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The day that gaming died

We've been hearing this 'multimedia hub of the house' make-believe trend for a while now. It actually started in the previous generation when Sony decided that it was time to expand with their PS3 install base by making it the piece of plastic to own under your telly. Now it seems Microsoft is next to follow in its footsteps. We have a problem with that. (Industry)

yugovega  +   803d ago
I don't mind my system playing dvd, cd, bluray, or Netflix. I personally don't think that is most peoples issue with the "one". the major issues stem from requiring net, used game rumors, and their lack of showing any games actually being played. e3 should fix at least 1 of those. but the net issue is probably their biggest even over the used game rumors.
maxgamehard  +   801d ago
Their reveal completely backfired on them


Don't worry Sony and Nintendo have got the gamers covered.
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Cam977  +   802d ago
If XBOX ONE succeeds then gaming WILL die.
Not only will it show manufacturers and developers that they can get away with such audacious felonies(spying), but it'll also show that most people haven't bought the system for gaming. Why? Look at the trailer. It had about 5 seconds dedicated to "real gaming" followed by some trashy TV and Skype promotions - this is a gaming console Microsoft, not a media centre. What you showed in the trailer was about 1/6th gaming.

If gaming is to continue as we know it today then either the WII U or PS4 HAVE to "win" the next generation. If anything else then the focus on gaming will diminish. Why? The WII U and PS4 are primarily focused on gaming.

In addition, the XBONE has weak specs compared to the PS4, not only will this show that specs don't matter (which may lead to poorer-quality consoles in general), but it may lead to a decrease in the overall quality of gaming consoles. This is because Microsoft will see that specs don't matter so they'll cram their low-end PC equivalent console with 'innovative', 'new' social, TV and unnecessary features. This therefore will lead to the games industry diminishing as people begin to buy the console for the Blu-ray player and internet connectivity due to heavy restrictions such as used games being restricted.

If a casual gamer bought the XBONE for films etc and tried to buy a used game then was presented with the fee I seriously doubt they'd even bother trying to game in future; thus, this leads to even less sales which may lead to even more companies being liquidated.
The XBONE is very, very bad for the games industry.

PS4/WIIU MUST win this generation if we wish for gaming to continue to be as big and expensive (With regard to the budgets of games) as it is today.
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maxgamehard  +   801d ago
You speak the truth man. Well Said, bubs for you.
nohopeinc  +   802d ago
It is annoying, I doubt anybody that tuned into the reveal was interested in the multimedia features. Likely it was the gaming community wanting to see what it can do, what the games looked like so far. Instead it was literally geared towards moms, grandmas, and people who don't care about playing games so much. Voice control being a selling point? If I am going to play a game the controller is in my hands, why use voice commands? Are our thumbs to lazy now to just do it? What a waste of development time and money. They should have asked themselves who is going to buy our consoles day one, the answer is people who want to play games.

Free chicken... How is setting up a XBOX with a Kinect going to be easier than buying a laptop for $250 and using Skype? They really didn't make the process any easier so what makes that group want it more? Nothing IMO.

The entire XBOX has all these weak features. Who really cares about multitasking while watching TV. That is just silly, if i am watching TV I want to see and know whats going on. I have a tablet to look stuff up while watching the tube. I don't think anyone is going to be using these features after using them to show people than everyone will be like yeah that's "cool" now STFU nobody cares that you can talk to your TV.
nohopeinc  +   802d ago
Also real quick if you want one box under your TV get a HTPC, build it from scratch, it will work just fine. Cheaper than any console, more powerful, no confusing DRM, same content plus more, and it isn't being sold by someone who doesn't understand the core demographic it appeals to.
zerocrossing  +   802d ago
Well if the Xbox One has done anything positive it's made the Wii U look better by comparison.

