Still Got Game Ep. 1: Incredibly Fresh

DSmooth and Doodirock launch a brand new podcast and vidcast. The dynamic duo hits the ground running, handling a bunch of listener questions and comments. They also cover the new releases, as well as the hot gaming news stories of the week. These guys are so huge, they needed 2 mediums to hold them. You can always call the boys at (773) 527-2961 and weigh in yourself, or tune in live Monday nights at 7:00 EDT at

Still Got Game is 2old2play's official pod/vidcast.

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Isis061794d ago

That was INCREDIBLY Fresh!
And just so nobody missunderstands me... /s

dereknolan1794d ago

I may have some inside information, but I think the episode name comes from the fact that the show has a fresh new name...