Microsoft Responds: Xbox One's DRM, Always-Online, and Focus on TV/Games - Adam Sessler Interview

Before we left the Xbox campus at Microsoft, Adam Sessler got a chance to chat with Matt Booty, the General Manager of Redmond Games Studios to discuss the Xbox One -- and the public's reaction to it. Hear what he has to say about the DRM and used games situation, how the console connects to the internet, and why we didn't see a ton of games today.

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Donnieboi1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Okay confirmed. It's a DRM/Always Online console. Watch from 4:19 and watch.

He says only "some" game modes "might" be able to be played offline. It is heavily dependent on online. Don't get mad at me, watch the video.

cl19831855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Its up to each game developer to decide how much online the console is for their games, ie bungie destiny is pushing for constant connection, similar to wow.

Donnieboi1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

That's not what he said in the video, though. He makes it seem as if offline play will be a rare thing. As if it will be a mode called "offline", they way that we have to have a specialized "multiplayer" mode now. He makes it seem as if it would have to be implemented somehow just so that one can play without needing the internet to check up on you every once in a while.

EDIT: @cl1983: I don't know what else to tell u bro. The guy in the video confirmed it. LOT's of things have been going arounf the internet, many of which were actually STARTED by microsoft themselves. There's so much confusion because of their flip-flopping. But if the guy in the video says it's always-online--then dude, why would he tell such a self-damning lie? MS benefitted from lying and saying it wasn't a DRM console, but NOW I believe this video more because admitting to having a DRM console is not the kind of thing that microsoft would make up just to garner more support. If anything, more people will hate the system. So, if he said it, even though it was not in his favor to say so, then I gotta believe that it's just a painful truth that MS had to finally admit despite the fact that it's unpleasant news.

cl19831855d ago

@Donnie it was said in some of the interviews with others "While an "Always On" function isn't a requirement, a connection is still necessary for streaming and accessing multiplayer through the new console.

"Gamers can calm down," said Microsoft's Don Mattrick during today's event, "we got you covered."

However, Xbox One will offer game developers the ability to use its Azure cloud computing service throughout development, according to Wired. This way developers can rely on the cloud — as opposed to the Xbox One hardware — when necessary. Doing so would indeed result in the need for an online connection."

Snookies121855d ago

@cl1983 - "Gamers can calm down, we got you covered."

If that were the case, they would have focused more on gaming at their event. :\

I still await E3 for a final decision on the console, but things are not looking that great for MS right now.

LackTrue4K1855d ago

what is all this mambo jumbo with Microsoft?!


there just full of my eyes, it is what it is.

Hydrolex1855d ago

Hey Microsoft, goodluck !

People who have tried forcing people to do what they want have always failed if you look at the history... you want to force people to be online all times ? Well we will see your sale numbers

Thanks god there is SONY !

theBAWSE1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Wow..... So it's true no game lending... It needs to be online and that is microsofts way of checking game licenses incase gamers try to get around the no game lending by thinking just play it offline... No game can be played offline until it's been checked online first... The whole landscape has just become that much clearer

Privacy issues... Kinect is always listening

Who the hell would buy this..

thechosenone1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Even when you have a rep from MS saying that you need a persistent internet connection to be able to play your games some people *cough*cl1983*cough* still can't accept it. Amazing.

Cupid_Viper_31855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

The sheer amount of Sh1t that they got wrong with this console is simply unbelievable.

It's as if when they were researching for the console, the board sat down with a "HOW-DO-WE-FCUK-UP" list and sratch them off one by one. And then the director of the board got pissed as they simply could not come up with enough Fcuk ups. So they went out and scouted the world for people with Doctorates in Fuckupeneering and hired the very best.

Here's a list of things that are just mind boggling.

1. It requires an internet connection
2. No used games
3. Controllers still require batteries, in 2013
4. It does not support ANY current Gen Gaming Headphones.....
5. Kinect is required at all times
5. Knect is always listening and awaiting commands
6. Microsot got in trouble for spying on Skype users
7. TV, TV, TV, TV, Sports, Sports, TV, Television, Call of Duty....TV TV...Dog. Fish move out the way...

longcat1855d ago

rage all you want but keep the dog out of this

Freak of Nature1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Hey XBONE.... Do you or don't you, have to be online....?

