ya!

Triforce0791851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

Nfs is boring i prefer sims like Project CARS ect,that racer will end all,plus Criterion are not on board so who cares.