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Sandmano1584d ago

looks good. Most wanted left me wanting, this better have car customization or no buy.

hosseincode1584d ago


cyborg471584d ago

no customization, no buy, only middle finger :)

SexyGamerDude1584d ago

NFS has been lacking lately. I stopped playing after the god awful NFS The Run.

Gamesgbkiller1584d ago


Hot pursuit and most wanted are the best in this gen NFS.

RavageX1584d ago

Hot Pursuit was promising, but was missing jumps. Seriously that makes a world of difference.

The new Most Wanted wasn't really a NFS game. THAT was burnout with a new skin.

No customization, No real "feeling" that you are out to get others to become most wanted. Where were the drivers that MADE you want to take them out from their smack talk?

Gone, and while I'm at it, drive thru repairs and paint jobs are a bad idea for NFS. Works in Burnout but not NFS.

I wish a racing game would come back where you could ruin your engine drag racing(NFS), have to do costly repairs, pay for upgrades and paint jobs out of the money you've won racing, get completely SHUT DOWN by the police, cars impounded, etc.

What happened to all of that?

nix1584d ago

i picked up one of the latter ones (1 year after it's release)... and i played and found it completely boring. i don't know i can still remember scenes from PS2 NFS Most Wanted but i just don't have any fond memories to talk about when it comes to the recent NFSes.

i still haven't finished the game. i have given it up half way. i hate dragging myself just to finish the game.

DeadlyFire1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is decent.

Most wanted is not Need for Speed. Its Burnout painted over Need for Speed. There are not even ANY COPS in Most Wanted's Multiplayer. You have to slam them in single player to even get them to notice you. It sucks ass.

Their answer is a new game RIVALS all player driven. NO AI cops. They are thinking its genius. Instead of fixing the problem. They just avoid it! Not sure if Rivals will be great, but player driven does push a challenge out there. Which could be as fun as Hot Pursuit or a little better. Its a good direction I believe.

GT671584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

@ gamesgbkiller above

yea it would be if your smoking pot an on LSD

blackbox studio version say HELLO!!! only thing criterion got on blackbox version is up-grade graphic's

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imXify1584d ago

I'm getting sick of this. I want to customize and drive tuner cars like....DUH...Underground 3 :/

vitullo311584d ago

im still waiting for underground 3 but at this point they would probably screw it up anyway

JKelloggs1584d ago

Probably micro-transactions for car parts :/

tachy0n1584d ago


thats a reality, check out Need For Speed World.

there are body-kits that cost $20....

Tatsuya 1584d ago

Here's hoping for next-gen NFS Underground reveal!