XBONE response:.....
In the absence of any internet connection, you're going to be able to play blu-ray movies, and there are... **"likely"**... to be ...**"some games modes"**... that you'll be able to continue to play. But again, the XBox One was really designed to take advantage of the modern era where people have got high speed internet...

Key words... **"likely"**... to be ...**"some games modes"**...

A original and 360 owner here aswell as PS1,PS2 and PS3 owner here, so as neutral as they come...But thus far, a total clusterfu*K of a start for Xbox 1........

andibandit1855d ago


"That's not what he said in the video, though. He makes it seem as if offline play will be a rare thing. "

Im pretty sure it's because they are pushing their Cloud services as much as they can. Apparently the Xbox1 cant draw 2 polygons without having to send the calculations into the cloud.

Why o why1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

That guy demonstrating the voice features seems like he had a device in his left pocket. The timing of his hand in his pocket was way too suspicious. Is this just more smoke and mirrors. Smh

"Transformers, cable boxes in disguise"

GribbleGrunger1855d ago

'Gaming is included'

Gee ... thanks.

gaffyh1854d ago

MS is like a charging bull right now, not listening to their fans at all, and if they continue on this path, I hope they charge right off a cliff. I never thought I would be saying it, but the WiiU looks incredibly good right now. Iwata and Kaz must be laughing their asses off.

loulou1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

i know this is n4g, where reality is warped and twisted. but do you lot honestly think that microsoft have took the decision unilaterally??? if you do, then you are stupid. and no amount of disagrees will change the outcome.

is it not obvious now why nintendo is seeing no 3rd party supoort?

and just say that sony does decide against this. what then, are they going to risk the wrath of all the major publishers?? who have undoubtably lobbied hard for this.

think about it.

sony also complicit as to what is going to happen next gen. what did sony say "they will leave it upto the publisher/dev.. there's your answer right there folks. publishers have got what they wanted... e3 will be telling

i posted this yesterday

Freedomland1854d ago


"SUPOORT" Yes, I know what you mean here.


Adam Sessler... What a tool! The guy should just had plainly asked: "if you don't have a connection at all, if there's no internet where you live, can you still play games on Xbox One?" That alone could answer the always connected concerns much better than this whole phylosophical bullcrap about what is always online or how often online and how much offiline can you really go...

Look at this whole comment session, people simply still don't know how it's going to work, which means the journalist's mission to inform us had failed. But that's gaming journalism today, they love to answer questions with another question, or answer in a way to give raise to even more questions, nothing is definitive, gotta keep gamer fellas clicking on my site so ad revenue stays high.

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Conan-O-Brady1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

"In the absence of an internet connection you'll be able to play blu-ray movies and they're likely gonna be some game modes you can continue to play."
What does he mean by that last bit? Either you can or can't play offline....why is it never black and white? Always a fuzzy gray answer....Thank god Adam was able to get him to answer all of our

Donnieboi1855d ago

^ This. Now let's all stop making up excuses. it is a confirmed always-on console, that has to go out of it's way just to allow us to "enjoy" a few brief moments offline, until we need to do another mandatory online certification check just to keep playing. Sounds like gaming-prison.

xPhearR3dx1855d ago

Well, to be honest, if you're purchasing an Xbox you're planning on being always online anyway. You bet your ass if I'm paying $60 a year I'm going to use to the fullest. I don't know many gamers this gen who bought a 360 for offline use.

Objective1855d ago

Seems to me like you and your ilk are deliberately construing what is said in clear terms to be somehow still unclear. Or it could be plain inability to comprehend. Or a pre-pubescent disposition at trying to be clever or difficult.

He has said the Xbox One is designed to take advantage of the modern technologies that internet has to offer but there will still be games modes you can continue to play without internet connection. That pretty much means it is up to the game developers how they wish their games to be played - if they want game modes that do not require internet connection, it can be done.

