Square Enix broadcasting live at E3 through "Square Enix Presents" program

Throughout this year's E3, Square Enix will provide fans with "dedicated video programming".

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Pyrrhus1859d ago

Please dont just give us Lightning Return crap. Get that release date out of the way then give us Versus.

SexyGamerDude1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

Odds are, you are going to see Lightning Returns. Believe it or not, the 13 series has it supporters that want more. SE will milk the cow for as long as they can. You probably might see something about Versus but you won't be able to put your hands on the actual game for a while. SE is too busy with FF and KH HD remakes and all of that.

iamlegend99991858d ago

Well i like that crap. If you don't like it ok. But there's reason there making it. Japan like's lightning and the west hates her. They don't give a damn about your opinions anymore cuz all you guys do is whine.

Conan-O-Brady1858d ago

They're still relevant in the gaming world?

AsheXII1858d ago

The publisher with some of the most desired franchises in the world. So yeah kinda.

nthstew1858d ago

Pls a new deus ex and kingdom Hearts

Nodoze1858d ago

Why are they broadcasting at all?? What possible announcement can they have?

My prediction is that Versus 13 is now multi platform. We all know how Square has a hard on for Microsoft.

Minato-Namikaze1858d ago

Wada is gone and nomura is a PS fan. Only reason VS wont go MP.

SexyGamerDude1858d ago

Well, Versus might be on the WiiU but that's about it. Square has always had a good relationship with Nintendo. Don't expect to see a PC or XbOne version though.

Frodosmugins1858d ago

Its a shame what little knowledge ppl have about square enix now days!
If you follow what FF14 ARR has been going through you can see that the company is going through a revamp...

I guarantee you will see FF15 at E3 and plenty of FF14 ARR stuff to try out on the PS3 and PC..

_QQ_1858d ago

No tech demos, no lightning, don't even walk up on stage, Show a kingdom hearts 3 trailer, a versus release date,FF7 remake trailer,end the show.Then bam Square Enix wins e3.

SexyGamerDude1858d ago

SE pretty much confirmed there won't be a 7 remake. They said it would take too much time and resources. Plus, most of the FF7 team is gone. It's almost guaranteed you will see LR though.

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The story is too old to be commented.