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Submitted by GavinMannion 990d ago | opinion piece

Is EA punishing Nintendo for allowing used games?

Are EA purposefully holding back games from the Wii-U in an attempt to garner extra income from the block on swapping games on the Xbox One? (EA, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

SynGamer  +   990d ago
No, EA is punishing Nintendo for releasing a "NextGen" system (WiiU) that is *barely* an upgrade to the current systems. Also, Nintendo fans generally don't support third-party developers enough to financially justify releasing future games on the system(s).

I wish it were the other way around because I like competition and having 3 main competitors instead of 2 is always better for the market AND the gamers...
jcnba28  +   990d ago
I would love to have a debate with you just to destroy everything you said in your comment.
Winter47th   990d ago | Trolling | show
loulou  +   990d ago
i said this last night in a thread

and someone writes a story about it the next day... lol and it even reads like what i wrote ;-)

if this is not the case, then i would be very surprised
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ziratul  +   990d ago
I still play some Sega Genesis games because they are good, and they run on 100000 times slower machine than Wii U??? What you have to say about that? POWER POWER POWER!!! Is that measurment for good games, hell no!!!
andrewer  +   990d ago
Exactly. Power means nothing to me. I play and like some new games, of course, but my favourite games of all times are back in the NES (Contra :D), SNES (DK Country :D), N64 (Zelda :D) and there are even some in PS2 actually (Shadow of the Colossus :D), but nowadays I can only cry for not having that kind of experience anymore...and for people wanting graphics and not gameplay.
SexyGamerDude  +   990d ago
Man, I still play my Dreamcast. Powerstone alone, is better than most games out now. I also love playing MVC2.
TopDudeMan  +   990d ago
You're right about one thing. People who bought a Wii U didn't buy it to play EA's games anyway. EA were never going to do anything interesting or innovative with the controller screen anyway. Why would you buy a third party multiplatform game for the wii u when it's going to be just the same as the playstation/xbox versions?

The big selling point for the Wii U is the controller screen, so you really should be looking at games which take advantage of that.
cleft5  +   990d ago
Yeah and since EA's little thing about not publishing games for the WiiU they have backtracked on that. Apparently, they thought they had some real pull with gamers who brought the WiiU, but no one really cared that they where not going to publish games on the WiiU because they only release substandard ports.
mamotte  +   990d ago
Wich it's sad, since it should be awesome to, say, planning strategies in the controller screen on the fly in Madden, put another player in the right place for shooting in FIFA while you move your own with the stick... the possibilities with sports to manage an entire team in real time are endless.

But, well, EA is just weird.
wampdog29  +   990d ago
Doesn't make much sense. Why come out at E3 and give any support at all then???
herbs  +   990d ago
EA wants to change the entire gaming market place in regards to used game sales because $$$ and Nintendo wanted things to stay the same because there old school on many levels (not entirely a good thing). EA wants to be able to pump games out as easily and quickly as possible but Nintendos aging hardware and tablet make this more of a challenge. Basically all the worlds problems boil down to one thing (GREED) EA is just one more shinning example of this.
lizard81288  +   990d ago
Well, looking at what EA showed at the Xbone reveal, i'm glad they aren't supporting it. It was sports titles up the ass. They said they were realistic models, but yet, from what they showed, looked like shit.

Besides, we all know it is really about no origins for the Wiiu. EA said the same shit they said at the reveal of the Wiiu, and how truly next gen it is....until Nintendp said no origins, then all of the sudden, the wiiu is last gen, it can't run fostbite, despite them saying the exact opposite one year ago. I wonder when EA is going to say the Xbone is last gen, ect, ect.
CalvinKlein  +   990d ago
well they might change their minds one the xobx one flops and MS exits teh console business in two years.
PSVita  +   990d ago
No they are not doing this because of used games. Sony has said again and again that they WILL NOT BLOCK them.
GavinMannion  +   990d ago
Sony has said again and again that they'll leave it up to the publishers....