Exactly what your PS4 will likely be doing.

RM-TatoTiburon1855d ago

"In the absence of an internet connection you'll be able to play blu-ray movies and they're likely gonna be some game modes you can continue to play....OFFLINE"

Those modes likely will be the campaign mode that you can play it offline

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dedicatedtogamers1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

EDIT added links

Something I saw in the news:

Microsoft got in trouble for spying on Skype conversations (MS owns Skype).

Am...I the only one who is disturbed to the core by that? Xbox One has Skype built in. Kinect 2.0 is "always listening" according to MS so that you can turn it on remotely with voice command.


Donnieboi1855d ago

Yeah it was creepy how he said it's always waiting for u to make a command into it. Just freaky.

Count1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

What's funny is that you think MS is the only one.

Testfire1855d ago

At count, he never said MS was the only one did he? No he didn't. Difference between Xboxone and other devices. I can unplug my webcam and my pc will still have full functionality. I can disconnect my PSeye and still have full functionality. IF you unplug Kinect on Xboxone, you basically just crippled the system and can't do anything. It needs to be connected for the Xboxone to work. I don't want MS or the govt spying on me and my family. It's not cool, and it's not right.

DragonKnight1855d ago

@Count: MS is the only gaming console developer that's doing it.

Beyond that, what evidence do you have to come to the conclusion that the other posters believe that MS is the only one that violates privacy in this manner?

M-M1855d ago

@Count, I'm sick of your constant trolling on here. We all know that they aren't the only one that does things like this, websites and applications have access to a lot of information that we don't even know they can see. Thing is, is that when you have a service like this combined with a camera like Kinect that has to always be online and can always hear you, is a big issue.

Bathyj1855d ago

Bookmark this post.
This is where Skynet starts.

Of course when it happens we wont have computers to come back to and check, but I'll be smug knowing I was right.

imahustla191855d ago

someone mentioned that a few comments ago but i agree, a company that has been known to spy will be having a microphone & camera in house's is a bad idea. could you imagine smoking a blunt and the cops kicking in your door saying its all on tape on your xbox one.definitely not in my future.

Pl4sm41854d ago

Overly attached Kinnect .. noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

B1663r1854d ago

You mis-spelled $kype...

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AngelicIceDiamond1855d ago

The Xbox One has to be the sloppiest reveal in gaming history.

M-M1855d ago

I still can't get over how corny the Skype video call was, I laughed at it because of how bad it was.

denawayne1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Mark my words right now. You WILL be able to play games offline on Xbox One. That is, if the game has an offline mode. Some developers will elect to use the cloud which forces you to go online. The offline game will not download onto your hard drive. It will play from the disk. No License will be attached to your profile BUT stuff like achievements, updates, multiplayer, etc will not be accessible. Basically the way it's done now on the 360. The minute that particular disk is taken online for online required gameplay, it will attach itself to that profile until it is transferred to to next online profile. Only one online profile can play that license at a time. You want to play offline? hell, take it and play it on as many offline Xbox Ones as you want as long as you don't take it online. Once again, mark my words on this.

Edit: I also believe there will also be some sort of "lending" system. If I want to lend the game to a friend, I will go on my console (or theirs), sign into my profile, elect to "lend" the game to said friend, which will give them access to play the game but will make it so I can't play the game anymore until they "lend" it back. Once again, only one online profile can play that license at a time.

theBAWSE1855d ago

@denawayne Hmmm do Ibelieve a deluded fanboy or phil Harrison and now this video?

Rainstorm811855d ago

Do u have a link to back up any of this? Because MS top execs have been saying otherwise.

....and Remember gut feelings and wishful thinking doesn't count

Raccoon1855d ago

This ignorance is why xbots get raped with fee's, because they always find a way to justify their demise.... I mean did you even watch the interview? Do you speak English? 5 billion transitors? rocket science level stuff?

gano1855d ago

This is the fight people.
The ones who justify, even after the reps, and
workers admit it.

amiga-man1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Edit: I also believe there will also be some sort of "lending" system. If I want to lend the game to a friend, I will go on my console (or theirs), sign into my profile, elect to "lend" the game to said friend, which will give them access to play the game but will make it so I can't play the game anymore until they "lend" it back. Once again, only one online profile can play that license at a time.

