Second "Remember Me" Review Score

“Elaborately created Action Sci Fi that feels more like visiting a cinema than a video game”

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hosseincode1851d ago

oh god, based on the n4g users interest, i believe this game gonna suck in sales!

Conzul1851d ago

I'll probs Gaikai it later.

One4U1850d ago

omg i completely forgot about this game and its about to come out !

ATi_Elite1850d ago

Can you say RENTAL!

I see NO value in dropping $30 $40 $50 $60 for this when it can be beaten in a day.

I like the main character and hopefully they bring her back but in a BIGGER ADVENTURE that requires more gameplay than viewing.

Relientk771851d ago

8/10, good score, I missed the first score though

ApolloTheBoss1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

18/20 from Jeux Video Magazine. French by the way.

Relientk771851d ago

Thanx I hoped someone would post


hosseincode1851d ago

i mentioned it in the article

cleverusername1851d ago

The article starts with the 1st review score!!

Conzul1851d ago

Wanted so much to like this game based on the teased combat videos. The combo lab looked fun as well.

But then I found out it wasn't open world. THEN I further discovered how tightly linear it is.

I rarely tolerate linear games (Naughty Dog, Journey, rare exceptions). Not on principle, but when they are $60 I really hate linear experiences. Bring it to $30 or $40 and we'll talk.

SOULJER1851d ago

I'm getting it when it;s 20 dollars.

DemonSlayer4201851d ago

Same here for me with Tomb Raider

Salooh1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

I don't mind buying it used when you get a deal however if not , why not support these great developers ?. far cry 3, MGR, Bioshock,Tomb raider and remember me are all worth the money. You play it early and support the developers in the same time.. Do this to games that doesn't deserve even buying like ghost and resident evil 6..

vishmarx1851d ago

makes little sense to buy day 1 since tlou releases two week later anyways

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