IGN Poll Result: 75% Disappointed with Xbox One Reveal

Yesterday IGN revealed the results of a poll run by IGN UK, which asked IGN readers about what they’d like to see at the next-gen Xbox reveal event. Microsoft effectively did the opposite of what respondents told IGN, focusing on the system as the entertainment centre of the home, as opposed to a gaming device.

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theBAWSE1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Thought it would be higher....wait till people really understand

respect to Adam sessler for trying to get MS to just come clean

so what we know...every game is linked to an account..basically you cannot just pop a game in and play have stated there are advantages to linking games to an account its so you can log in anywhere...bullshit

every game is linked to an account so you cannot get round the no lending..every game has to be checked online first before you can play ..thisis so MS can check that only the account holder who bought the game is infact playing it can go to a friends download the game from disc and log in on your account to play but when you leave if your friend wants to continue playing he already has the game data downloaded onto his system now..but he has to log in on his account and pay Microsoft a fee to unlock the game as obviously when you get home you have to log in on your account to play any of your games as two seperate Xbox ones cannot be logged into one account....hence the name Xbox ONE

what has angered me is the way Microsoft have worded this rubbish thinking that we as the consumer are stupid id have more respect if they told it how it is

hulk_bash19871766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

With all the negative feedback to their reveal, I wonder if Microsoft will change their plans. Guess we'll have to wait for E3 to find out.

What I got from their event is that they are really pushing for the Xbox One to be the go to source for everyone's multimedia centers. Which is fine as long as they don't lose focus on the most important thing for a gaming console....The games.

Hydrolex1766d ago

disappointment ? I thought the whole thing was a joke.... tv tv tv tv tv tv tv tv

showtimefolks1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )


That's what I think too, this is too much negative press and they have to back track

If I was running MS, I wouldn't even wait till E3 because that's free positive press for Sony/ps4

I feel like every other article has been about this stuff, I am tired of commenting the same thing again and again. Some fanboys will defend MS but if you are a real gamer and if any of this is true we shouldn't stand by MS on these issues

Talk about TV
NFL deal
Kinect 2
Get MS employees to clap and hoot for every announcement

Don't show ay real gameplay footage

Keeping saying experiences in every sentence

I mean how could one company get so much wrong at one conference, at E3 Sony goes last conference wise and I bet you anything they will have a plan B depending on what MS shows

hulk_bash19871766d ago

Yeah they really need to clarify their plans and do some damage control because the amount of negative press is really going to hurt them early on.

sengoku1766d ago

unbelievable to think they needed to delay the reveal another month, then they come up with this.

they should have waited till E3. if they didn't anything to show.
because what they did was shot them self's in the foot big time.

nix1766d ago

the other 25% are MS' employees who were there clapping at the launch venue behind the curtains.

and few blind fanboys.

joab7771766d ago

Its funny that these ppl are professionals. I am not a professional but I would have begun with CoD. Then teasers for 4 or 5 games promising reveal at E3. Then unviel the box itself and what it does. Tell everyone about online and achievements quickly and close with battlefield and halo 5. Nuff said.

NobodyImportant1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

I think Microsoft will be fine. And I wouldn't be surprised if they sell the most units next gen. They are going to take the Wii's place.
Kinect, voice control, all the multitasking, skype etc will capture peoples imagination like the Wii waggle controller did.

I'm a gamer, I'll be buying the PS4, and I don't care about TV, Sports and gimmicks, but you'd be surprised how many people eat this stuff up.

They are selling to the fickle general public now, just like Nintendo did.
Remember when the iPhone first came out. No video recording, rubbish camera, no 3G, but the touch screen captured the public's imagination. My wife would be impressed with the X1 if she saw it. To her the PS4 is just another games console. But a proper games console is exactly what I want and I bet what all you other guys on N4G want, but that isn't what Joe public wants.

I'm calling it now. XBox One will kill.

DARK WITNESS1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

At This point I think it's fair to say MS do NOT see the xboxone as a games console, so why would they have games as a primary focus anymore...

The way I look at it now it really is simple, no need for all this debating and backwards and forwards pulling on the issue.

If you want a Games Console for Gamers with Games in mind, BUY A PS4.

If you want a multimedia device that connects all your other multimedia devices and centralizes them, If you like being robbed blind and you DO NOT like swapping games with friends etc.. and you like doing 5 or 6 different things all at once then buy an Xboxone.

I would like to think that MS will take in all the negative feedback regarding this and make some sort of change..

Let's be real though, there is no way they could not have seen this reaction coming. just about everything has been flying around the net for months now and they knew our feelings towards this, yet they still went ahead anyway. That shows they have too much invested in these crazy money grabbing ideas.

