New Dying Light screenshots

Techland's recently announced title, Dying Light, is seeing more than its share of publicity as it comes to light. With this announcement come a plethora of screenshots showing teasing glimpses of the game to come. DigiBytes brings you a gallery of the latest promising screenshots for Techland's latest zombie survival-horror

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DanielForth1339d ago

seriously another game like this?

CanadianTurtle1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

comment removed*

BattleTorn1339d ago

I can't get enough zombie games!!!

Jovanian 1339d ago


I agree, I really like zombie games too. I think its kind of ridiculous to say you hate a type of game because of its saturation in the gaming market. Seriously, if you can make a good zombie game, then by all means I don't care if there were 100 zombie games released that year, if its good then I will enjoy it.

LOL_WUT1339d ago

Next-Gen Zombies woohoo! Can't wait ;)

Cyfyxtfg1339d ago

wow looks amazing. still waiting for that GREAT open world co-op zombie game

xBigxBossx1339d ago

Looks awesome. Looks like they took some notes from the modders of Dead Island. Hopefully they use something similar to the Romero mods

Zefros1339d ago

But what is this? a dead island type of game or a first person zombie game without rpg elements?

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