Do you even listen to yourself, why in the world would gamers want that? your not only giving M$ control over things they have no right messing with but also making excuses for it some people really are blind to the damage M$ and it's greed is doing to gaming wake up for gods sake.

imahustla191855d ago

so then those single player games aren't going to look very good. microsoft already said they would use the cloud to help developers. no online means no help from the cloud which means crappy looking games.

memots1854d ago

So regardless, you still need online connection.

You cannot go and buy a game and play at all if you do not at some point have a connection. So its basically requires online at all time to use the device.

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Maddens Raiders1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Let the bodies hit the floor. Microsoft's gaming division spent countless hours approving this garbage? These people are what's wrong with gaming today and why crap gets dumbed down just to fit into their money grabbing paradigm.. Personally I'm sick of it.

Samsung Galaxy SIII

Legion1855d ago

So where is the confirmation of DRM/Always online?

He says "So in the absence of any internet connections you are going to be able to play Bluray movies and there are likely going to be some game modes that you are going to be able to continue to play."

And this was in answer to the question of a game that is purely single player based.

MrMister1855d ago


Are you serious?! What more do you need to hear? Wow...

colonel1791855d ago

OK, say you don't have to be always online. However, in order to begin playing a game you must be online because the Xbox links the game to your profile. If you are NOT online, then you won't be able to play a game. .

AFTER you link your game to your profile, THEN you will be able to play offline, IF they actually allow that (which that part is not very clear yet).

Legion1855d ago


The point is none of it is very clear and it all is a speculative mess right now.

I am sure MS is on the wall on which direction they will take heir move? Not having fully jumped into the 'we are doing this' stage yet. just giving out feelers to people saying... this is what we expect from the system.

They still have an option to not have any required connection at all in the end. But we won't know for sure until it gets closer.

And for sure nothing is confirmed here. Not until MS says... "this is what we are doing and this is what is going to happen".

cee7731855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Here's A nice treat guys this video is so epic

Xbox one ftw lol

InTheLab1855d ago

The boxer at the end punching himself in the face is the Xbox One reveal in a nutshell...

showtimefolks1855d ago

E3 get here because till than all these rumors, speculation, and they said this or that in that interview

Come clean at E3 and get his mess over with

CalvinKlein1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

I would hate to work for MS and have to explain all the dumb shit they do. They constantly do things in order to try and milk more money from the customers they already have and alot of these things probably cost them new/repeat customers.

For instance Make xbox live free, possible offer a better teir paid that gives you something(some media functions, could include TV shows, netflix, movies, games, ms points, DIGITAL GAME RENTAL etc, and no adds) to get some money still from subs. Put up more adds with the free one. Get more xbox buyers, more money spent on games/MS pts, more xboxs connected to the Internet(big one there) and get more money for showing adds on xbox live free then subs could ever bring in when less than half the xbox owners are paying for gold currently(more adds and more people seeing them means more money for showing adds)

but no, instead they worry about taht extra 50$ per year instead of realizing how to add value for customers and still make more money then they do with subscriptions.

Now they will probably loose half their customers from last gen, maybe more. Last generation seems to have made console makers forget how hard it can be to sell a console. Wiiu and vita are learning now. Sony learned with the ps3 that success isnt guaranteed based on last gens results, and it shows with the ps4. MS will learn this gen for sure, but I doubt they will be making an xbox 2 after this failure we are about to see.

colonel1791855d ago

If every game has to be linked to your profile for sure it has to be online to be able to play it.

Microsoft is acting as is everyone has the same internet technology that they have at their campus or in the best parts of Japan. If they really want to sell this console worldwide they need to figure something out. There are a lot of countries that have very bad internet or no internet at all, and if they don't allow people to even play an offline game (because it has to install and be linked to profile first) they will fail miserably.

