Microsoft teases 'huge' Xbox 360 announcement for E3

VP Phil Spencer says company will support current-gen platform for "years to come," hints at "surprising" announcement for E3. Though Microsoft's future is the Xbox One, the platform holder is not leaving the Xbox 360 behind anytime soon.

Microsoft Game Studios executive Phil Spencer told GameSpot that the company will support the platform for "years to come" and even has a "huge" Xbox 360 announcement in the works for next month's Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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a_bro1645d ago

360 at 99 dollars , like the rumors state?

megaworm251645d ago

i got 99 problems, but a XBOX ain't ONE

Hydrolex1645d ago

man 99 problems is still a shitload of problems, my prayers to you, hope you take care of the problems

shoddy1645d ago

yay good news at last.

kayoss1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Was the rrod one of them? Is the other herpes? Lol I'm kidding but like your play on words comment.

ironfist921645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

OMG lost my shit. Awesome.

minimur121645d ago

that is the BEST comment i have ever read on n4g. bubble up for you sir. everyone else should aswell!

jrbeerman111644d ago

If i had 99 problems like jayz does i wouldnt be complaining

Lulz_Boat1644d ago

free xbox live for 360 users. mark that.

but it's bit late :D

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ThatCanadianGuy5141645d ago

I'm still waiting for their "Wait till E3" 2010 promise.

KonGreat1645d ago

I googled the conference, and this was the first hit I got :
Great conference hahaha

ThatCanadianGuy5141645d ago

Ironically, it's the same exact things they showed on nextbox's reveal.It'll just be the same stuff at E3 again.



Unfortunetaly "reports of project natal" and E3 2010 was basically the moments that cemented MS's focus towards casual that people perceived in last years, so let's hope next E3 MS conference is nothing like that.

I'm siding with PS4 so far (gotta wait at least 'till E3 to see pricing and other policies to close the deal) but I don't want Sony to go without a hard competition, it made wonders to turn PS3 into the beast it is, I expect the same to happen again and make both One and PS4 the best consoles they can be.

ABizzel11645d ago

I don't think it's a $99 console. More so the Xbox Mini for $99 which is more of an apple TV-like device than an actual 360 console.

Syntax-Error1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I'm sure when they woke up the morning of May 21st they never thought @ 2pm Eastern Time that this would be the outcome of their televised unveiling. They are scrambling right now. They better pull a 12 inch dildo out a woman's ass at E3 to wow the fans, because they are losing ground every day that passes. They are letting this bad press fester too long. They should come out with a statement ASAP

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GamerzElite1645d ago

After XBox One reveal I hoped they will say something like this. By the way not getting XBox One, Will buy next COD and Gears for 360.

Raccoon1645d ago Show
Bumpmapping1645d ago

Halo TV series coming 2 360!

KingKevo1645d ago

*cough* Including filehosters ...

Chris_GTR11644d ago

ok is it just me or does nobody seriously remember back like 6 years ago when they promised a halo game and series by peter jackson. its the same shit all over again. the last one obviously never came out

TriforceLightning1645d ago

Nothing they could possibly do would reverse the wave upon wave of hatred the gaming community has for them at the moment. This will probably be some price cut and software package deal aimed at the casuals. As mentioned above it will be within $99 to $150 USD and most likely be 2 Kinect games and 2 better with Kinect titles and bundled Kinect. Meh.

-MD-1645d ago

Gamers never keep their promise. Everyone is saying they're done with Microsoft but I guarantee they end up selling millions of that trash console.

They'll end up showing 1 cool game and everyone will forgot about the massive amounts of anti-consumer drm packed into Xbox One.


Why o why1645d ago

Wait. Wasnt you murder dolls. You used to back the 360 and ms to the hills. Times done change I guess

Why o why1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Just checked your profile pic...DEFINITELY murder dolls.. you love that chick....

You definitely disliked the ps3 fans/fanboys with a passion. You may still do but strangely you can see what some of us/them were saying about ms was true. I think the real change was just before kinects release. MS shifted focus and used their fans vehement defending of their practices to help them continue with their just enough attitude towards their core... Fling them less blockbusters, invest in less new ips, rely on 3rd party games and deals, up their xbl fees, release more kinect games than core at a ridiculous ratio.......Our fans will defend us...

denawayne1644d ago

More like everyone will forget what MS has done when Sony announces similar DRM plans.

FunkMacNasty1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

@ Why o why,

Just because some people here enjoyed their 360's doesn't mean that they are happy with Microsofts new console. And just because someone gets fed up with the blind Sony worship that goes on here, doesn't mean they're close-minded too. Its comments like yours that are physical proof that the Sony love around here goes beyond just a preference, its like you have to be part of one "faction" or another. I don't get it.

If Anyone is happy with the XboxOne, they must either not be a serious gamer, or they are likely a blind fanboy that just can't see the truth. I will love my 360 for years to come, but it will live alongside my ps3 and ps4.. no room in my house for the XboxOne. There's nothing there for me and a lot of people who love their 360's are totally turned off from the XboxOne (including a lot of people here who have been labeled MS "fanboys" by the Sony lovers)

This XboxOne reveal was actually the gaming community's shining moment--it was the only single time I can think of where gamers across the globe pretty much stood united in their collective disdain for a single piece of hardware.

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Pillsbury11645d ago

They had better support their current platform because no one is buying the next.