Negative feedback alone will not change anything, they had plenty of that even before the reveal.

It's only when their xboxone is sitting on store shelves and nobody is buying it and their stock hit's rock bottom, that is when they will realize it was a bad idea.

You don't cross the fans that got you where you are in the first place.

I remember when these rumors started and someone said there is no way these business guys at MS would be stupid enough to actually try this crap. I said something along the lines of you would think MS is not stupid enough, but I would not put it passed them...

Well looks like they are stupid enough. The worse part though is they must think we are stupid and the scary part is some gamers are actually willing to defend them on this!!!


MoveTheGlow1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

I don't think they have a reason to change their plans, because they're super-convinced that they will nab an entirely different audience than the gamers who watched the reveal (and collectively cringed). IGN polls and Twitter battles? Who cares? We want an audience who thinks those things are stupid, and therefore still calls those things "gay" in 2013...

They're going after Bros. Rich dudey dudebros. Sports! TV! Sports! TV! A TV show about a first-person shooter! Guns! More guns! Dogs? Guns! TV! By the way, no talk of a subsidized system. This thing will be expensive, but not "I'm going to play a bunch of good games" expensive, like the PS4.

But not just Bros. USA Bros only. TV implementation elsewhere will be rolled out over time, and you've got one heck of an international market who won't buy your console if it requires an internet connection. If you're selling your console on TV, and you're in Spain, screw that console for a year or so. If you're without a home connection in rural Indonesia, screw that console forever.

They think that will be enough, that rich Bros will just jump for that expensive system. I don't think it'll work, because smart TV's have come so far. My PS3 is my go-to box for my TV, but that's only because my TV's old. My friends just got a new TV, and by default they can voice-command the thing to open a YouTube video via Google TV and upscale the thing to 3D, no box required. If you're a rich Bro, you already have that functionality. Yes, it'll sell on day one, but after that, I think we're gonna see a huge backlash among the uninformed.

gman_moose1766d ago

What it comes down to for me is one simple question. WHY SHOULD I BUY AN XBOX ONE? The answer is clearly- I shouldn't. It doesn't offer me (as a gamer) anything that PS4 doesn't already offer me, and without the iron fist micro managing, and overpriced subscription fees.

Xbox One positives:
- Next gen/powerful compared to current gen
- multitasking, seemingly quick to switch between tasks
- NFL deal?? I have cable for that don't I... or will they stop showing football on cable... I'm confused.
- I got nothing else... COD timed exclusive map packs???? Oh wait, I hate COD

Xbox One negatives:
- Internet connection required, at least in some capacity
- Games can only be used with one account, then a fee paid for additionals... sorry brothers and sisters, mom and dad have to pay extra for you to play too... suck it up.
- Batteries still required for controllers... WTF? It's almost like they are trying to piss people off.
- Focus on entertainment hub instead of games. No exclusive announcments, and the ones announced at E3 are going to be the same crap as before- Halo, Gears, Forza, etc. They say they have 8 new IP's but when are they coming out? Over the next 5 years?
- Pissing off indie community .... again.
- Xbox live subscription fee. No doubt to use all of these new features it will cost you plenty of cash, just like it does now. Meanwhile on other consoles, most features are completely free.

I could go on and on. At the end of the day, gamers buy Xbox. I know MS is trying to change that, but it has to start with gamers, and right now, most gamers are giving them the finger. Even the most hardcore Xbox fanboys are not able to see the positives in this (see above- there aren't many). Wait for E3? For what? So Microsoft can show you a few games that will take 4-5 years to develop like Alan Wake, and a bunch of third party games that will come out on everything else? If this was poker, everyone would be calling their bluff. Just fold MS...

sikbeta1766d ago

Internet Polls? are you kidding me!? no one take that seriously, half of that % probably are fanboys from other console brands, useless...

Internet Poll =/= Reality

mrmarx1766d ago

the ps3 was supposed to be the all in one media device and it failed. only when they went back to core gamers and doing the things that put son in the driver seat from ps1 and ps2 days did the ps3 start doing well.. a blu ray at the time was a nice thing. but its not why people decided t buy the ps3 n the first place. and they had B/C and allowed used games. smh xbox has and was the reason why bad presidents stated this gaming gen and i can see they will be the reason the carry on into the next. i hope they fail and fail miserably.. if sony is to have competition from another console maker let it be steam or someone like this because microsoft is a joke..

YoungKingDoran1766d ago

We should all be telling MS its a good idea and then laugh when they go through with it.

Kinda like at school when we told Jake Newman that Nikki was actually pretty hot, then when he hooked up with her we laughed. Way to hook up with Nikki the Chimp Jake = Way to go through with your zany plans MS.

