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"Samus' most influential game rolls onto Wii U.

What can I say about this game without degenerating into fanatical drivel praising Super Metroid as one of the best games ever made? How does the game fare by today's often jaded and cynical stance on the industry? Has Samus' Power Suit rusted over time? Read on!", shares NintendoWorldReport.

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Gr811760d ago

Is like wine, only better with age. Since Nintendo is doing ALTTP again, they should create a true spiritual sequel to Super Metroid! Have Retro do it : )

xamtheking1760d ago

They forgot to mention that it's 30 cents

Venox20081760d ago

after some time, price will increase.. anyway: perfect game

xamtheking1760d ago

I know it's awesome that it is 30 cents

MilkMan1760d ago

Yeah, I've been OPPO BDP-95laying it off and on at home. This an Super Ghost and Gouls

CompadrePanchito1760d ago

Recently bought it for 30 cents....Nostalgia at its finest.