New Dragon’s Crown Info and Screenshots Showcase Characters, Companions, Color Variations and More

While the internet pundits seem to have somehow calmed down about Dragon’s Crown’s art (looks like they found other things to bash), the game is speeding towards its Japanese release that will happen on July the 25th, while North American gamers will have to wait until August the 6th. To ease the wait today Atlus released a large batch of information and screenshots about the Vanillaware’s game.

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Arai1642d ago

Simply beautiful, August couldn't come sooner enough.

Here's a picture dualshockers left out:

Abriael1642d ago

Interesting, didn't receive that pic, but you made me notice that the color variation artwork for the fighter was somehow left out of the gallery, so thanks :D

Inception1642d ago

I prefer the elf because her speed & long range attack. And the sorceress for her wide area attack and her...ehem, you know :P
Don't know about the wizard though. He seems more slow than the sorceress. But i will try him after i satisfied playing the elf, sorceress, and fighter :D

Inception1642d ago

Vanillaware never stop to impress me with their beautiful 2D graphic. Can't wait to play the elf, the fighter, and the sorceress fighting against giant dragons \^^/

Abriael1642d ago

I'm leaning towards the Fighter and Wizard myself...

hulk_bash19871642d ago

Vanillaware never disappoints in the graphics department. Some really gorgeous screens and character models. PS Vita day one for me, August why you no here yet?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1642d ago

That is some serious artwork.

Game is sounding more and more intriguing.

TwilightSparkle1642d ago

I already put some of the screen shots on my vita wallpaper

cyhm31121642d ago

see, if you buy a playstation console, you have great Japanese games like these, xboom just make you boom

o-Sunny-o1642d ago

I'm picking the Green arrow girl my fav! ^~\\

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