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Gaming: Is it socially and economically beneficial?

MWEB GameZone writer James takes a look at the Social and Economic benefits of gaming globally and within your own community. The article will show the value that gaming brings, as well as the benefits that it has on both the social and economic growth on a global scale. From the writers perspective, it is clear that there is a firm believe that gaming is arguably important to industry as well as the community if it has the opportunity to grow. (Culture)

HanCilliers  +   413d ago
Great opinion piece, written by a gamer that knows the social aspects of gaming first hand.
PandaMcBearface  +   413d ago
I hope I can communicate my thoughts coherently...
but for me, I think that there is a HUGE difference between economic benefits and social benefits as a result of economic benefits.
I would be interested to know what sort of benefits anyone gets from the profits made by games companies that aren't charity organisations apart from the CEOs themselves...also, does this profit on the part of these companies have any major effect on the currency value of any country at all?
To be fair though, I'm not an economist. Plus, I don't understand how humans are controlled by the economy when we created it. I get the whole "standard medium of exchange" blah blah, but really.
Maybe it's just because I have no money and wish that I could pay for everything with potatoes.
\hippy pseudo-logical argument
GabeSA  +   413d ago
My basis for the economic point of view is more in terms of the growth gaming contributes. As I said, it only shows the growth gaming shows, not where the growth is spread. Whilst it probably benefits a few, the idea is that it does, because when developers make more money, they are more inclined to spend to increase their overall share in the industry. sometimes this has an adverse effect on the very thing they try and improve on i.e. games that are developed that shouldn't be published.

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