GTA 5 Demo Shown To EB Games

Alive Game Zone - Rockstar Games have shown a new presentation of their most anticipated title of this year, Grand Theft auto 5, to EB Games Australia. EB Games confirmed this as true.

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robby662032d ago

Excited! Any words on when they will reveal that exclusive edition?

BlmThug2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

One of the luckiest guys in the world right now :( Sept 17th needs to come quick

Hydrolex2032d ago

September 17 PS3 Xbox 360


November 27 with PS4 Xbox 360 PS3 ??

I will gladly wait 2 more months to play it on PS4

Dan502032d ago

Here is hoping for uncut and R18 rated.

AzaziL2032d ago

As long as journalist hacks feed on violent games to bash on for societies ills, it'll never happen.

showtimefolks2032d ago

Lucky you EB I want it now

robby662032d ago

Yes. They also will have an Exclusive edition!

koh2032d ago

I see that the disagree fairy has been here. That $150 Collectors Edition better have some valuable pieces in it.

indysurfn2032d ago

I guess EA thinks they still have credibility. They attack everything! Why don't they just go back to attacking Nintendo, and later to say we Doooo have games comeing to Nintendo! Why dont they just let people play sims without a string tied around their necks! EA SUCKS!

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