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Xbox One: Just How Much Should It Cost?

"Yesterday, Microsoft showed its hand for the next generation Xbox, with the Xbox One. Reactions to the new console have ranged from pure outrage (among gaming enthusiasts) to anticipation (among the mainstream press, who anticipate the One's iPad like media features for the living room)." (Xbox One)

SexyGamerDude  +   648d ago
I wouldn't buy that thing if it was in the bargain bin.
Trunkz Jr  +   648d ago
Launch Prices (basic first if created)

PS4 = $500
XB1 = $400
Wii U = $300

I do not think Sony will pull another $600 console.

This is why many people think the Sony/Wii U combo is best. Premium high quality gaming on the PS4 with nice 1st party games like Smash Bros on a less expensive Wii U. As far as gamers are concerned, XB1 won't provide anything special aside from convenience.
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FlameHawk  +   648d ago
Haha buddy, I think you got the PS4 and Xbox One prices switched. Remember everyone gets a Kinect with the Xbox One yay /s.
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nix  +   648d ago
it should cost as much as the cable tv box.

okay.. considering it plays high def games add 30 dollars to it.
blitz0623  +   648d ago
The price is already on its name.

One dollar.
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mikeslemonade  +   648d ago
I predict there are gonna be $400 and $500 skus.
That-Guy  +   648d ago
Give it to me free and I'll give it to someone less fortunate. They'll then give it to someone even less fortunate, so they can have something to put their water cooler on.
n4g_someone  +   648d ago
Xbox One indirectly helps the Wii U it seems, with it being a choice along with the PS4.
Thirty3Three  +   648d ago
About tree-fiddy!
NameRemoved0017  +   648d ago
So is this why the Loch Ness monster needed $350? It should really learn to make better choices.
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NatureOfLogic  +   648d ago
One dollar. 4>1
Bumpmapping  +   648d ago
1 cent I'll consider it.
The_Infected  +   648d ago
You'd seriously waste a penny! Lol
Trunkz Jr  +   648d ago
We are phasing out the penny here in Canada, and I don't really wanna split my shiny nickel...
Pyrrhus  +   648d ago
Ill consider it if it responds to:
'Xbox, turn my PS4 on.'
Narutone66  +   648d ago
Still not worth it, then you have to pay to turn on your PS4.
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NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   648d ago
hahaha golden +1
SOD_Delta  +   648d ago
I think it'll be 150-200$, but will charge you monthly (like a cable subscription) to keep the console activated. I hope I'm wrong, because if what I think is true MS can go screw themselves.
Snukadaman  +   648d ago
You forget te all new kinect that will have new features...
I won't be surprised at 400/500 range.....with a free year of Xbox live premium...lol oh yea and the blue ray drive....
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theBAWSE  +   648d ago | Intelligent
Microsofts reputation
RandomDude655  +   648d ago

I like you
NeXXXuS  +   648d ago
haha +bub
GamerzElite  +   648d ago
$500 without any subscription, beased on hardware cost and bluray cost(license).
brave27heart  +   648d ago
$500 would be the final nail in the coffin. Its got to be as close to $300 as possible for this to even get off the ground. $500 and its dead in the water.
NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   648d ago
$500 and they will practically be committing suicide
sashimi  +   648d ago
Xbox One dollar

I mean with all the hidden fees and most likely XBL fees i'm sure it'll add up to $500 in a few years
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cyhm3112  +   648d ago
no, it will easily add up to $1000 in a few years
1st year: the xbone cost $500
2nd:live $60+5*60 (games bought instead of borrowed from friends otherwised will be free for PS4 with better graphics)or cheaper rentals or cheaper preowned games
4th: $360
total: $1580
a conservative number
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   648d ago
I'm guessing the cheapest non-subscription model will cost in $300-$400 range.
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Picture_Dancer  +   648d ago
No way. How much is now for the 8 years old system X360 250GB with old Kinect? 399$

So it is obvious that Xone is more expensive than X360, olus Kinect 2.0 is faro more advanced in comparison to Kinect 1, so it gices at least 499$
Neko_Mega  +   648d ago
I would give it time, if we are really lucky. It might have a huge price cut do to it not selling well.

I like alot of things about it, but I don't like how they pretty much give gamers the middle finger and just show what we can do with tv.

I try to own every console, so I am going to wait on the price to drop for this. Plus with no used games (well besides paying more) I will wait. Plus who knows what kind of problems it might have, the 360 had alot of problems when it came out.
NameRemoved0017  +   648d ago
I think we can all agree that if this thing cost more than the PS4 Microsoft is done for in the console market for this gen.

I'm thinking lowest version $300-$400 since the hardware + Kinect adds $100 to the price tag.


A higher storage version(s) with accessories and games for $450-$600.