They are being completely delusional.

whoyouwit041855d ago ShowReplies(2)
scofios1855d ago

Why is every one surprised they did that with arcade games on the 360 you can only play them on the account who purchased them .
The difference Now is they want it on Retail games too.

stloony1854d ago

Last I checked, you still cannot buy a used arcade game but if you are really lucky and look hard enough, you just might find a store, or maybe even an individual in which you can purchase or borrow a copy of a retail game.

And I'm sorry if I have confused you with simple logic; it can have quite an impact on those unfamiliar with it.

N4Flamers1854d ago


I hate to point this out but you can buy used arcade games. I bought limbo, splosion man, and trials mx used at gamestop.

Studio-YaMi1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

6:23 to 6:28

"maybe a little of stretch to say but this maybe the last console that you'll ever need to buy"

are they going to make this Xbox One a PC ? upgradable ???

This doesn't make ANY sense ! :|

Nicxel1854d ago

If you take a look at interviews about this subject, you will find that in an X amount of years, ALMOST everything the xbox processes in terms of graphics/rendering for example, will be done via Cloud. I don't remember all of the tech talk right now, but the potential for gaming will constantly increase without reaching a limit since its not limited to the tech inside of the box. Where as the xbox360/ps3/ps4(maybe ps4) will hit/eventually hit its limit. so the ps4 may have better specs than the xboxONE, but the ps4 will eventual hit a wall (will need to come out with a ps5 now) while the xboxONE, when it hits its wall, will just use Microsoft's Cloud to continue to exponentially grow.

just look up interviews on the matter. it's been talked about now for a few years and this was their answer. its too costly to manufacture new hardware every X amount of years, so they had to eventually come up with an idea where they can advance gaming/entertainment via the internet/software without making tons of Xboxs or hardware.

Morgue1854d ago

" You don't need a space heater in your living room "

Prcko1854d ago

ps4 decision is here,good

NewZealander1854d ago

why do people act like always online is a bad thing? in this age everything is online dependant, my phone is always online, my 360 is always online, the second MS says the new console needs to be online they get lynched.

if yall are so scared of new technology then go live under a rock or whatever.

the DRM thing sucks tho, i hope they tweek it to be a bit more user friendly.

NextGen24Gamer1854d ago

It makes me laugh when the same sony fanboys that scream and yell about how the ps4 will have better graphics than the xbox one..(which tells me you have the proper 1080p HD Tv to get the most out of your console)..but yet you complain about internet? Who doesn't have internet in this day an age but has a 1080p tv? All gadgets...use wi fi in this day an age. Everyone on this site uses internet connections...But yet you complain that the tech has advanced to a point that it would prefer to be connected at all times. What are you dinasaurs afraid of....Mark my 5 years...everyone will wonder how anyone can NOT BE CONNECTED. I actually feel that way right now....but....some of you dinasaurs will get to that point. Thank you Microsoft for pushing technology and advancing the gaming and entertainment industry instead of giving us more of the same. The way some of you think, we would still have wired phones and tape recorders. LOL....

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swansong1855d ago

Microsoft is controlled by our government,which wants to keep an eye on you. The Obama administration has told microsoft to implement a way that the government can spy on you inside your own home. LOL!

Virtual_Reality1855d ago

*Puts dramatic music in the background*

jacksheen00001855d ago

@ swansong

Agreed, Microsoft is controlled by our government.

BTW, I said the same things on a comment hours ago and got disagreed for it.

good post!

Rainstorm811855d ago

If thats what you believe....Here's an easy solution..............don' t buy MS products.......simple

001855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Ms is clearly trying their hardest to have people not spend money on the xbox One piece of shit.

how monumentally stupid of them, this is going to crash and burn.

NameRemoved00171855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Microsoft: Call of Duty: Ghost

Sony: We have that too and our console runs it better on our superior hardware, but that is besides the point because we have actually good games like Killzone, Gran Turismo and God of War.

The PS4 and PC look like the only viable options for gaming as of right now.

Legion1855d ago

Funny... Sony said the same thing about the other CoD games... and still the Xbox 360 ran the CoD games better. Shocker.