Xbox One: Just How Much Should It Cost?

"Yesterday, Microsoft showed its hand for the next generation Xbox, with the Xbox One. Reactions to the new console have ranged from pure outrage (among gaming enthusiasts) to anticipation (among the mainstream press, who anticipate the One's iPad like media features for the living room)."

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SexyGamerDude1463d ago

I wouldn't buy that thing if it was in the bargain bin.

Trunkz Jr1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Launch Prices (basic first if created)

PS4 = $500
XB1 = $400
Wii U = $300

I do not think Sony will pull another $600 console.

This is why many people think the Sony/Wii U combo is best. Premium high quality gaming on the PS4 with nice 1st party games like Smash Bros on a less expensive Wii U. As far as gamers are concerned, XB1 won't provide anything special aside from convenience.

FlameHawk1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Haha buddy, I think you got the PS4 and Xbox One prices switched. Remember everyone gets a Kinect with the Xbox One yay /s.

nix1463d ago

it should cost as much as the cable tv box.

okay.. considering it plays high def games add 30 dollars to it.

blitz06231463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

The price is already on its name.

One dollar.

mikeslemonade1463d ago

I predict there are gonna be $400 and $500 skus.

That-Guy1463d ago

Give it to me free and I'll give it to someone less fortunate. They'll then give it to someone even less fortunate, so they can have something to put their water cooler on.

n4g_someone1463d ago

Xbox One indirectly helps the Wii U it seems, with it being a choice along with the PS4.

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NameRemoved00171463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

So is this why the Loch Ness monster needed $350? It should really learn to make better choices.

The_Infected1463d ago

You'd seriously waste a penny! Lol

Trunkz Jr1463d ago

We are phasing out the penny here in Canada, and I don't really wanna split my shiny nickel...

Pyrrhus1463d ago

Ill consider it if it responds to:
'Xbox, turn my PS4 on.'

Narutone661463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Still not worth it, then you have to pay to turn on your PS4.

SOD_Delta1463d ago

I think it'll be 150-200$, but will charge you monthly (like a cable subscription) to keep the console activated. I hope I'm wrong, because if what I think is true MS can go screw themselves.

Snukadaman1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

I won't be surprised at 400/500 range.....with a free year of Xbox live oh yea and the blue ray drive....

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The story is too old to be commented.