PS3 players left out of BF4 Beta in Asia | EA

EA on THE BATTLEFIELD 4™ EXCLUSIVE BETA says: "You will get access on the same platform that your Battlefield 3 Premium membership is tied to (PC, Xbox 360, or PlayStation 3.) This exclusive Beta will be available world-wide on all platforms, with the exception of Japan and rest of Asia on PS3."

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Ezio20481829d ago

Wel it does not matter to me personally because I will hop onto the PS4 version of BF4. :D

Legion1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Not sure there will be a PS4 BETA....

And if you are a PS3/PS4 player then what is to say they won't then be left out of the game itself?
What is the reasoning behind the exclusion of Ps3 Asia players from the Beta?

r211829d ago

Well thats nice :L
Thank god I have a US account though. Its crap like this that makes me hate using my Asian account as my main one on PS3.

grimmweisse1829d ago

So EA is being racist now, rather than being the worst company! Okay probably not, but it still sucks that the Asian region can't access the beta!