Square-Enix President and CEO Mike Fisher Resigns

Square-Enix president and CEO Mike Fischer has left the Japanese company. After nearly three years with the developer/publisher, Fischer departed for a vice president position at Amazon Japan's Digital Music and Video division.

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KingWilly1051829d ago

That's quite the weird jump in industry field.

MoveTheGlow1829d ago

It is! I wonder if he was basically pushed/forced to resign to centralize Squenix's control, like they already did with marketing divisions. Then he pushes how good a liaison he is between companies with presences in Japan and the US, and gets the Amazon job.

NarooN1829d ago

Maybe he got tired of Squeenix being a terrible company as of late? *shrugs*

Nothing really wrong with Amazon.

SexyGamerDude1829d ago

Only three years? Why so short of a time?

xamtheking1829d ago

I sure hope this doesn't affect production of KH3

Ilovetheps41829d ago

It's not being made right now. They've stated a couple times that they won't start production of that game until Versus is finished.

1829d ago
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