PSP-Exclusive Tops JP Software Charts, Handhelds Still Rule Japan

"Bandai Namco could not have timed the release of the PSP-exclusive RPG Summon Night 5 more perfectly. It arrived on the market with virtually no competition, and thereby took the title as the best-selling game in Japan during its release week" - PSLS

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dbjj120881824d ago

Can't wait to play Summon Night 5... whatever it is.

knifefight1824d ago

The PSP has some great RPGs. Whether we're talking originals or ports/remakes, it's a JRPG fan's dream.

dedicatedtogamers1824d ago

Yep. If you like JRPGs, you're missing out if you don't own ALL of the handhelds.

e-p-ayeaH1824d ago

unfornetly most decent jrpgs nowdays are pretty low budget so they end up on handhelds rather than home consoles...

Tultras1824d ago

93Ds titles compared to 1 vita title... that explains a lot.