Honestly I would take a Wii U over the Xbox One right now.
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deno  +   648d ago
They should call it "garbage" since that's what it is. Internet must connect at least once a day or you can't play, all games are locked to one system which means I can't let a friend borrow or keep it and gaming takes second place. I'll stick with PS4 and WII U.
NameRemoved0017  +   648d ago
Lol every new detail that comes out about this consoles just makes it look worse.
Jeff257  +   648d ago
It will probably be $499 with a 1-2 year live gold subscription. $599 without the subscription. I see the PS4 coming out at $499 as the standard price.
NameRemoved0017  +   648d ago
Any predictions for how much Live is going to cost per month now?

My guess is $100-$120 a year + you will be bombarded by ads.

While PSN has no ads, is free and PS plus actually has some nice stuff on it.
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project_pat36  +   648d ago
Microsoft stated that the Live cost would be the same on XB1 as it is on 360.
Jeff257  +   648d ago
I guess it doesn't matter how much Live will cost. But you figure they may make rechargeable battery packs for the controllers. So say you buy another controller at $60. Then buy 2 rechargeable kits that is another $100. Then if you really want to do the whole TV functionality (only in US at launch) that will probably go for anywhere between $49-$69 dollars for the HDMI dongle to go from your cable box to the XBOX One. So your still looking at probably somewhere between $750-950 before you even buy one game to get the features they showed at the conference.

In comparison you may need to buy another PS4 controller if you want splitscreen gameplay and that will most likely run between $49-$59. So out of the box the PS4 is going to be the better value.
GrumpyOla  +   648d ago
Yeah, bombarded with "EA. It's in the game" adds.
Qrphe  +   648d ago
I expect X1's price to be $50-$100 higher just because of Kinect.
urwifeminder  +   648d ago
Money is no option ms just take my cash woo hoo I just love you guys.
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NeXXXuS  +   648d ago
not sure if serious
jay2  +   648d ago
1P........Oh wait still wouldn't buy it.
Pillsbury1  +   648d ago
I wouldn't touch this with a ten foot clown pole.
Wizziokid  +   648d ago
from what they have shown i wouldn't pay over £200 for it.

If they shown some exciting new IP's at E3 then £300 but personally as it stands I won't be getting the XOne.
BitbyDeath  +   648d ago
They'd have to pay me to get that garbage product.
Even then i'd probably burn it in spite.

Treat your customers like crap and you will not live to regret it.
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Bathyj  +   648d ago
I wondered this. with kinect in every box I'm thinking lots. but that's just the start of the costs by the sounds of it.
project_pat36  +   648d ago
Considering I dished out about $1k on my pc build, not including the monitor and other peripherals(keyboard mouse/headset/speakers/etc), and the components of both ps4 and xb1 are a smudge better than what is in my rig (aside from the graphics card), I do not expect either console to go for anything less than $500.
ElementX  +   648d ago
LOL $1000 on a PC build. I built a great PC for $700 and that included Windows for $99. I can play all the games I want at max or high settings with a 660Ti and before I need to upgrade, the prices will drop on the current top of the line cards which will still be good for a while.
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project_pat36  +   648d ago
Why are you laughing that I spent more on my computer than you did on yours? I too can max everything I throw at it and then some so what's your beef?

Oh.. you just like to hear yourself talk.. or in this case, reread your own post I guess.
ElementX  +   648d ago
It's just unnecessary money spent, but whatever man. No need to go bragging that you spent $1k, it sounds more foolish than anything. There's no reason to tell everyone how much you spent unless you're trying to sound better because you spent a grand.
GrumpyOla  +   648d ago
With the xbox360, MS Intially sold the hard disk and HD DVD drives as accessorie and the price of the console itself was $400 if I recall correctly, giving the impression that it's cheaper than the PS3. They can't do that now with the xbox one especially after their slogans of everything you need in one box etc. Ad since the xbox one has both built in and adding the price for the kinect, my guess the price would not be less than $550, unless they decide to sell it at a loss hoping to make up the difference by increasing game prices, subscription fees and the likes.
colonel179  +   648d ago
Both the PS4 and Xbox One will cost the same. The Xbox comes with Kinect, and the PS4 will come with a headset and most likely 1 to 2 TB HDD.

Both will be $499, but I believe that Sony will have another cheaper SKU with a low HDD. Microsoft on the other hand can make the rumor true about having a subsided (sp?) console.
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KillrateOmega  +   648d ago
In all honesty, I imagine that we'll see the Xbox One launch at $400-$500. Closer to $400, but in that general range.
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Jek_Porkins  +   648d ago
I think it'll be $299, Microsoft obviously were cost conscious with the Xbox One, no motorized parts in Kinect, which is what drove the cost up in the original Kinect, 8 gigs of DDR3 is retailing for $40 or less, so they get it for much less.

Looks like they'll have only one SKU, so I could see $299, outside chance of $399, which is still pretty good, and the price point of the Xbox 360.

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