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crimsonfox1128d ago

Jesus! best special edition in a while... dat hat!
pre order link where's are you?!

NBT911128d ago

ShopTo were listing it for like 10 minutes, looks like they removed it though.

NBT911128d ago

Its back now.
£120 tough for UK, damn, that aint cheap lol

SexyGamerDude1128d ago

Took them long enough. Rock star loves making us wait.

Prcko1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

show us map plz
pilot Atomic Blimp in-game vehicle - if we can fly with this thing then i guess we can fly with jumbo jet 2!

KwietStorm1128d ago

I have to pre order the special edition just to fly the blimp? Lol

sabestar1128d ago

No, you get the blimp just for pre-ordering the game (any version whether it's the standard, special or collector's) from any retailer before September 17.

azshorty20031128d ago

$149?! lol. no thanks.

even the special edition is about $10 more then I think it should be.

rainslacker1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

the special edition is about on par with normal special editions, but for $70 more the collector's edition additions just aren't worth it.:( They're cool editions, just not worth $70.

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The story is too old to be commented.