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NeXXXuS1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

The other 25% was M$ employees

ZodTheRipper1766d ago

That's what 75% of the people thought when reading that headline.

Anthotis1766d ago Show
jony_dols1766d ago

Or in denial.

Even a few o' my mates (who are DIEHARD Xbox fans) are having second thoughts!

B1663r1766d ago

I used to have a problem with people Spelling Micro$oft with a $ in place of the S. However, I can eat enough crow, and admit I was wrong, and that the way everyone should Spell Micro$oft no is with the $ in there instead of the s.

Micro$oft made it clear that is the only thing they care about on tuesday...

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AngelicIceDiamond1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

MS unveils a GAMING console on TV. Gamers tuned into watch the reveal, not app users and entertainers. It was is not a an Apple conference.

GAMES were barely present.

EDIT: @below ok, ok calm down MS just a had a bad unveiling that's all. No need for the RIP's fail comments now.

Pillsbury11766d ago

Because ms doesn't care about games or gamers. It was very clear that they want to turn it into a TV HUB.

Pyrrhus1766d ago

The first step on the road to change is acceptance:

Mr_cheese1766d ago

best ive seen in a while lol

Garrison1766d ago

loved that was funny as hell

NextGen24Gamer1766d ago

Gamers are disappointed in the Xbox One reveal because Microsoft didn't really show games. I get that, but they did say before hand that E3 would be about the games and that this was just an hour long hardware reveal. I think it's natural for hardcore gamers to be concerned. But, it's not really a big deal. Microsoft basically just showed how Xbox One differs from the Ps4. Ps3 has more raw power than the xbox 360 but that didn't matter this generation. Sony doesn't get it. They think that having more raw power means they will sell more units. Its not the RAW power that matters when it comes to graphics or gameplay. Its the software development tools that are most important. Microsoft will always lead in that area as they are a software company at heart. I actually believe that Microsoft took the correct path in regards to hardware and the ALL IN ONE concept! We will see at E3, but I believe games will look great on both consoles. But, consumers will look at it as which console gives them the most bang for the buck! Clearly that would be the xbox One. All most consumers are going to see is the 8 gigs of ram, blah, blah, blah...It will look the same Spec wise to the average consumer...But, it does so much more than the Ps4. And most likely for the same price or less! Put more Xbox Ones in the home, coupled with the software tools for Microsofts console, games will look and play great! We can all scratch our heads at the name Xbox One....That's until the blitz hits the airwaves and it al makes sense. One console, One device, for ALL your entertainment! Video Games, TV, Movies, Music...etc...If you don't see how a device like that, for the same or lesser price....with the same numbers in regards to ram, hard drive, etc....Will sell like hotcakes...then we are naive. Hardcore gamers like myself will own both consoles day one. Both will have great games. Fanboys will continue to brag about stuff that doesn't matter in the real world. If you live in the United States...why do you care how many consoles sell in Japan? Or Europe? When I game online, I play with friends. Right here in the United States. How many friends do you fanboys who scream about over seas console sales have in other countries? It's all silly if you ask me! I love supporting my country and buying American made products! Is that so wrong? What has Sony done for you for you to be sooooo into them? Strange people!

AtomicGerbil1766d ago

"Its the software development tools that are most important. Microsoft will always lead in that area as they are a software company at heart."

This will no longer be an advantage for Microsoft as the PS4 was designed by developers for developers.

I'm struggling to see how Microsoft can come out on top unless they are lucky. Kinect functionality has already been done on the 360, yes they did sell an awful lot of Kinects, but the question is how many are actually being used anymore. I think that fad may have run it's course, the same as Wiimote and Move. Anybody with the money and desire to watch TV already have devices to fulfill their needs, why purchase another one? The casuals may not easily be sold this time.

Any serious gamer will already be scratching their heads at Microsoft and if they can't deliver a desirable gaming demonstration at E3 then that demographic will just walk.

MoveTheGlow1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

1. I wouldn't call a reveal that mostly talked about OS functionality in relation to TV an "hour-long hardware reveal."

2. You're talking about something being cheaper than something else already. No one's quoting prices, and a new and more refined Kinect's bundled in with the Xbone. Let's wait on that one.

3. I wish all hardcore gamers had the money you're talking about when you say they'll buy both consoles day one. I know that's a bit of speculation about the pricing, but come on, these things aren't going to be cheap.

4. "One console, One device, for ALL your entertainment! Video Games, TV, Movies, Music...etc.."

Actually, that's two devices - your console and your TV, if you're lucky. Hook up your computer to your TV, and you've got that already. It's called the "input" button on your remote. You could do everything but games from a smart TV by itself, too.

5. "I love supporting my country and buying American made products! Is that so wrong?"

