The Last Of Us video preview – hands on with 3 hours of gameplay OPM

OPM: Both myself and Dave have been lucky enough to play around three hours of The Last Of Us recently. Here’s a video with some new gameplay and us talking about what we thought about it – the combat, crafting, scares and more. It really is shaping up to be something amazing.

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ltachiUchiha1763d ago

Gosh I cant wait to freakin play this game and im not watching anymore videos until the game comes out. Its going to be epic.

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GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1763d ago

:( i wish i could keep myself from the videos...

ooquis1763d ago

I hear you man....haven't watch it coz ain't gonna spoil the game for myself....i know it's awesome so now i just wait and avoid all these videos.

ArchangelMike1763d ago

ahh... Sony... Naughty Dog... The Last of Us... After the disaster that was the xbone, I remember why I am getting a PS4.


MasterCornholio1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Dont forget


Ilovetheps41763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

64>4. N64 ftw.

But yeah, I can't wait for The Last of Us. I have the survival edition preordered and paid off. I'll be going to the midnight release for the game. It's only about three weeks away.

saggysack791763d ago

the last of us 2 on ps4 ohh golly gosh

Agrim1763d ago

You will probably be able to play TLOU1 on PS4 through Gaikai I guess.

zrsh1763d ago

I can't believe how many ppl have played that demo until now, since it's still a GOW exclusive pre-release! It's frustrating that a lot of ppl are enjoying / spoiling the game already! :(