I can't buy an Xbox One, no actually I just refuse to, it goes against everything I as a gamer hold dear, the fact that it seems MS are still going to charge for Live as well as force an always online functionality and mandatory fee for used games, this is all bad enough without the realisation that their core focus isn't about gaming anymore, but some delusional multimedia entertainment box.
nohopeinc  +   802d ago
Wii U can never look good it exists as a mere gimmick. Nothign about that console other than Mario is valuable in any way. It will die because Nintendo made its mistakes before MS and Sony. Being different is not a good thing. Make a gaming console that is about games. PC's can do all that other crap. They are dirt cheap and easy to use. Consoles will not own the living room. How smart is this, pay for cable TV, pay for internet, pay for XBOX, pay for LIVE so you can watch your TV you already payed for... This entire feature is lost upon me anyways I don't have TV but it seems more complicated than just using the guide and Cable Box the way it is originally set up oh and it doesn't have a freaking camera and mic attached to it because cable companies keep it simple stupid because that is what works.

XBOX, jack of a million trades master of fucking nothing!
zerocrossing  +   802d ago
I'm in agreement with you on everything other than the Wii U being a gimmick, Nintendo may not appeal to the core gamer crowd and have a long way to go to gain many gamers respect after turning their back on us with the original Wii in favour of the casual market, but they do have some great 1st party and 3rd party titles coming out and at least Nintendo aren't discouraging indie game development, locking out used games or trying to be more than a games console.

Anyway, with everything MS are trying to push with the Xbox One it deserves to fail IMO, but what frightens me is many gamers not giving a damn and buying it for the games they "absolutely must have"... that will only send the wrong message and validate MS's delusions.
NateCole  +   802d ago
Err no. Sony have always added other functionality to their console every successive generation. I remember playing VCD on PS1 and DVD's with the PS2. They were just added bonus from using tools that were needed for gaming.

The key difference though is that Sony have always prioritized the gaming aspect. It's why their console have always been made specifically to enhance gaming. It is why they have amassed the biggest gaming library and development studios since PS1.

Even with the PS3 it was made for gaming. The other functionality was just extras that we got to enjoy because they were needed for the gaming aspect. Wifi, Bluray, standard HD, streaming etc. These were by product of tools Sony included to enhance gaming.

MS approach though with x1 is different. They have made a console that tries to do all instead of a console that is designed specifically for gaming with extras from those gaming functions. Big difference.Sony never revealed a PS console to the world by introducing non gaming functions like MS have with the x1.

If we look at the RAM specification for example. MS is assigning 3GB RAM to the OS. This is because they have designed a bloated OS that has multiple functionality rather than one that is streamlined for gaming like Sony have.

The result is a compromised console because it was designed to do everything but not be at best at one thing like Sony have done with the PS4 with their gaming focus. Now we are seeing the results with PS4 getting praised by devs and gamers alike because the PS4 is tailored for them.

Make no mistake though Sony will also continue to provide extra non gaming functions for PS4 owners like they have with previous PS consoles. However they will not compromise the gaming aspect because of it.

Sony have always been about gaming with their PS brand. They have been passionate about it and have supported ambitious and risky gaming experiences as they have always like to push the gaming boundary. Heavy Rain, ICO, SCOTC,LBP for example. It is why so many devs have high praises for them.

I am not worried about Sony. I am worried about MS and publishers that will force them to implement anti-consumer gaming policies.

We have seen the rise and rise of 3rd party publishers last gen. This was due in part to MS throwing money at them instead of devloping their own gaming expereinces and giving them too much power which will now come back and bite them in the ass.

Make no mistake. Acti,EA if they want console holders to push for measures to limit the used gaming market they will.
j-blaze  +   802d ago
it didn't die but struggling now that..
-western games took over the industry turning almost everything into shooter
-Sony stopped caring about Japanese games with ps3 "hopefully this changes with PS4"
-westernizing Japanese games
-the mess that is xbox one *sigh*
JallaJunS  +   802d ago
The biggest problem with the Xbox One is all the entertainment contet and features that will never work here in Norway and most of Europe or even the rest of the world. GO AMERICA!
creized1  +   802d ago
Gaming has not died. Just because microsoft flopped dont mean anything
You still got Sony going full on games.

Nintendo still going in on games (even if some dont like them, they are still games aimed to different consumers)

PC is still going in on games. This s were gaming started and this is were gaming is staying.

So yeh, just because Microsoft flopped dont mean anything.
You got 3 choices, Ps4, Wii & PC.
isarai  +   802d ago
MS fucked up, that doesn't mean gaming is dying, there's still Sony, Nintendo, and PC.

And i'm sorry but how in the world did you come to the conclusion that XBox 1 is following in the PS3s footsteps?

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