Not at all! I wish things actually worked that way. You should probably read up on Foxconn:

What you're talking about is an American-designed product, not made. Certainly not manufactured. You're supporting an R&D team here, though. So there's that. BTW, the PS4's designed by a team of Westerners. Guys who have been in the business so long that we played their games back in the 8-bit era. So there's that also.

S2Killinit1766d ago

OMG are you serious? Your argument boiled down to "I'm buying American because I'm American" I was going to argue with you on how wrong you are about the xbox being a better bang for the buck (since you dont know which costs more and also you will have to pay to play with your friends every single month, whereas PSN is free)I can buy a whole game with the money you cash out each month to play your friends that is huge, then you went on a tangent i can't follow you on (nationality of said product, if such a thing matters)

cheetah1765d ago

MS have already done the Kinect scam and screwed millions of people out of their cash. As soon as people see how important Kinect is to the new system they will say to themselves "why would I want another one? I barely used the last one"

Even Nintendo know that goose has been cooked and moved on, al be it to something just as useless to core gamers.

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CalvinKlein1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

some site was having people vote with twitter and it showed a world map and every country was blue for ps4 vs xbox 1. I think it wsa like 89% for ps4 vs 11% for xbox1.

Above, all tha games in the world coulnt make me buy this thing. Forced online and kinnect. I hate motion controls and kinnect. It has to compete price wise with the other consoles so the xbox1 will be weaker than ps4 once the specs come out as alot of the money will have to go toward the included kinnect instead of the console. Not to mention that the xbox only has 5gbs of its ram available for games vs ps4s 7gbs.

gman_moose1766d ago

It's 2013 and Microsoft is still making you buy batteries for their controller. What an innovative company. /s

Nodoze1766d ago

I saw that and laughed out load. Don't worry though they will offer you a play and charge kit for 29.99. Cause the new P+C kit has a Lithium Ion....sooo coool.

Meanwhile Sony has been including batteries in EVERY controller since this generation started.

There is no defense for this one. It is a BLATANT monitization attempt.

Also the hard drive will once again NOT be user replaceable.

Sony has allowed user replaceable hard drives since the generation began (I assume this will continue but don't know for sure).

JBallerX1766d ago

Linking games to accounts does have its advantages...just not for the gamer. It's a huge advantage for MS to make more money. Really disappointed to hear this.

1766d ago
Psn8001766d ago

They have let all there fans down , thank our lucky stars there are other great options available like the Ps4 .

PurpHerbison1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

The majority IS stupid enough. What does MS care about the minority of core gamers? That doesn't bring the bacon home.

rainslacker1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

The used game thing is completely overshadowing everything MS hoped to achieve with this conference.

MS wanted us talking about the features shown. They wanted people to go and play the fan boy wars about why TV/Internet/Communication/Game Console integration was going to be a good thing. MS wanted us speculating on how great the games were going to be come E3, and have us salivating at the prospect of 15 new exclusives and 8 new IP's. They wanted us to be discussing how they are actively pursuing new original content through making their own entertainment media. They wanted us talking about their partnerships with EA and the NFL, and how that could be a bonus to the system for those that care about that sort of thing.

All these things they wanted, and yet they get none of it because of one stupid decision to restrict used games. Hell, most of the negative feedback over the reveal has taken a back seat to this one issue.

I guess at the very least I can hope that all this makes MS reevaluate the decision, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

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SOD_Delta1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

75% seems a little too low from what I've seen around the net.

LOL_WUT1766d ago

I wonder if all of IGN's staff casted their vote also... ;)

ZodTheRipper1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

89%? Now that looks more like it.

Narutone661765d ago

It's now 88%, the MS employees are rallying their product.

Pyrrhus1766d ago

MS have their bot brigade out in full force, although I havent seen a comment from greenpowerz today...

ZodTheRipper1766d ago

I hope he hasn't hung himself and just gets a PS4 and be happy.

Cryptcuzz1766d ago

SDF Repellent is starting to have a change of mind in regards to the Xbox and thinking of getting a PS4. If he could, maybe one day greenpowerz would too?

LOL at this point in time you must be a Microsoft employee to want an Xbox One over the PS4 for a gaming console, simple as that.

Bumpmapping1766d ago ShowReplies(2)
Ezio20481766d ago

ohhooo fuck!!
Epic mate..!
Bubble for making me guffaw to the core..! :D :D
Regardless of this, I too agree that Sony has seemingly won this generation.
Kudos to Sony, and to us who will buy PS4. :D :P

Snookies121766d ago

That poor... Poor stupid dog...

Denethor_II1766d ago

The dog is like the XBOX. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Tyre1766d ago

@MariaHelFutura Hilarious! thx for that!. I LMAO

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