Which I see as them saying that the option to block used game play will be available but only enabled by publisher choice
SynGamer  +   990d ago
Which is smart if true. Let gamers hate on the publisher for making this decision, not Sony/Developers. MS essentially touted that they are going to block used games...not the smartest thing they did during the reveal day.
Corpser  +   990d ago
Up to the publishers, including Sony

"When asked whether games would require online registration, Yoshida noted that that decision was up to the publisher. When asked if Sony, as a publisher, would require games to be registered online, Yoshida said, "we are not talking about that plan."
wampdog29  +   990d ago
Okay???? Microsoft isn't "blocking" used games either... see the point?
evilsooty  +   990d ago
I wouldn't worry about EA not supporting the Wii U. All they do is ruin game franchises anyway (See Battlefield and Sim City).
aiBreeze  +   990d ago
They're not supporting the Wii U simply because they don't believe it's profitable. EA are a $$$ money and if the $$$ isn't there, neither are they.
tehpees3  +   990d ago
Note that when they said they are making Wii U games they said: "I think what the consumer will find is a lot more powerful gameplay with the new boxes that are coming out, and a lot of excitement, but it'll remain to be seen as to the services associated with those as to how consumers decide which direction they might want to go."

He says SERVICES. That indicates while Sony may not do the same thing they might have allowed EA to do something.
Sideras  +   990d ago
I'd be very happy if EA just died, like all their offices just blow up so I can stand underneath all the chaos and revel in their filthy blood as body parts shower the streets. Who gives a shit about their games anyways.
darx  +   990d ago
It's only video games, relax dude!
rawshack  +   990d ago
I like your style man
ArchangelMike  +   990d ago
Dude... put the gun down... back away from the school...
soultecc  +   990d ago
lol that made me smile
andrewer  +   990d ago
*Challenge Everything*
ahh, good ol'times, when EA was actually good, and I liked them...Now they just ruin stuff :(
sashimi  +   990d ago
Pretty sure its cause the WiiU doesn't sell
Triforce079  +   990d ago
Well Ubisoft are fully supporting it so that it attracts gamers then in the long run Nintendo gamers will buy Ubi's games due to the quality they put out its called taking the rough with the smooth,EA just take the mic with Nintendo consoles anyway so who cares and they are fully supporting xbox one when its not even game focused makes no sense ??? but hopefully like Iwata said we are aiming to make Beyonneta2 and other 3rd party games hits on their console so publishers like EA regret not fully supporting it and i think with Capcom,Konami,Sega,Ubisoft,and Nintendo themselves will be enough for WiiU.
BeZdaBest  +   990d ago
well its seems people already forget that they in fact are going to put "games" on the wiiu..

what games idk..

but so far no sports games..from what i can tell but who cares.. the question is would we want them after all thats happen..

first two games (crappy ports) next one was a ripoff (trilogy was on the way)last one was good..

than proceeds to slam the console..then sez their not making games..than proceeds to say..yeah we are..

you know what..i just dont want to deal with ea anymore...they made good games at the beginning of the last gen but started crapping out towards the ill think i live without ea games(imo)
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tachy0n  +   990d ago
and what does the New World Order have to do with this?

that image should be used on articles about Microsoft forcing Kinect into peoples living room, trying to spy on people and stuff......

getting rid of the used game industry only will make damage to everyone in the industry...
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jaredhart  +   990d ago
I would like EA better if it were run by Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.

4 Life.
rawshack  +   990d ago
This sounds like something EA would do
asderland  +   990d ago

exactly. Some very good games of last gen have been games with not hyper detailed graphics. I'm pointing at Terraria, Binding of Isaac, Super Meat Boy and Super Hexagon. Indie games for the win.
o-Sunny-o  +   990d ago
Wii U is a great console I just can't wait till they pull the curtains on what games they are hiding.
Thepcz  +   990d ago
wish these 'ea hates nintendo' articles would just piss off now
the so-called games journalists are just milking/flaming now
LOL_WUT  +   990d ago
EA has already mentioned that their game engines are centered on next-gen consoles and the that the Wii U is not their focus.
fonger08  +   990d ago
There has to be some truth to this. You don't get ranked America's worst ranked company for no reason. Seriously though EA probably does lose money on porting over to the Wii U, because when I bought a Wii U, I sure as hell didn't buy it play Madden or whatever 80th sub-par sequel that they'll push out. Not even having the option to make some money back on used games has to be a sticking point to their stance.

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